This is what I’ve been up to…

I had the best day out in London, many thanks for all your best wishes.  I was really very reserved with my shopping, only a couple of meters of Tana Lawn from Liberty’s in my joint favourite pattern, ‘Wiltshire’ (my other is ‘Mirabelle’, if you’re interested).

The BBC recording was a Kander and Ebb special for Friday Night is Music Night, so it was mostly classics from Chicago and Cabaret, hosted by Joel Gray (from the original film and musical) and with none other than Tony Hadley as one of the singers.  I kept expecting him to burst into singing ‘Gold!’, although I’m not sure the other audience members knew who he was, we were the only people there with our own teeth.  Still a good day all round and I thoroughly enjoyed myself (thanks sis!).

Back to business, I began sewing a new dress from some of my lovely Voiles, but to be blunt with you it all started to go wrong and having taken so long to get my sewing mojo back, I abandoned it for something with a more immediate ‘hit’.

I recently saw this post over at the purl bee and rushed off to buy myself a Hana Ami Flower Loom.

It’s exactly the kind of thing I would have been given as a child and I enjoyed my first couple of attempts at weaving flowers.

I really like the idea of finely woven ones but I’m undecided on the results, I need to play a little more; still, it’s the perfect quick pick up put down project that fills the little gaps of time and has an immediate result, I’ll be needing some of those over the summer holidays :/ I can’t tell a lie, I am a little worried about six weeks of full time children, but I’m keeping optimistic and have lots of little projects lined up, both for them and for me.  In fact, if you hang around I have a second post to directly follow this, where I have finally started on some new products – hurrah!

9 thoughts on “This is what I’ve been up to…

  1. OOOh , I’m off to check that link at Purl Bee and then I’ll be back :-)…… and don’t worry , you are not the only one who’s a bit apprehensive about the school holidays ….

  2. Your London trip sounds brilliant and that Liberty print is very pretty.

    I hope the holidays go well. It is a very daunting thought isn’t it?

    The flower loom looks like so much fun and the results are great. I’m sure you’ll be producing lots of fantastic flowers over the next wee while! Juliex

  3. Glad your trip went well.
    6 weeks of entertaining kids is worrying me too, especially now #1 has been at school as they get so used to being constantly entertained. I just hope that the sun decides to come back out though its been lovely not to water the veg patch!

  4. I’m with you on Wiltshire… it always makes me feel so incredibly nostalgic for my childhood whenever I see it.

    And as for the Summer Holidays…I’m kinda looking forward to it…will place a bumper order with amazon for some fresh new DVDs and CD stories, I’m booking in visits to and from friends with kids the same ages and I’m just going to let things go on the work front for a bit, as there’s really no point in even trying to do anything new. It will be nice spending some quality time with my big girl as well, she’s so grown up these days it’s scary!

    Foxes are looking utterly adorable!

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