Where did the time go….?

Half term has flown by, I had so many plans most of which have fallen by the wayside but I am a bit over excited by some of our developments.

We are now the proud owners of shed and a decent sized on at that.  Make no mistake, this is not some lovely insulated hideaway for crafting but a place to ‘dump’ all our garden gear and the boys toys that strewn the lawn all year round.  As I may have mentioned before we have a slight stuff verses space problem (okay, mainly MY stuff) that makes our house a little crowded at times so any extra storage is more than welcome.  I should mention it will be a nice shade of ‘lavender’ not the Tango tan it arrives with once stained up.

The shed has come just in time for the (well over due) floor leveling in the living room.  I have waited years, literally, for this and in the meantime have lived with nasty cheap plastic flooring over mouldy ancient lino tiles, for those who think I exaggerate note the photo above – nasty!  Now, after some thick tar like ‘do not use in a domestic setting’ sealing we have had the floor leveled and in a week we’ll have proper wooden flooring over proper underfloor heating, I am so excited I can hardly wait.

Apart from moving furniture about and keeping kids off drying floors I have found a little time to work through yet more open projects.

I am really keen to get everything finished as I’m already thinking about Christmas, yes, yes, I know it’s Summer right now but realistically the big ‘C’ is my busiest time of year and I need to start making stock early, I have new fabric waiting in the wings and plenty of ideas but really want to clear all open projects first.

Right, need to dash as it’s also F’s Birthday this week so I have party bags to organise and then the living room to paint before the new flooring arrives.  So many things, so little time 🙂

31 thoughts on “Where did the time go….?

  1. Those birds look so pretty all lined up! I like the sound of a lilac shed. 🙂
    Happy Birthday Master F!!
    Vivienne x

    • Thanks Vivienne, he’s very excited about his first proper party (poor thing, I made him wait until he was at ‘big school’, I’m so mean). I am hoping the lilac stain manages to cover the orange or it could all get a bit nasty looking! Bx

  2. Happy birthday to Master F. The garden looks great by the way, I’m insanely jealous of all that space!! looking forward to seeing your Christmas goodies!! Justine x

    • Thanks Justine, we are very, very lucky, I would struggle to ever move from this house. I’m quite excited about new designs, it’ll be fun! Bx

    • It is and I love it! The garden space was one of the major factors in choosing this house, that and the potential of a pretty, period but almost derelict house. All in all we have about half an acre, it was head high brambles when we moved in so it’s been hard work to get it clear, but worth every bit!

  3. Look at all that wonderful open space for your little one(s) to run around in. I’m dead jealous of anyone who owns a garden at the moment :0(

    I’m lovin the birds – though I’m worried that you’ve shown far too much information on this post and some of those not so nice people out there in the blogging world may steal your ideas. I’d hate for that to happen.

    Can’t wait to see what projects you’ve got planned for Xmas.

    You’ll have to tell me where you get your Lavender supplies from. I embroidered a Lavender bag for my Fairytale Swap patner, and then got totally stumped when I couldn’t find one shop that sold dried Lavender. Can you believe that? I ended up buying it from a National Trust gift shop that I visited at the weekend, and it wasn’t cheap!

    I hope you actually receive this comment because I’ve left other on some of your other posts and they haven’t been generated.

    Jill x

    • Hi Jill,

      I’m sorry it took so long to reply, the last comments you left got spam filtered (not very polite of WordPress) and I just found them a moment ago whilst tidying out my blog, this one came straight through though so it shouldn’t happen again!

      We are very lucky with our garden, I didn’t have one when I lived in London and it was the main reason we moved out but I couldn’t be without it now I have the boys, they are very much outdoor children.

      You might be right about showing too much of my process in photos, I’ve wondered on this before but deiced to be quite open and do tend to show quite a bit of detail. I slightly dread the day some of my designs do get copied, one good thing about blogging is there’s a good record of my having designed them and the timeframe, although realistically I’d probably just have a good cry and say nothing.

      I buy my lavender from Daisy Gifts (http://www.daisygifts.co.uk/) by the 1 Kilo bag, which is the size of a small cushion so lasts for a long while, you can buy smaller amounts from there as well.

      Again, hope that helps!


  4. Thanks for letting me know the details of your Lavender supplier – My ‘other half’ was so impressed with the one I made, I think he’s expecting me to make more (I’ve probably got another one in me!).

    I hope you don’t think I was being rude about mentioning people copying your work – it’s just that things like that really get my blood boiling. I actually love reading and seeing how people make their goodies – it’s a very good source of inspiration. It’s just a shame when some unscrupulous folk take credit for work that isn’t theirs.

    Anyway, I’ll shut up about that now as I’m wittering on.

    Jill x

    • No problem. Daisy Gifts is all French lavender, I did recently buy some English but it’s so badly cut (lots of long stems) that it’s very hard to use so I wouldn’t recommend it.

      Oh no, I didn’t think you were being rude at all, I see it happen a lot to other people and it amazes me what people will copy and expect no-one to notice, more importantly they obviously don’t care if people do!


  5. Oh Beth, what an exciting post! The garden looks lovely, and I can’t wait to see some photos of your new floor. What a relief to finally get things exactly how you want them!

