Teachers Gifts…

Where did the time go?  I can’t believe F has completed his first year of school, it only seems yesterday that he first put his uniform on for the first time and trotted off to class.

Still, it calls for teachers gifts and luckily we only needed to make three (and that’s including pre-school).  So first up I made lavender birds for F’s teachers.  He chose the fabric (oh, you have no idea how long that took) and the ribbons and I think did quite well, although I nearly wept whilst cutting into my new Tana Lawn, considering the price.

I also made jam with help from the boys.  I took photos and had planned a concertina style card similar to Father’s Day but the light was very bad and the kitchen a bit of a tip.  I’d planned to make nice stitched tops for the jars too, but ran out of time; besides, what more would their teachers want than to spend breakfast looking at my adorable two 😉

The boys each had a £5 budget to spend and chose these fabulous notebooks from Sarah Waterhouse , I will admit to giving them a limited choice here, otherwise they would have both picked Ben 10 figures.

Everything was packaged in the usual Linen Cat style using supplies I already have and each of the boys made a card, with a little help from me (not photographed as it all got a bit last-minute).

So, as of the weekend, the boys will be around for a whopping six weeks.  C has allowed me to sew all morning (I’m ironing little linen waistcoats to within an inch of their lives right now) and is happily playing with his toys next to me, it will be very different with F around as well but we’ll manage.

Apologies, as I haven’t replied to any comments left on the last post yet, it’s quite busy here with all the ‘last week’ activities but I’m hoping for a little blog catch-up time over the weekend.

Lastly, the lovely folk at Folksy have just blogged an interview I did for their Shop Talk series, it came out on a pretty stressful day and really cheered me up, there are some great Sellers interviewed so far and I’m very pleased to be one of them so do check them all out.

13 thoughts on “Teachers Gifts…

  1. I think the teachers will be queuing up next year to teach your boys if this is what they get at the end of the year!!!
    Absolutely gorgeous Beth and the jam pots are so cute. 🙂
    I had to laugh at the image of the teachers with Ben 10 figures!
    Vivienne x

    1. I enjoyed making the jam the most and last Christmas we made snowglobe glitter soaps (with reindeer in, again it would have been Ben 10 if F had, had his say!). F really likes making presents for people so I partly do it for him. Bx

  2. Lucky lucky teachers!
    I work in a school and I know how appreciated those gifts will be, you have put a lot of time and effort in, well done.

    1. Thanks Lyn, good to hear that from someone who knows! They seemed pleased and we enjoyed making them so everyone wins!


  3. I can’t ever remember giving any of my teachers gifts – Is it a relatively new thing to do, or were my family just tight??? (I’m actually feeling quite bad because I had a few brilliant teachers, especially at Junior school).

    The gifts you’ve made are fantastic – I agree with Green Rabbit Designs – the teachers will be queuing up to teach your 2 adorable boys next year. Perhaps they’ll draw names out of a hat or pick straws or something.

    Did I mention that I ordered some lavender – thanks for your recommendation. I’m really pleased with the bagful I ordered. Our flat is smelling wonderful at the moment. :0)

    Have fun with your boys over the Summer break.

    Jill x

    1. I think it’s new, we didn’t either as far as I remember. F goes to a pretty small school and was made very welcome when it could have been quite a difficult transition for him, plus his year teacher is leaving *sob* so it’s partly we put such an effort in, I am sure they would have been more than happy with a nice card.

      Glad the lavender worked out, I have to keep mine in a airtight cake box as M complains otherwise – LOL!


  4. Ha ha – Ben 10! Sure they would have loved that. I had to get up at 5.30am on the last day of term to make one of Isla’s teachers’ pressies coz we had an emergency nit attack the evening before, which I had allocated to making something! So instead of sewing, there I was with a nit comb, like a gorilla mother, peering at its kid’s head.

    I like the fact that you let them choose the fabric – me too!

    Thanks for your comment by the way!

    x x x

    1. Oh no! I did mine early as I was super stressed before we were even near the last week and my way of ‘getting a grip’ is to get some of my list of jobs done, I practically sigh as I tick each item off (sadly, it’s a never ending list!).

      Hope the holiday is starting well for you, I have already had F demanding the plan for the day and I haven’t even managed a coffee yet :/


  5. So lovely gifts! And as a recent receiver myself I couldn´t have more wonderful things than pictures of little ones smiling so the jam will be a hit! I think this is a lovely way to thank for a year´s work.

    Happy and creative weekend from Finland!


    1. Thanks Mia, the jam was well received and we got some really nice comments so it just proves the simple home made gifts go down very well.


  6. lucky teachers , I was completely stumped this year for a gift so I made her a little necklace . Next year I’ll have to think of two – oh dear

    1. I think that’s a lovely idea, I bet she was thrilled to get something with such thought. F’s new form teacher is male, not sure what I’ll make for him!


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