Random things…

Today is a bit of a hodgepodge day, I am ‘waiting’ for my Mother and Aunt (the twins) to land at my Sister’s and then dash here (well my Mother will, poor Auntie C just gets dragged along) to see the boys as soon as they’ve dropped off their bags.  I know they aren’t due until just after lunch but I can’t seem to settle down and to work.

I packed up an order of Linen Mice this morning, even that was a bit messy, I couldn’t decide the best way to wrap them to be sure they arrive nicely presented but also secure and Mr C kept running off with the birds, which didn’t help.

As part of the living room overhaul I finished tidying out my desk, I found this collection of passport photos taken over the last 15 years.  The top middle is the most recent, taken for a passport replacement, the only difference is I started dying my hair bright red again about a year ago (as you can see, I have a long history of hair dying, mostly red but yes, it is pink on the LHS).

I also started to clear through an old wine box I brought back from Yorkshire on my last visit, it’s full of odd things like these reminders of childhood holidays

and some of my early crafting attempts.  In the end I just put them back in the box as I’m not sure what to do with them, I could never throw them out (much as M would love me to) so I might buy shadow boxes to pop them in for display…maybe.

Well, slightly random post but as I said, I’m having a random day.  Best go do some laundry folding and water the veg patch, then maybe the ladies will be here and I can ditch this waiting feeling 🙂

17 thoughts on “Random things…

  1. The passport photos are brilliant. I know this might sound a little bit daft but I can’t get over how little you have changed in them – I think I’m having one of those crazy days!
    I’m waiting for rain so hopefully it’ll be a day off watering the veg patch.
    Enjoy your mum’s visit
    Jenny x

    • I have changed (I think) but mainly in the body (was size 8 until having children, now a 12/14), I guess my face is still the same (ish), just a few more wrinkles 😉

      Glad to read on your blog you’ve had rain, I may start doing a rain dance soon, I am getting that desperate. Bx

  2. Hi Beth – I hope they turn up soon and that you have a wonderful time with them……not surprised you can’t settle.
    I love all your little bits, I have a similar collection of nostalgic things and little pieces I made years ago. Generally I’m good at clearing out but not if things have sentimental value. Juliex

    • They did thanks and brought a great pirate box for F full if things they’d found on holiday on the beach, he was very happy.

      Ditto, I am also quite good at general clearing out, in theory I dislike useless clutter (note I say useless, as sadly we definitely do have clutter) but I do struggle to part with some things. I could never do minimal living! Bx

  3. I had to laugh when you mentioned the hair dying! It reminds me so much of my daughter because her hair colour changes regularly! 🙂
    Vivienne x

    • My Mother used to groan each time I came home with a new colour but she gave up commenting after a while. Think it’s the art college background, same as your daughter, except I left over 15 years ago and am still dying mine! Bx

  4. *pipes up* I’m a twin! Hope you all have a great visit.

    Love the passport photos – what a great way to document the years (you look lovely, Beth!). Also reminds me that I should get a new photo added to mine…my eldest sister likes to remind me that I look like an axe murderer, and now I’m afraid to use it for ID.

    • Oooh are you identical? My Mum and Aunt are, is funny as people were always mixing them up but as they’ve got older they look more different. Thanks for saying I look lovely, I really do work the bag lady look most days, when single and living in London I made such an effort but these days I rarely do, although I am about to go to Glynbourne for the Opera so it’s a posh frock and heels day today – yay!. Bx

      • Yes! We are also noticing more changes as we get older, but we are still very similar. And people still get us mixed up…and it doesn’t seem like that will ever end! I think people just get a bit frazzled, hoping that they won’t make a mistake with the names, so it makes them nervous. That’s my theory anyway. When we were younger, we used to have different coloured shoes (mine were red) to help our teachers. Ha! Gosh, sorry for prattling on.

        You really do look lovely, Beth. I love that you experiment with your hair so much! Hope you had a wonderful time at the opera x

  5. I loved this hodgepodge! It makes me feel ok to know that other people have such hodgepodge days too….

    Also I really enjoyed seeing your hair photos! I too used to have pink hair. (and purple, and blue, and green, and red, and orange…but not all at once!)

    • Hi Katie, I have many days like this so it’s definitely not just you! Glad to read I’m not the only one with a past of rainbow hair, I never tried blue, that sounds like fun! Bx

  6. You could always do a background of your passport photos with your treasures in the box. It would make a lovely display.

    • Brilliant idea Lyn, thanks. I am worried M wont let me put them up anywhere (more of my ‘old tat’) but I can always put them in my studio. Bx

  7. Hi Beth,
    Loved your passport photographs. I seem to look more and more Eastern European in mine … which is bizarre! Re. hair dying … My cousin dyed her a rather interesting electric blue colour. Overnight it turned a kind of bottle green sea colour and stained her cheek and pillow blue. She’s not so wild these days mind you …

    Glad you had a nice day in the end!

    • LOL, I admit to getting a nice stain on my pillow each time I get my colour re-done, I even have old towels especially for the first few washes. Bx

    • Hi Monica, I just laughed out loud reading this! Thanks, but honestly I work the bag lady look so well, no-one notices my face. I do ‘brush up’ reasonably, with a bit of effort but with school run my only regular outing I have become quite lazy with my appearance.

      I didn’t cut my hair short until I was 21, but there was no stopping me after that, you should try it, you may like it and it’s super easy to keep tidy.


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