Ticking the list off…

I’ve knuckled down a bit here and thanks to a rainy day today have worked though some more of the half done projects.

First up I finished the lavender stack.  It’s pretty high when piled up (it will be fastened with a nice ribbon and tag for selling) so I’m now wondering if I should actually sell them in stacks of two instead?  I should also mention these are quite big 13 x 12 cm in fact and stuffed only with lavender, also the backs are in plain linen, which annoyingly cost more than the Echino so was a bit of a stupid move.

I guess they would then be sold in the pairs above, I haven’t worked out the pricing yet but it’s going to be about £15 for a 4 stack and £7.50 for a 2 stack (before P&P), all thoughts on this are most welcome.

I also spent today making up some new brown Linen Cats (shocking light today so please excuse the photos)

I used to make a dark-ish green linen cat but I found the weave a bit flat in colour whereas this brown has a different warp and weft thread so it has a bit more life to it.  I really like the green button eyes.

I had some dresses already made up but still need to pick the final bead details (for the ‘hair’) and the third is a boy so he needs his tweed trouser/scarf combo.

So, all in all a pretty productive day.  I want to work through all my open projects (which could take some time) and then sort out the studio.  We are having the flooring fitted downstairs soon (wooden over electric under floor heating) and it’s the final biggie of the house, I have become mightily sick of staring at the cheap unfitted lino and I’m ready to put skirting on and pictures up throughout the house, after 4 years here now I think I’ve earned that 🙂

29 thoughts on “Ticking the list off…

  1. Love the new cats! The dresses are so pretty and really stand out against the brown. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  2. The green eyes are perfect and I love the elephant fabric. I know I’ve seen it somewhere but can’t think where. It really works against the brown linen. Juliex

    • The elephant fabric is Juicy Jungle (I think!) by Alexander Henry and came from Fabric Rehab, they still stocked it last time I was looking. Thanks for the eye comment, I’m pretty keen on the green buttons as well. Bx

  3. Your lavender Bags are really lovely – they’ll be snapped up. I know that I’ll definitely be buying some as gifts.

    The fabrics you use (Lavender Bags & Linen Cats) are absolutely beautiful – can I ask you where you get them from?

    Jill x

    • Hi Jill, thanks for commenting and sorry or the delayed reply, I am a bit behind!

      I buy my linen from Tinsmith (quite expensive but beautiful) & Ada & Ina Linens. Most of my patterned fabrics come from Saints & Pinners or Fabric Rehab, the links for all these on-line shops are over on the RHS of the blog.

      I do use other shops but these are the main ones, hope that helps 🙂

  4. Love the linen cats especially the one in the green dress.
    Your pricing for the lavender bags seems fine, especially as echino prints are expensive, plus the price of the linen, it seems fair.

    • Thanks Jenny. I have costed them out now and it looks like it will be a bit less than I’d guessed, it’s great to get everyone’s opinions I do find pricing hard sometimes.

  5. The cats are beautiful and the lavender bags are a really good price.. am loving it all.. I am always on the hunt for reasonably priced linen .. but it seems to be near impossible ..

    • I really struggle with a good quality basic linen, all the ones I find aren’t the right weight but I fear I was spoilt by my super expensive linens from Tinsmith and nothing else compares, damn those remnant from our kitchen curtains, if only I’d never used them for the cats!!

      Thanks for leaving a comment Gwen.

  6. green eyes are spot on for a cat methinks! thanks for hanging in there with the blog posts…everything seems so manic and never ending at the moment…not sure if im coming or going…i made 50 indiviual earings today!anyway, i think that 7.50 for two is a ok!

    • I’m definitely enjoying the green eyes, in the early days I also tried purple but on the pale linens I do quite like the pearl white, reminds me of the original vintage pearl buttons on the first sample cat I made.

      You’re super busy, seems like a good thing to me 🙂

    • Thank you and thanks for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment, it’s much appreciated. Great name by the way 😉

  7. Oh my! guess what? my little 2yr old neice has just been cooing over the linen cats trying to get one off the laptop screen – I think I’ll have to get her one for her birthday, so hunt out some extra special girly dress fabric as an order will heading your way in August! Justine xx

    • Hi Justine, thanks for your comments on the lavender bags, very helpful. Sooo glad your neice like the cats, I’m planning a re-stock of them in new fabrics soon (for the dresses) so I’ll make sure there’s a few nice girly ones 😉 Bx

  8. To all you lovely ladies who commented on the cat dresses, thank you and I agree, if I could get away with wearing an adult version I so would!! I think that’s why I enjoy making them. Bx

  9. Love those linen stacks – I think a duo would definitely work – they are lush. And I would charge about 50% more! Well worth it. They are designer fabrics after all, and high quality. Gorgeous x x x

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