Introducing my Fantastic Mr Fox…

Huge thank you for your comments on the last post, they were very helpful and I’d rather lost my perspective, as sometimes happens when you’ve been looking at the same design for a while.  The general opinion was to stick with the original eye (Jenny, you are right in that the smaller eye does stand out more in ‘real life’) but maybe a little larger so that’s what I’ve gone with.  Also, thanks to everyone who has dropped by the Folksy interview, I was really pleased to read such encouraging comments, made me smile.

And so, on with the post.

As with everything I make, there always seems a need/excuse for more supplies; in the case of the foxes it was buttons.

You’d think I have enough by now as my shelf is lined with glass jars filled with beads, buttons and bits and pieces but I wanted them to be ‘just right’, the details are very important to me.

In the end I actually went with a smaller, more simple button, as you do (but the new ones are perfect for the Linen Cats so will get used) and here is the finished Mr Fox, with his clothing.

His pants took quite a while to cut, not necessarily the pattern, but the construction process.  I am a bit finicky about raw seams and even with my trusty overlocker, prefer them to be hidden but I’m happy with the results, the side button fastens over the tail and they are constructed of 2 layers of linen with all the seams hidden.

I am rather in love with the Liberty Lawn cravat, and his little waistcoat is lined with red herringbone brushed cotton to match.

Details, details, details…..I think I might need help!

The boys were amazing yesterday afternoon, allowing me to sew; sadly they were a little less patient this morning whilst I tried to photograph Mr Fox so these images are rather rushed, but I’m aware blogging time will be limited for the next few weeks and wanted to get this post written before the first Fox goes off in the post (I wasn’t kidding when I said I have pre-orders).

Hope you like him 🙂

22 thoughts on “Introducing my Fantastic Mr Fox…

    1. They’ll go in next September/October when I swap onto ‘Winter’ stock, I just need to find time to make more over the Summer along wiht everything else planned! Really glad you like him. Bx

  1. Oh he is lovely. I love his cravat and now I have a dilemma I was thinking of getting a lady fox for #’s 1st birthday but he is just so cute. I’ll have to get Mr D involved!
    Hope your day goes ok

    1. Glad you like him Jenny. I will be making Mrs Fox dresses at some point but I’m taking my time, simply because we are so busy (you know the score, summer holidays and all that :/). Bx

  2. He’s great Beth!
    Love the cravat, it just seems the correct item of clothing for a fox! 🙂
    So with you on the need/excuse thing!!! lol
    Vivienne x

    1. I imagine him as a Dandy Fox, it’s just how Foxes appear to me. We have quite a few around here and they happily saunter around our garden in the full light of day, like they own the place! Bx

    1. Hi Helen, I love this fabric (good old Wiltshire Tana Lawn) I keep buying it on Ebay, I’m also pretty sure I had a dress in it as well. Thanks for dropping by and commenting, I love your blog BTW, beautifully written. Bethx

  3. Isn’t he wonderful (sorry, Fantastic)?

    You can tell that every single one of your creations is made with love – they are really beautiful and your attention to the even the little details shows.

    I’m so happy we own one of your cats – Violet tried to feed her a chocolate cookie the other day and I nearly died.

    I wish I had half of your talent.

    Jill x

    1. Oh I’m glad to hear Violet is still playing with her linen cat (they wash quite well you know, I put ours in on a cool wool wash). Thanks for your kind words, I really enjoyed making this one, I was in the mood for something new. Still have to make the ‘Mrs’ Fox dresses but I’m taking my time so I don’t get bored of the same fabrics. Bx

  4. beth, these are amasing, im hopefully going to have a go at the fox pattern i sketched out the other day, it wont have a scratch on yours tho’!

  5. Hi Beth,

    I just saw your handsome Mr Fox on Mia’s blog-what a great chap he is. My baby boy (now 21-lol) would have loved a friend like this, he had a wonderful yellow giraffe which was called Yellow Horsey and for about 9 years went everywhere with us. Yellow Horsey still lives in Matt’s bed ( I hope he never reads this, he will shoot me) but whenever friends come round I notice he quickly disappears down the side of the bed! Obviously not cool for a 21 year old to have a Yellow Horsey in view.

    I am new to the world of blogging,your blog is beautiful and I shall visit again!

    Take care, Jane x

    1. Hi Jane,

      Thanks for dropping by and for taking the time to comment. So glad you like my blog, it’s all very addictive (as I’m sure you’ve already found – I just popped over to yours and it’s a lovely read), but I get so much value out of blogging and the community it brings. Mia did such a great job of writing up Mr Fox, I hope you are right and he becomes a much loved favourite, it’s my greatest with for some of the things I make.


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