Passing the time…

I not only survived F’s B-Day party but we had great fun, I eagerly did my ‘time’ on the giant drop slide by getting up there straight away and was swiftly followed by many of the other parents, we were the only party booked in so pretty much had the place to ourselves meaning everyone could relax, it was great to see the parents taking their turn to hurl themselves off.

We also have flooring – hurrah! I will save the photos for a post of their own as it’s still a bit crazy here, the floor is currently ‘buckled’ into place whilst the glue dries and then we can move the furniture back in over the weekend.  I can’t say it wasn’t stressful, the laying of the underlay and electric heating film wasn’t entirely simple due to someone not having ordered enough of many things (he knows who he is!) prompting frantic searches of supplies in Kent but it’s done now, and all is well.

As I was holed up in the studio, I tried to make it as pleasant as possible adding a little posy of sweet peas from the garden.  They smell lovely and have been put in a new glass bought as a pair from a good vintage the Etsy shop owned by Amanda Sainsbury (who you may know for her fine knits).  I love it so, it’s beautifully tactile, I am using the second glass as my special-new-favourtie water drinking glass.

The business card on the board is from a recent purchase of mirrors from Hidden Eloise. As always they were perfect and delivered in the most amazing packaging, I gave the other mirror (sorry, not photographed) as a Birthday present to one of F’s friends along with a Postcarten, they went down very well.

I spent some time reading, I have recently bought quite a few Japanese pattern books from M is for make which I plan to put to use this summer and I really enjoyed reading the second issue of the Green Bean zine by Katie Green (available here), it’s the issue that contains an illustration of one of my tweed bunny purses amongst other of Katie’s ‘Favourite Handmade Things’, which made me smile amongst the dusty madness of house renovations.

As I was sitting at my desk I also did a spot of sewing.  I recently came across a bunch of mini goose feather cushions I bought when pregnant to use for sleep propping (blimey, that seems an age ago now) so I used a remnant of Orla Kiely fabric bought on ebay to make a quick cover.  The back is in brown linen and I added some pipping and a zip I had in stock.

I’m really pleased as I need lower back support when sitting at my desk so this is perfect, the rest of this fabric is waiting to be turned into cushions for the living room, perhaps a job for this afternoon?

OK, time to get going, the weather is lovely today so after a couple of indulgent Ben 10 TV days I want to get Mr C out into the garden and there is plenty to be done in the veg patch 🙂

18 thoughts on “Passing the time…

  1. So pleased to hear that the B/party was a success – I bet the children loved their little party bags. You’d chosen some fab treats for them.

    lovin your Orla kiely cushion :0)

    Jill x

    1. I can admit I really, really enjoyed putting the party bags together, sad but true and replying to your comment has reminded me I have to do the thankyous still – oops best get that out of the way soonish! Bx

    1. Thanks ladies, the sweet peas are my new favourite variety and may be all I grow now as they do smell amazing and I am also in love with the velvety texture. Having said that I am truly flower fickle and will no doubt change my mind next year when I try something new. Bx

  2. Woooo! Thanks for showing off the Green Bean 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend…

    I’m heading off to check out your link to M is for Make. I’m blaming you if I spend more money that I don’t have 😛

  3. Those sweet peas look gorgeous what a lovely deep colour, I can imagine their scent.
    The hidden Eloise stuff is beautiful and I love your cushion.
    Pleased to hear the party went well, I bet they couldn’t get you off the slide!
    Have a great weekend.

    1. We’re still in the super hot zone and I can’t bare to waste too much water on the garden but I also can’t see my vegetables wilting after all my hard work!….Can’t believe I am moaning, so British 😉 Still, nothing a quick thunder storm wont cure, then the sun can come back. Bx

    1. I love the glasses, I was tempted to buy the other 2 but figured they wouldn’t feel as special then, thanks for the blog mention and links back here, much appreciated. Bx

  4. Love the cushions!!!!! I am a big fan of Orla Kiely, my husband still doesn’t understand why I got so excited in my last birthday when he got me one of her wallets!!!!
    You have done a fantastic job with the cushions… looking forward to see what you do with the rest of the fabric!

    1. Thank you Lizzet, I am mildly addicted to Orla K, have been a fan since the early years, I’ve build up quite collection of bags and clothes of hers over the years and they are all still in superb shape! Still, there is always room for more 😉

  5. It’s lovely to hear from you, even if it is 3 times, i’m not complaining! You could easliy do the same thing with Ben 10, it’s very easy you just have to be patient with the arranging of the pieces. I’ve plans for others, i’ll blog about them when they’re done. Thanks for popping by x

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