Little Foxes…

I have been planning many of my Winter products for some time now, in fact a few since last Autumn when I realised I wouldn’t get everything done that season and these ideas are always buzzing around the back of my mind.

For those who have been reading my blog for a while, you may remember the Foxy Twins(as above) which I made last November for the Folksy Upcycle Competition, it was a given that I would make them for the shop this year so I’ve been on the look out for the perfect tweed.

I found these two a while back on ebay and bought a few meters of each.  I would have preferred something ‘softer’ ideally, such as the cashmere wool that I make the Bears from but price is also a factor and I really did want a wool tweed base for the bodies.

So here are the first run at the new Foxes, they are made using the original pattern, with a little tweaking, which in turn was based on the Wool Bunnies.

I still have to draft a pattern for the dresses and choose the final fabric, although it will come from my stash of Tana Lawn, which for now I have narrowed down to the final few as above.

I spent some time this afternoon drafting the cape pattern and working up a sample.  It has a curved bottom, unlike the original and a lining from the sweetest red herringbone brushed cotton (again, something I bought in bulk from ebay).  It’s missing it’s ribbon ties at the moment as I didn’t have anything suitable, but you get the idea…

and it’s still quite snug (as planned) but I wanted to make a ‘one pattern’ cape that will also fit the Wool Bunnies and can maybe be sold as an extra.

OK, apparently the boys have fallen asleep in record time (less than 15 mins) which is cause for celebration so I’m off to pour a glass of wine.  I will be making teachers gifts this weekend so I’ll write a little about those once done, have a great weekend 🙂

18 thoughts on “Little Foxes…

  1. They are lovely, I want one! Even without faces they are full of character.
    I’ve been thinking of teachers gifts but I’ve come to the conclusion for this year they will have to be bought, naughty me!
    Well our tribe have also just gone to bed so I’m also off to have a glass of wine and wind down before work tomorrow – great fun!
    Have a good weekend
    Jenny x

  2. they’re great and the little cape is very cute. I’ve made Milo’s teacher a little necklace and he’s decorated a little box to put it in . It’s hard trying to think of a present isn’t it,

  3. I love them Beth, they’re gorgeous! I have a soft spot for foxes anyway.
    Your flower loom looks great fun, it’s the sort of thing I would have had as a child too. In fact it’s exactly the sort of thing my daughter would have played with too!
    I’m sure your school holidays will be fine. My kids always had 9 weeks off in the summer as school breaks up here at the end of June until the beginning of September. In my experience it always seemed to fly by. Enjoy the time with them it passes all too quickly.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Vivienne x

  4. These little characters are going to be gorgeous. Especially when all dressed up in those Tana Lawn fabrics.

    15 minutes – wow! I’ve been trying to put Violet to bed since 6pm. It’s taken me 3 hours, 10 stories, and about a litre of milk before she’s finally thrown in the towel and closed her eyes.

    Enjoy your wine.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

    Jill x

  5. I love the foxes! I think my kids would love them too, they love the Foxy Gentleman in Mrs Tiggiewinkle and these chaps just remind me of him


  6. Love, love, love the cutest foxes! I can reserve a fox-boy before you put them up to your shop and they´ll be all gone? I´ll be e-mailing you too 🙂

    Happy weekend and lovely crafting!


  7. Oh my goodness these are wonderful! Their little jackets! Their brooches! I can’t wait to see their faces.

    Also that little gadget you’ve been using to make the little flowers is really nifty. I’m wondering where I can get one – these might look good in conjunction with my jewellery.

  8. I wondered whether the foxes would ever get made up for sale. I love them.
    I think the cape is a great idea, especially as something also to be sold seperately to go with others in your range….I imagine additional dresses/trousers would sell too, but maybe thye are just too fiddly to be worthwhile?
    Hope you enjoyed your wine. Juliex

  9. Wow, I thought the foxes were adorable and then saw them in their CAPES!! I am in love and look forward to whenver they are in the shop for purchase 🙂

  10. The cape is just beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you do for teachers’ gifts – our term finishes in two days and I haven’t started making anything yet.

  11. I think these foxes look fab, and like both colours of tweed used. Is one a Mr and the other colour a Mrs, or was it just you working out which was best body colour?

    1. Hello, thanks for all your lovely comments, I am just having a little internet catch-up and I’m really enjoying reading them.

      I will make 4 Foxes in all, two bodies (in both tweeds) and then two colour clothing, one Mr, one Mrs. The ‘tweedy’ tweed is a little scratchier than the red but I still really like it, it feels like Autumn to me and Yorkshire Moors, which I rather like. I need to wash test them yet.


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