Feeling hot, hot, hot…!

Along with everywhere else we appear to be in the middle of a heatwave and I will happily admit I am finding it difficult.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love a bit of sunshine but I love it more when I’m on holiday in other words when I haven’t got the kids to entertain, the house to clean and a serious backlog of painting and decorating to do.  I know I’m moaning but I have never hidden the fact I am really an Autumn/Winter person, still I intend the make the most and we have been spending a lot of time in the garden and the result is not a lot of work is getting done.

Charlie has Christened the new floor already (thanks for that Mr C!) and we are slowly getting the skirting on which I am painting as we go.  We decided that nothing is going back into the room that shouldn’t be there and I refuse to put big furniture pieces in until the area behind has been re-painted and the skirting is on.  I have waited 4 years, a few more weeks wont hurt and I want one room in the house totally ‘done’.

I have cleaned everything, even my Jan Constantine cushion has been washed and here is an old pine box I’ve owned for years, it was badly stained a horrid colour, I have stripped it back, given it a coating of oil and wax and painted the inside with some Farrow & Ball ‘Elephant’s Breath’ eggshell left over from the inside of our kitchen cupboards (I have a slight love of the odd sounding F & B colours, I’m desperate to use ‘Mouse’s Back’ and ‘Dead Salmon’ at some point).

I did managed a little sewing yesterday.  I’d grown to hate the existing blind at the back of our room, I’m not sure why, it had a few mistakes and I think I just feel the need for fresh things to make the room complete so I bought some expensive but lovely St Judes fabric, ‘Kensel Rising’ in pale green bought from Tinsmiths.

It has made a beautiful blind and fits perfectly.  This back corner is now complete, we still have to put pictures up so the walls are a little bare but I love it all the same.  I should mention our whole house is painted in F & B ‘All White’ with the exception of the living room which is in our old favourite ‘Slipper Satin’, it has a slight grey/green quality to it, for some reason it makes me think of snow, a specific kind not white out Arctic, more a snowy woodland landscape, we used it a lot in the last house.

I unwrapped my new Sarah Carr Robot Cushion, I bought it as a treat whilst waiting for the flooring to go down and now it’s in place I couldn’t be happier.

I have even put out my beloved Alvar Aalto vase which my Sister bought as a house warming present, she knew I’d earmarked it but would never buy it for myself, a very generous gift.

Well, there is still plenty to do, the kitchen is stockpiled with all our other books and furniture but I am more than halfway through now and it is already so worth it, our main living space is totally different, clean, warm and welcoming and I love it.  Sorry this post is a little disjointed but I am feeling a little all over the place and huge apologies to my total lack of leaving comments on all the blogs I read, time is just disappearing at the moment but I think I am not the only one finding this!

20 thoughts on “Feeling hot, hot, hot…!

    • I am such a wuss, I just need a pool, cocktail (or cold glass of wine) and some salty snacks to nibble on and I’d be happy as Larry (oh and no children around – bless they struggle in the heat). Bring on the Thunder! Bx

    • Thanks Vivienne, the window on the other side (large square bay) has my favourite green (‘snowdrop’) linen curtains so it matches up quite well. Bx

  1. That lovely chair is just begging me to park my backside in and read my new Alexander McCall Smith :0)

    You have been so busy redocorating and what you’ve shown us here is lovely. Your new blind looks fab.

    Sorry about Charlie using your new floor as his artist’s canvas – I hope it scrubs off easily enough. Kids eh, who’d have em?

    Jill x

    • Not if I get there first – ha! (actually, as I write is is piled with laundry, not exactly as I’d planned). Mr C has been practicing his artistic talents all over the house it would seem, luckily I am mostly quite relaxed but I am giving him a hard time (imagine, little bottom lip goes out, eyes well up, I do feel mean) so he doesn’t destroy all my hard painting work 🙂

  2. I love having a peek into how the decorating is progressing! It looks wonderful so far, and I hope the rest of your painting goes well.

    I really, really, struggle with hot weather, so you can imagine my delight when it rained in Leeds last night! Maybe it has to do with being a November baby, but the autumn/winter is my fave time of year. I dread the hot and the humid. Oh, sorry for the bit of a rant. My hay-fever is getting me down!

    • Don’t be sorry at all, blooming hay-fever, I started with it for the first time last year, it wasn’t so bad then but this time my eyes are super itchy and super sore. We were also lucky to get a brief downpour yesterday, it has slightly cooled things off and the garden seems grateful but we are back to muggy nights tonight. Still, I may be an Autumn/Winter girl but I do like seasons and this evening light is amazing! Hope the hay-fever eases of for you soon. Bx

      • Thanks Beth, you too! I haven’t been sleeping well – due to the blasted hay-fever – and I must admit, I’ve enjoyed the bright early mornings while I read and enjoy a honey and lemon drink…Summer in small doses is ok.

  3. Hi Beth,

    the decorating looks great! I’m glad it’s just not my house that gets drawn on! ‘Master M’ still occasionally gets the urge and he’s nigh on 6, the little beggar!!

    I’ll be in touch when we return from our wedding/jollies as I need to get a linen cat for my nieces birthday on 1st sept!

    Justine xx

    • Can’t believe the big day is already here, it’s most exciting, I hope (and am sure) it all goes well and as you have planned. I am having general problems leaving comments on blogger at the moment (keeps saying my ID is unverified or something despite my being logged in) so apologies for my comment absence, I loose my patience after a while and up giving up!. Can’t wait to see your photos. Bx

  4. love the glimpses of your house it looks so stylish including the floor art!
    I feel a bit naughty but I must say I’m praying for rain as the watering of the veg plot is beginning to feel like hard work!
    Jenny x

  5. Your room looks so wonderful, and the corner with that chair and pillow is just so inviting 😉

    We have had a few days of fantastic, sunny weather but OF COURSE as tomorrow is the very first day of my holiday it seems to be raining , so could we change? I could send you some cooler (not the rain though) weather and you´d give me the heat? I´d be more than happy to lay a few days in the sun!

    Have a wonderful week come rain or shine and many greetings from Finland! Holidays, yippee!


    • Oh Mia, I wish we could swap, it’s been weeks since we had rain now and everything is super hot and dusty! I know it’s boring to complain, the light is a huge bonus, I keep reminding myself that soon enough it will be dark right now as I am putting the boys to bed and working into the evening. Must make the most of it!

  6. Your room looks lovely and very inviting 🙂 I agree with you and love F&B colours. I have painted my hall in the typical String and skirting boards and doors in Lime White I think. I love it! I am thinking of copying you and I might use Slipper Satin in the office but still don’t know because I wanted something a bit more green.

    Glad you are getting your house how you wanted!


    • Oh your hallway paint choices sound great. I love Slipper Satin, it’s my favourite, we even have our kitchen cupboards painted in it but it’s one of those off-whites in that it really does look white once on, if you’re after something with more green it may not be the one for you. Bx

  7. I love that robot fabric and vase! I agree about the weather too but i don’t want the thunderstorms, i’ve not tidied the cupboard under the stairs for me to hide in……you think i’m joking! x

    • LOL, I am one of those folks who get quite excited by thunder, but I hope for your sake we just get some rain 🙂

    • It’s cool isn’t it! We have glass etching film in our hallway that looks like space invaders, it’s to keep M happy (he is officially a ‘geek’ and proud!)….I would love to have a go on an Atari now, bring back some memories 🙂

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