Feeling hot, hot, hot…!

Along with everywhere else we appear to be in the middle of a heatwave and I will happily admit I am finding it difficult.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love a bit of sunshine but I love it more when I’m on holiday in other words when I haven’t got the kids to entertain, the house to clean and a serious backlog of painting and decorating to do.  I know I’m moaning but I have never hidden the fact I am really an Autumn/Winter person, still I intend the make the most and we have been spending a lot of time in the garden and the result is not a lot of work is getting done.

Charlie has Christened the new floor already (thanks for that Mr C!) and we are slowly getting the skirting on which I am painting as we go.  We decided that nothing is going back into the room that shouldn’t be there and I refuse to put big furniture pieces in until the area behind has been re-painted and the skirting is on.  I have waited 4 years, a few more weeks wont hurt and I want one room in the house totally ‘done’.

I have cleaned everything, even my Jan Constantine cushion has been washed and here is an old pine box I’ve owned for years, it was badly stained a horrid colour, I have stripped it back, given it a coating of oil and wax and painted the inside with some Farrow & Ball ‘Elephant’s Breath’ eggshell left over from the inside of our kitchen cupboards (I have a slight love of the odd sounding F & B colours, I’m desperate to use ‘Mouse’s Back’ and ‘Dead Salmon’ at some point).

I did managed a little sewing yesterday.  I’d grown to hate the existing blind at the back of our room, I’m not sure why, it had a few mistakes and I think I just feel the need for fresh things to make the room complete so I bought some expensive but lovely St Judes fabric, ‘Kensel Rising’ in pale green bought from Tinsmiths.

It has made a beautiful blind and fits perfectly.  This back corner is now complete, we still have to put pictures up so the walls are a little bare but I love it all the same.  I should mention our whole house is painted in F & B ‘All White’ with the exception of the living room which is in our old favourite ‘Slipper Satin’, it has a slight grey/green quality to it, for some reason it makes me think of snow, a specific kind not white out Arctic, more a snowy woodland landscape, we used it a lot in the last house.

I unwrapped my new Sarah Carr Robot Cushion, I bought it as a treat whilst waiting for the flooring to go down and now it’s in place I couldn’t be happier.

I have even put out my beloved Alvar Aalto vase which my Sister bought as a house warming present, she knew I’d earmarked it but would never buy it for myself, a very generous gift.

Well, there is still plenty to do, the kitchen is stockpiled with all our other books and furniture but I am more than halfway through now and it is already so worth it, our main living space is totally different, clean, warm and welcoming and I love it.  Sorry this post is a little disjointed but I am feeling a little all over the place and huge apologies to my total lack of leaving comments on all the blogs I read, time is just disappearing at the moment but I think I am not the only one finding this!

Passing the time…

I not only survived F’s B-Day party but we had great fun, I eagerly did my ‘time’ on the giant drop slide by getting up there straight away and was swiftly followed by many of the other parents, we were the only party booked in so pretty much had the place to ourselves meaning everyone could relax, it was great to see the parents taking their turn to hurl themselves off.

We also have flooring – hurrah! I will save the photos for a post of their own as it’s still a bit crazy here, the floor is currently ‘buckled’ into place whilst the glue dries and then we can move the furniture back in over the weekend.  I can’t say it wasn’t stressful, the laying of the underlay and electric heating film wasn’t entirely simple due to someone not having ordered enough of many things (he knows who he is!) prompting frantic searches of supplies in Kent but it’s done now, and all is well.

As I was holed up in the studio, I tried to make it as pleasant as possible adding a little posy of sweet peas from the garden.  They smell lovely and have been put in a new glass bought as a pair from a good vintage the Etsy shop owned by Amanda Sainsbury (who you may know for her fine knits).  I love it so, it’s beautifully tactile, I am using the second glass as my special-new-favourtie water drinking glass.

The business card on the board is from a recent purchase of mirrors from Hidden Eloise. As always they were perfect and delivered in the most amazing packaging, I gave the other mirror (sorry, not photographed) as a Birthday present to one of F’s friends along with a Postcarten, they went down very well.