    The birds looks fab all lined up like that. You are very organised to be thinking about christmas already. Are you planning any new creations for it?

    Thank you for the lavender link above. The only site I’ve got on file is http://www.provencelavender.co.uk/llavender.html I haven’t ordered from them yet, but thought that the prices seemed quite reasonable.

    Hope everything goes to plan!

    • Thank you, I love my garden (it has it’s own blog, although it’s a bit boring) I owe lots of house photos, I never showed the back finished either but I will be posting them once the flooring is down.

      I got caught out last year with Christmas, it kind of arrived and I wasn’t fully ready so this year I’m getting in there early and yes, there are a few new creations already in my head!

      I think Daisy Gifts own quite a few sites which are all the same, I end up paying about £18 for 1 KG, after postage so most places are similar.

      I have wine on stand by in case the house renovations get too much, might buy some chocolate as well 😉

      • Chocolate is a must in these kind of situations! It is definitely keeping me company as I fill in application forms, and send off my CV.

        Also hope all the birthday stuff goes well. Many happy returns to F!

  6. lovely lovely lovely garden! cant wait to see the purple shed! and as always, the birds look lovely.
    well done

    • Hi Bex, thanks for dropping by. I can’t wait to see the shed purple either but as it’s a job for M I fear I could be waiting some time – ha ha! Bx

  7. Hmmm, very nice green birds though I already have 4 of your lovely birds on permanent display in my living room (2 generously gifted from you – have planned a little thank you for these though am rather tardy in executing it!)
    Happy Birthday to F! A’s birthday was today and we’re having a party on Thurs so I’ll be filling up party bags too, nice to know I’ll not be alone in this task, enjoy!

    • Oh hello, it was F’s B-Day today as well in fact, Happy Birthday to A! F’s party is this Sunday but I was printing out Spiderman labels for the party bags and have most of the fillings ready, just the sweets to buy now and assemble.

      Don’t feel you need to offer any thank you for the birds, I was happy to send them your way, I knew you were after some turquoise ones and it’s part of the fun of this whole lovely blogging world.

      Hope Thursday goes well, kids parties slightly scare me 😉

  8. So good to hear that things are coming together with the house. Under floor heating, wooden floor, plus level floor will be wonderful!
    You must be so chuffed with the shed – we always have major storage problems too, I hate it – and lavender will look brilliant (I must admit I did wonder about the tango tan, its quite lurid! – hope M doesn’t take too long – I have a very long list for John to tackle this summer and I just know it won’t happen very readily, poor soul!).
    Hope F’s birthday party goes well, what a big boy, and party isn’t too stressful.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your Christmas plans. Oh, and I forgot to say when you posted about the lavender bags, that they look lovely and the price seemed very reasonable.
    P.S. I have bought lavender from provencelavender.co.uk (£9.79 for 500g) – it seems good quality and no stems. I think they may be part of Daisy Gifts as that name rings a bell from my searches.

    • M has a tendency to start things then run out of steam (he never reads my blog, thankfully) so I may wait some time, but the orange is a bit scary and the photo is taken from my studio so I tend to ‘look out’ at it quite a lot – may just do the lavender staining myself 😉

      Thanks for the lav bag feedback, and the birthday wishes, I’m going to let F assemble his party bags on Friday, he hasn’t quite got the hand of the idea he doesn’t get one himself, bless!


  9. Hi Beth,

    The lavender shed is going to look GORGEOUS!

    I’m in the same place as you at the moment … desperately trying to tie up loose ends/projects before I go abroad next Thursday. Just to make things really tricky, it’s my little boy’s birthday the day after we get back, so not only are there weddings to go to, suits to dry clean, holidays to pack for, books to bind, books to send, but now I have to make sure presents are bought, wrapped and a party organised too! Arghh! What Is Going On?

    At times like this I think I need a calming blue shed with a kettle inside and a great big armchair to curl up and hide in!

    • Thanks Bethan, we are going to ‘tart’ it up a bit (the shed that is) with some fancy trim on the front and maybe a shingle roof, it’s quite dominant in the garden so will be good if it blends in a bit more. You sound super busy, feel for you on the Birthday front, I have barely managed to organise all the bits for both my boys and I’ve been here, so very good luck with all of that.


      (big armchair sounds great, and the hiding bit is a must)

    • I know it’s my main selling period, the shop is generally pretty quite now so I figured I’d at least get all my designs worked out. I am so excited about the floor, I just hope M can do the electrics OK, or we’ll have nice new wooden flooring over non working electric heating, now that would be a nightmare! Bx

  10. De-lurking to say how much I admire your energy, and your creative talent. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished shed. We have two decrepit sheds I’m planning to paint but W needs to sort out some new roof felt first.

    • We are super lucky, I know. Think it’s 1/2 acre, so most definitely a decent size. It was totally uncared for when we bought the house, really very bad you couldn’t walk through most of it but all the hard work has definitely paid off. I love it, will cry should we ever move from here!

    • Thanks Lizzie, I love to see them all lined up together, they are great fun to make (and compared to a lot of my things are relatively quick!), they make me smile. Just been over to your blog, beautiful paintings! Beth

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