Bright and Sunny…

I had been waiting on a half finished project to be completed before writing this post but as with everyone else I find myself distracted by the beautiful weather, that and my studio being an inhospitable 27 degrees for most of the morning, the down side of all that glass.  So what’s a girl to do instead of sew?  Why do a spot of on-line shopping whilst sitting with my feet in the paddling pool and eating an ice lolly, of course.  Perfect.

As my seasonal taste goes, I am into mixed bright colours the moment.  First up on my little spree is this bundle of Kaffe spots to feed my ongoing spots addiction.

and whilst I was placing an order with the wonderful Saints & Pinners I bought a little bit of the Forest Hills Voile in sea (as with the last Voile I am planning some summer tops….when exactly, I’m not sure, at this rate maybe in time for the summer of 2012!).

I also treated myself to some bright new tea towels from the Pantone/Typhoon range.  Already can’t remember where from, they are pretty common to buy but I cannot keep white tea towels white, they inevitably end up grey so I set myself the challenge of buying solid bright colours and these fit the bill perfectly.

We have been spending quite  bit of time outside, me in the vegetable garden and Charlie mostly playing on the decking around the doorway, usually with his pencils and paper.  He created this bright little scene the other day, note how the shoes are neatly lined up….hummm, art and neatness, wonder who he takes after!

As for the ‘open project’, here is is still very much open.  Honestly, I bought the Echino fabrics back in August (see here) specifically for this, I even cut the squares and stitched up two of the sample lavender bags and that’s where it ended.  The rest have been sitting in a box waiting for their moment.  As you can see it will be a stack of 4 large lavender bags, I figured some people just want some plain (but pretty) lavender squares to pop into their draw or wardrobe to keep things smelling sweet, so that’s what I’m aiming for.  I will complete and photograph soon, I’m making a point of leaving them in the middle of the work bench in the way so I can’t put them aside again.

Right, I am off into the garden to water the poor wilting seedlings and make the most of the sun whilst it’s here!

18 thoughts on “Bright and Sunny…

  1. Oh Beth, I think you may tempt me again! I just love echino fabric sooo much.I have 3m sat waiting to be made into a top for me but I can’t bring myself to cut into it!! Oh well maybe for the Autumn!

    • I know how you feel, I was planning to make dress/top from some but not sure I’ll be able to cut it so I’m putting it off. It is lovely though. Bx

  2. I love the spots. Will be interesting to see what spotty objects turn up in the next wee while!
    The lavender bag project sounds good. I think it should go down well and its difficult to resist those Echino colours.
    Charlie must have had fun making those little ‘hedgehogs’. It sounds like he’s good at entertaining himself at least some of the time. Islay is having a bad patch and demanding lots of attention from me just now. And why shouldn’t she I suppose…..its just that there’s lots of things not getting done!

    • Felix didn’t really do playing on his own until recently (after starting school) and even now he’s bored very easily but yes, I’m very lucky with Mr C, he will build Brio trains for hours and is generally very good at entertaining himself. I figure it’s my reward for those crazy Felix days! Hope things improve on that front with Islay, it can be so hard to get even the basics done. Bx

  3. What a gorgeous selection of colours! Spots are yum, crocs are a brilliant idea, must try with Stanley and as for lavender bags, well….I’ve got a little pile somewhere too, waiting! Glad I’m not the only one with unfinished jobs.

    • Crocs have been a big winner with the boys, these green ones were Felix’s, we put them in the washing machine when they need cleaning – bonus!

  4. Love the new fabrics, gorgeous colours! What a great idea for crocs, never thought of using mine for pencils. 🙂 By the way, online shopping, paddling pools and lollipops sound like a good idea to me!!!
    Vivienne x

  5. I can sooooo relate to your comment about reward for crazy Felix days!
    Finn was a very demanding baby and little boy (he’s easier now that he can amuse himself by getting absorbed in a book) and Angus has always been a much more content person (on the whole and if you ignore his explosive temper…completely fits the redhead stereotype!). Islay is pretty good too which I guess is why I’m noticing the difference just now.
    Still, they don’t care if the house is dirty. Its just me that gets wound up. Juliex

    • Hi Bex, if I could buy it buy the bolt I would as I love it sooooo much, but sadly would have to rob a bank first as it is a bit pricey. 😉

  6. Oh those dots, they are great aren’t they. Even the boys love them. They get the pack out and chose their favourites!
    I’ll be interested to see what you do with yours, I still haven’t decided!

    • I was thinking some more linen mice in random colours as they’d look great piled together for craft fairs but as I am too busy to sign up for any might give them another project. You’re lucky the boys even look at fabric, mine wouldn’t be interested unless they have Ben10 printed on, although C is starting to shows some artistic signs so there’s hope yet. Bx

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