The kindness of bloggers…

I’d lost my mojo recently, the hay fever, or more importantly the tablets I was taking for it, were making me very drowsy, to the point where I was struggling for even an ounce of energy.  Well, I abandoned them earlier this week and as a result am feeling back to my normal self, with tired itchy eyes but I’ll take that any day over lethargic and useless.

So, whilst grumping about the house, imagine how excited I was to find the postman delivering a box for me, one I hadn’t ordered.  I knew from the label it was from the lovely Anne of Andamento and on opening I found this wonderful gift

one of Anne’s beautiful Candle holders (you can see more of her work here) as a return gift for some bird decorations I had sent.  It really cheered me up when I needed it – thank you Anne!

I’ve also been doing my usual Sale shopping.  I don’t buy many clothes, I haven’t really been ‘clothes shopping’ since the boys were born as it’s way too hard work, so I relay heavily on online shopping and the fact that I knowing what I like.

I’m an big Orla Kiely fan so I was rather pleased to see her new Olive and Orange range hit the shops a while back, it’s quite simply half the price of her home brand and more readily available.  I noticed that John Lewis had quite a few pieces half price in their Sale so I bought this dress in cotton, it’s very me and I’m very pleased with it.

Then, just to tempt me, my dream OK dress, the one I’d been lusting after since the Summer collection arrived went half price on the Orla Kiely Website.  Now, the truth is even at half price it was still well beyond my reach, especially as I’d already spend my allocated Sale money as above, but after some faffing around and tweeting I used my Birthday money (which I have been hoarding since March) and went for it.

It’s really interesting to see the difference between the two labels, obviously the bottom dress is silk and there is a lot more work involved but I would struggle to justify buying it if it had been full price, saying that I do have quite a large collection of her clothing, but mostly bought for me as presents (M used to work round the corner from her shop) or in the Sale and amassed over the last 7 years.

I will be wearing one of my new frocks to London on Monday, I’m off for afternoon tea at Harvey Nick’s (they serve it with champagne, hummmm) before going to a recording of Friday Night is Music Night, I haven’t had a day on London minus kids for, well, years actually so I’m really looking forward to it.  Oh, last confession, I also bought this cardigan, now the credit cards are firmly locked away until the Winter Sales 🙂

23 thoughts on “The kindness of bloggers…

    • Oh I do feel bad, but as I wrote I don’t buy many clothes and it’s my own money (ie not joint). Loved your friend’s bag, I always have an Orla bag on the go, they work so well for me with all the boys bits and bobs to fit inside – I feel like the family mule sometimes!

    • Thanks Vivienne, I am planning lots of nice things for me to do, might pop into Liberty for some fabric. Bx

  1. You’ve bought some fab clothes (where’s the cardie from btw?).

    I’m always hanging my nose over everything Orla Kiely, but as yet can’t justify the prices.

    Your London trip sounds great fun – enjoy yourself.

    • Cardi is also OK but the cheeper (and yet still expensive) Olive and Oranges range, half price at John Lewis….triyng to justify it? me?).

  2. Oh wow!
    The clothes are great I’ve gone over all envious!!
    I didn’t realise she did the olive and oranges range, do I dare take a peek, just a little one!
    I love her bags and eye up all her clothes, I do think they are worth definitely in the sale as I can imagine they last for ages and never really date.
    Have a wonderful time in London, did I just read that your going liberty shopping, I’ve gone all envious again!!
    Jenny xx

    • You’re spot on Jenny they do last and because they are retro and not really high fashion they last. I think it’s why I love her things to much, I love the prints and vintage style and as I wrote I have dresses from before I had children that are still perfect now. I am not a fan of dry cleaning but I have braved wool washing (machine) some of her silks and they have worked out fine….daren’t the new silk dress though! Bx (PS go look, there was quite a bit or olive and orange on the internet sales)

  3. Beautiful clothes Beth! I’ve had my eye on a dress for the last few weeks – in the sale, and a good shape for me – but I’m not sure I’m allowed it really…I can dream though!

    What a lovely gift to receive, just knowing that someone else is thinking of you is a gift in itself.

    I wish hay fever would just go away. I am so sick of it! I’m sick of the pills, I’m sick of eye drops always selling out, and sick of having a sore nose. Grrr.

    I hope you have fun in London!

