New Faces…

Day 1 in the Foster household. 8am. Mummy is in the kitchen; F is already bored and pestering her senseless about the possible ‘adventures’ they could go on today.

I’m sure I am not the only person who has started the Summer holidays in this fashion, I did consider locking myself in the toilet simply so I could have my coffee in peace but instead I allowed cbeebies to nanny the boys and sneaked off to the studio to have my coffee in silence, accompanied by the rather delicious new children’s ‘Fat Rascal’ as delivered by me sister from a recent Bettys visit (it is smaller and has chocolate drops in it, yum!).  I then took the boys to our local soft play in return for being allowed to sew this afternoon.

So, I couldn’t help but notice a number of the comments on the recent ‘Little Foxes‘ post asked about the new tweed foxes face and this has highlighted a ‘problem’.  You see, he does already have a face (and please, don’t feel bad if you didn’t spot it, it was very easy to miss) but it is in my usual very minimal style and looks like this

As you can see, it’s really just a simple eye (there is one on the other side as well) and a nose and I can understand how it was so easily overlooked.  Which has had me thinking about other possible solutions, such as

the last is simply a larger embroidered eye.  I am still undecided but need to make a decision as I already have a couple of pre-orders for Foxes that I would like to get out early this week.  The photo of my other creations is to give an idea of my usual style, I want to be sure to keep the new addition within the same feel, I don’t want it to end up too ‘twee’, I prefer a more simple look.  It’s also worth remembering the clothing is pretty fancy, so I think will work best with a more simple body/face.

All comments most welcome.

Right, best go take the boys outside for a play, they will be getting square eyes at this rate!

14 thoughts on “New Faces…

  1. I did notice the original foxes eyes but do think the last picture just makes it a teeny bit more obvious without losing any of your usual style. For what it’s worth, I feel very strongly against the button eye, he just doesn’t look the same!

    I’m in the same boat as you re the summer holidays, I took my boys (5 & 8) out for ‘coffee’ and let them stuff their faces with shortbread. That, plus a few toy bribes mean I’ve been able to sew for an hour this afternoon whilst they watch TV! Don’t feel guilty, we’re all at it! xx

    1. Thanks Jane, your comments were really helpful and I agree the button eye was just wrong, it has no ‘life’ in it. I am bribing with TV today but have promised a walk in a mo to make me feel less like a bad Mum! Bethx

  2. I like your original fox face, I think you should do what feels right for you.
    BTW love the barter system, soft play for sewing, clever! 🙂
    Vivienne x

  3. As Vivienne said, I also loved the original face as it was but the larger sewn eye works for me too and as you said the clothes will be quite rich and colorful – that said I still think it´s totally your decision as designer! . I think toys you can buy from toy-stores (the plastic ones) have quite a lot “going on” and that´s why I love yours: simple and perfect and allow children make their own plays – and decide whether the fox is happy, sad, excited or else today – the face is not “ready made one look wonder”. Huh, harsh words but I just love handmade and unique so much 🙂

    Happy holidays and yes, you´re so allowed to have a coffee in peace no matter what it takes, almost 😉


  4. I’m so with you on the Cbeebies front but then we have the Ben 10 / Cbeebies fight , which you might know about too? I like the last picture of the fox with the eye just that slightly bit bigger .

    1. Oh I know the Cbeebies/Ben 10 fight all too well. sadly it’s the 3 yr old (not 5 yr old) demanding Ben 10, now that’s just wrong isn’t it? 😉

  5. I agree that the last pic with the slightly bigger sewn eye has stolen it for me. They’re so sweet! Makes me want to go read Fantastic Mr Fox again!

    Nerys x

    1. Thanks Nerys, I did indeed go for a slightly larger eye, all the comments were a great help so thanks for giving your opinion. Bethx

  6. looks lovely! i was trying to come up with a fox design the other day and settle on a white patch piece for the eyes and nose…if that makes sense?? yours look, as ever, great! well done

  7. Keep them as they are! I think changing it to anything else will just compete with the clothes, and the simple faces are charming all on their own.

  8. I like your original eye as it matches your previous work. I think it would look great with the mouth but maybe without the tooth. Love the simplicity.
    love, love, love your work. Well done on your recent Folksy feature too. XX

  9. Well done you for managing some sewing time.
    I did notice the eye on your original fox but not at first. Like most of the other comments I like the larger embroidered eye but that’s because it’s more apparent on the computer, I imagine the smaller eye looks just perfect on the fox itself.
    Love the interview on folksy.

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