I spent some time reading, I have recently bought quite a few Japanese pattern books from M is for make which I plan to put to use this summer and I really enjoyed reading the second issue of the Green Bean zine by Katie Green (available here), it’s the issue that contains an illustration of one of my tweed bunny purses amongst other of Katie’s ‘Favourite Handmade Things’, which made me smile amongst the dusty madness of house renovations.

As I was sitting at my desk I also did a spot of sewing.  I recently came across a bunch of mini goose feather cushions I bought when pregnant to use for sleep propping (blimey, that seems an age ago now) so I used a remnant of Orla Kiely fabric bought on ebay to make a quick cover.  The back is in brown linen and I added some pipping and a zip I had in stock.

I’m really pleased as I need lower back support when sitting at my desk so this is perfect, the rest of this fabric is waiting to be turned into cushions for the living room, perhaps a job for this afternoon?

OK, time to get going, the weather is lovely today so after a couple of indulgent Ben 10 TV days I want to get Mr C out into the garden and there is plenty to be done in the veg patch 🙂

Printer Addiction…

As you may know, I am seriously addicted to my printer and I love a good excuse to sit and print labels/cards/letters/tags, anything really, I fear I may need help.

So having recently ordered the T-shirt above (for Father’s Day…not entirely sure when that is but I know it’s coming soon) I decided to make a concertina card to match from the feeble attemps I made to get the boys to both stand together and vaguely look towards the camera.  I’m pleased with the result and plan to let the boys write a message (or in C’s case just draw with his vast collection of pencils) along the back.

Then in true ‘addict’ style I realised that the images of the boys in their Heatblast costumes were much better than the planned *ahem* ‘borrowed’ Spiderman images I was going to use for F’s party bags so I set to with the printer again.

We had great fun stuffing the sweet bags,

to make up for the guilt of the boys contents being plastic stuff (in this case Bakugans) I bought some mirrors from Etsy for the girls and jazzed them up a bit with little organza bags

I would have loved to have been much more ‘homemade’ about the whole thing, but I am a realist and I know that all F and his pals care about right now are Superheros, Ben 10 and Gormitis and that’s what he requested.

Well, roll on the weekend, he’s already a bit over excited and I hear I have to go on the ‘giant slide’ as I’m Mother of the party boy (we’ve opted for the huge soft play warehouse, again, it’s what he asked for and this is his first real party) so that’s something to look forward to 😉

Where did the time go….?

Half term has flown by, I had so many plans most of which have fallen by the wayside but I am a bit over excited by some of our developments.

We are now the proud owners of shed and a decent sized on at that.  Make no mistake, this is not some lovely insulated hideaway for crafting but a place to ‘dump’ all our garden gear and the boys toys that strewn the lawn all year round.  As I may have mentioned before we have a slight stuff verses space problem (okay, mainly MY stuff) that makes our house a little crowded at times so any extra storage is more than welcome.  I should mention it will be a nice shade of ‘lavender’ not the Tango tan it arrives with once stained up.

The shed has come just in time for the (well over due) floor leveling in the living room.  I have waited years, literally, for this and in the meantime have lived with nasty cheap plastic flooring over mouldy ancient lino tiles, for those who think I exaggerate note the photo above – nasty!  Now, after some thick tar like ‘do not use in a domestic setting’ sealing we have had the floor leveled and in a week we’ll have proper wooden flooring over proper underfloor heating, I am so excited I can hardly wait.

Apart from moving furniture about and keeping kids off drying floors I have found a little time to work through yet more open projects.

I am really keen to get everything finished as I’m already thinking about Christmas, yes, yes, I know it’s Summer right now but realistically the big ‘C’ is my busiest time of year and I need to start making stock early, I have new fabric waiting in the wings and plenty of ideas but really want to clear all open projects first.

Right, need to dash as it’s also F’s Birthday this week so I have party bags to organise and then the living room to paint before the new flooring arrives.  So many things, so little time 🙂