    How are you getting on with your jogging/running? I’ve been trying out a bit of pilates this week, and have really enjoyed it. Eeek, sorry for the long reply x

    • Yes it’s a good shape for me as well, hence the 2 similar dresses, I may take a pattern of one of them for making my own, I’ll blog if I do. It is a lovely gift I was feeling so pants so was perfect timing as well, made me smile in a big way.

      I’m not sure how I’ll get on taking nothing, my eyes are very sore, in the mornings especially, I am used to the drippy nose as I’m allergic to wine and my cat, both of which I refuse to give up!

      Would love to do pilates but can’t fit it in with the boys (glad to hear you enjoyed it so much), I did Iyengar yoga before having F, I’m really hoping to get back to classes when C is in more Pre-school. Running has been a bit on and off due to our heat wave and my eyes, I ran a long one yesterday, I’m very aware of making sure I keep going, especially with the summer hols nearly here!! Bx

      • I have plans to copy one of my dresses – I’ve probably already babbled on about that before. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough. I would be quite happy to wear the same thing every day, just in a few different colours. How is your summer sewing coming along? I remember you talking about making some tops…

        Have you thought about taking homeopathic remedies for your hay fever? My family is very in to homeopathy, and my aunt is a homeopath too…I understand that not everyone agrees with it though. Just a thought. I don’t know why I started taking these apparently useless pills and drops *shakes head*

        I just found a few videos on youtube, and thought I’d give pilates a go. I am planning on buying a dvd and doing that instead of my usual workouts (which I hate). I found it very relaxing, and a nice change from all the shouting. Hee!

      • You should go for it, I know it’s easy for me to write (I can pattern cut, so I guess that helps) but I think once you’ve braved it once there’ll be no stopping you. My summer sowing has been very, very slow….BUT, we finished shelving today that allows me to tidy all the stacked boxes after our floor laying so I will finally have some time in the studio – hurrah!

        I shouldn’t moan about my hay fever as it’s pretty mild in comparison to most peoples, M wouldn’t manage at all without his tablets, yep, I would try homeopathy, the jury is kind of out on that one for me, but I know a lot of of people who are convinced and I would be willing to give it a go – thanks for the suggestion. Bx

  4. I’ve been looking at the Olive and Orange sale dresses and I can honestly say nothing is anywhere near as perfect as the grey dress you bought. It’s beautiful and I’m very envious. Good work! I love reading about a good shopping success story!
    Enjoy your time in London. Jane x

  5. oh wow what lovely things. You’ll look splendid in Harvey Nicks. I went to an OK sale in London last December and came away with a jacket, skirt and a great bag. It helped ease the spending guilt that the sale was in aid of Maggie’s Centres.

  6. Your taste is so good, and how you manage to find these fabulous clothes at so great price amazes me! I LOVE that gray dress! You´ll be using these a lot and long time so money well spent I´d say 😉

    Happy sipping at Harvey Nick´s!

    Mia from HOTHOTHOT Finland

    • Thanks Mia, you just pushed any last remaining guilt well away! I am looking forward to tomorrow, I’ll blog once it’s over. Enjoy the sun! Bx

  7. Such marvellous frockage! I’m deeply envious, especially the grey one. I may have to check out John Lewis. I’m the same, I don’t buy many clothes these days, apart from the very occasional shopping spree in Exeter, and clothes swaps with friends.

    • Cheers dears! I did neglected to mention that my sister passes a lot of cast-offs in my direction and very smart ones at that (the last lot included a Missoni top and an LK Benette dress!!?) so she is my main wardrobe provider, but I am a creature of habit, I wear similar clothing most days and know what I like. As for my lack of shopping, I blame those pesky kids 😉

  8. Gorgeous dresses Beth, they look lovely and i’m so pleased you’re feeling more like your old self – I have missed you here in blogland!!
    I’ll be in touch early august for a linen mouse for my nieces birthday!
    Justine xxx

  9. Hi Beth,
    Glad you like the pressie as I really like the lovely birds you sent me!
    Love the cardigan you’ve bought. The dresses are nice too but I’m afraid I’ve been wearing jeans for so long I feel very dressed up and a bit self conscious if I wear a dress or even a skirt, plus there are never enough pockets – I don’t like handbags either. My having such a dull dress sense at least saves money, I suppose!

  10. Hope you enjoyed your time in London 🙂 Next time try the afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason they also serve it with champagne and since it has redecorated it has a totally new feel.

    Fab dresses btw!

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