Printer Addiction…

As you may know, I am seriously addicted to my printer and I love a good excuse to sit and print labels/cards/letters/tags, anything really, I fear I may need help.

So having recently ordered the T-shirt above (for Father’s Day…not entirely sure when that is but I know it’s coming soon) I decided to make a concertina card to match from the feeble attemps I made to get the boys to both stand together and vaguely look towards the camera.  I’m pleased with the result and plan to let the boys write a message (or in C’s case just draw with his vast collection of pencils) along the back.

Then in true ‘addict’ style I realised that the images of the boys in their Heatblast costumes were much better than the planned *ahem* ‘borrowed’ Spiderman images I was going to use for F’s party bags so I set to with the printer again.

We had great fun stuffing the sweet bags,

to make up for the guilt of the boys contents being plastic stuff (in this case Bakugans) I bought some mirrors from Etsy for the girls and jazzed them up a bit with little organza bags

I would have loved to have been much more ‘homemade’ about the whole thing, but I am a realist and I know that all F and his pals care about right now are Superheros, Ben 10 and Gormitis and that’s what he requested.

Well, roll on the weekend, he’s already a bit over excited and I hear I have to go on the ‘giant slide’ as I’m Mother of the party boy (we’ve opted for the huge soft play warehouse, again, it’s what he asked for and this is his first real party) so that’s something to look forward to 😉

20 thoughts on “Printer Addiction…

  1. Everything looks great! Hope it goes well, and don’t forget to scream on the way down the slide. Makes it more realistic!

  2. I think you’d better wear trousers when you go to the play warehouse – I made the fatal mistake of taking Violet down a rather large slide wearing a skirt once. I won’t be making that mistake again :0)

    You’ve made a great job of your party bags (in the seventies we only ever went home with a balloon – oh how things have changed).

    Have fun this weekend.

    Jill x

    1. A balloon! Blimey, you were lucky 😉 You are so right though, I did think twice about publishing this post, I never talk about religion or politics on my blog and party bags maybe should go into that list knowing the reaction they can cause. I know many people who refuse to do them and lots of lovely folk who make simple but beautiful handmade things, I kept thinking about all the lovely stuff I could have done of F was a girl but I buckled and let him have ones he really wanted, he is super excited to be giving the boys Bukugan stuff…..he’s a little less so about the mirrors!

      Good tip, I’ll be wearing jeans. Bx

  3. Wow, you’re so organised! A’s party was yesterday, we have it in the garden and have been very lucky with the weather each year, yesterday being no exception. This year though I forgot to take a single photo! I’ll need to see if any of the other Mums took any. Must have been the Pimms, these days one glass of anything vaguely alcoholic and I’m away!
    Hope all goes well with F’s party, have fun!
    PS Yes, funny to think we were both in labour on the same day! Just to stretch the coincidence to its limit – what time was F born, A was just before 5:30am?

    1. Sounds lovely, we have always done simple garden parties for the boys, and with family only in the past. If F was a girl I would have done an afternoon tea party after school, as I was putting his bags together I kept thinking about nice homemade crayons and fabric bags with initials on…..oh well, screaming kids in a massive playbarn it is!

      He was a pm baby, 7.10 if I remember rightly, you were admiring lovely A by then and having a cup of tea 😉


  4. The party bags look great! Enjoy the fuss believe me it all goes by so quickly. The older they get the more expensive it all becomes (trust me on that one)!
    Have a great party. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  5. Lovely party bags Beth! I like the red bags where are they from if you don’t mind me asking, Master M would love some turquoise ones!!!

    Justine xx

    1. Thanks Justine, not sure if you mean the organza ones or the paper ones but both came from where I bought them in bulk as I’ll use them for packing shop things in even though I prefer the apple green ones I usually buy from Rajapack.

      Hope that helps. Bx

  6. The party plans sound great. Maybe not quite what you’d ideally like but realistic and they will all have lots of fun.

    Finn didn’t have his first party until he went to school either but I didn’t manage to hold out quite so long with Angus – he was much more aware of these things, and as for Islay, well, I’m quite sure she’ll have to have something this year (she’s far too clued up about life!).

    I’ve always caved in on presents for the boys’ party bags too – bakugans, gormiti and gogos have been the requested goodies for the last couple of years…has F discovered the football cards – Match Attack – yet? Finn is becoming very obsessed but maybe F is a bit little yet -you can sigh with relief if so! I have high hopes for pretty homemade things for Islay’s parties…definitely no pink plastic. I don’t really like plastic or pink and the combination of the two fills me with horror!

    Good luck and line up a large drink for after – if you can wait that long! Juliex

    1. I fear we will have the same problem with C, as he is already a bit grumpy about F having a party, I guess they learn quickly from their older siblings. As the boys B-Days are 4 weeks apart we may do a joint garden party next year, but then it’s not really ‘their’ day so maybe that’s a bit mean. I figure F will have a more formed friend group by then so we might do a trip instead.

      F hasn’t discovered Match Attack yet, I am sure it will be next on his list, we totted up his Gormiti collection cost the other day and were quite amazed at how much it must be, buying the odd one here and there really adds up!

      Such fun to have Islay after the boys, nice to get to do the whole party thing differently.

      Wine will flow once we are home 🙂

  7. The party bags look great I love the photos.
    I think your brave having a party our oldest will turn 5 in July and we still haven’t decided what to do. I keep trying to convince him a trip to the wildlife park would be good but he isn’t convinced.
    As for superheros and Ben 10, my boys “play” Ben 10 as its something J plays in the playground at school even though they have never watched it!!
    Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy that slide!!

    1. Ah you see that’s why we chose to do the soft play place, you just roll up and they do the rest. Apparently the food is minimal and not great but the kids don’t care, they just want to play. I figured it’s an easy introduction to kids parties for me, we couldn’t have avoided it as all the children in his reception class have had parties this year – he has a better social life then us!!

      F learnt Ben 10 from the older boys at pre-school and he hadn’t seen it either, C has skipped Thomas and Bob the Builder and is in love with his Kevin 11 mini plastic figure :s

      I loved the big slide as a kid, might not be too elegant as a grown-up!

  8. Everything looks so great and professional that I don’t see a problem with having that “printer addiction”. I see it more like a very creative and cool mum critical case 😉

  9. These are some bloomin brilliant ideas – and don’t your boys look wonderful in that photo. What or who are they dressed as? I have girls so I have no clue!

    1. Thanks Emma! They are dressed as Heatblast from Ben 10 (Boy who turns into an Aliens with the aid of a fancy watch) it’s a must if you have boys of a certain age, hard to avoid and Mr C being the younger brother has skipped the usual Thomas stff and gone straight to it! I know nothing about girls characters :/

  10. Love the concertina cards…the pictures work really well. It’s been a while since I last caught up with your blog…..the boys are growing up fast!

    Love the photos of all the little bits of detail…the blinds, the box….and ha ha the passport photos! Classic!


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