Holiday, Part Two…

We are coming to the end of our holiday and I am a little sad to say the least.  I have discovered that although I couldn’t have run away fast enough at 18, I now miss the countryside (and people) of the Dales quite badly, especially when it is looking so beautiful dressed in it’s late Summer colours.

We have fallen into a very relaxed routine, every day M does the early shift with the boys and later goes back to bed.  This leaves me a couple of hours to sew in peace (if you ignore the continuous demands of the boys, I try to anyway :)) and I sit at the kitchen table, with a great view of the heather moors of Burnsall, sewing little heather coloured capes; even the dark green linings are the perfect ‘Dales Moor’ green.

I have also been doodling new label designs (I hated the text in the one above, although it’s intended to be naive looking, it wasn’t quite right, but you get the idea).

We’ve been lucky with the weather and despite a few rainy moments, the sun has been shining.

There have been picnics by the river.  Above is up at Yockenthwaite which is very near Hubberholme and Beckermonds (where one side of my family used to farm) and which I blogged about on my last visit.  It’s where the river Wharfe creates pools amongst the rocks and is safe for little boys to play without worry of them being swept away.

I’ve also managed one proper long walk (12 miles!).  ‘Gran’ offered to have the boys for a day, M chose to drive to a bike shop (I think he’s visited every bike shop in Yorkshire on this trip) then went on a long ride and I packed up M’s camera bag (I hadn’t brought a backpack and M came up with the genius idea to take his camera bag, he laughed about my making room for a bag of crisps and some Bendicks Bittermints when space was a premium, but hey, a girl needs a treat when she stops for her lunch after such a long walk – right?!) and set of to Grimwith reservoir.

I would have liked some decent photos, but sadly my iPhone camera just isn’t up to it (as you can see, sorry about the quality).  I forget just how many wild flowers there are up here, I always remember dry stone walls and green but not the masses of beautiful flowers.

I’d planned to walk up to the reservoirs on Embsay Moor which are covered in heather, but as my brother pointed out; although it’s unlikely I could be mistaken as a grouse, it is shooting season and these Moors are closed to walkers.

As you can see, I still managed to get near the heather and also sneaked into Grimwith House, which stands derelict and if I’m honest rather sad looking by the water.  It’s where my Gran’s family came from, although they had already sold it on when the reservoir was extended in 1970 and the house abandoned.

And so, we have one day left, it’s a bit wet and windy and we plan to do our final family visits and then start packing up.  I really will be sad to leave, but I’m itching to sew and I know there are quite a few parcels waiting for me at home, including some Muji storage boxes so plenty to look forward to and lots of goodies to show you on our return 🙂

Holiday, Part One…

Guess where we had lunch today?  OK, not much guessing involved as the box says it all; yep, we managed a trip to Bettys in Ilkley, although the boys weren’t exactly playing ball, which is a shame as they are normally quite good at sitting and eating nicely in restaurants.  We persuaded them to sit still with the promise of a trip to the awesome playground nearby that they love, I like to see it as rewarding their good behavior and not a bribe, it makes me feel better.

I brought back a few treats, as you do.

We then stopped off at Fents in Skipton for me to buy some new tweeds.  It’s one of those places that is chock-full of largely things I’m not interested in, but the tweed section had me drooling.  A lot of the tweeds were familiar from my favourite Ebay seller who is based in Keighly and I assume gets his supplies from the same Mills (they are largely remnants and end of lines), in fact the red tweed above is exactly the same one as I am using for the Foxes, so that’s a bonus.

I even found some Liberty Tana Lawn at – get this – £7 for the meter!!!  Really can’t do better than that, a second trip may be required.

Now I’m now off to have a sneaky early glass of wine and sew some Fox capes, we have another busy day tomorrow with some special bits planned for the boys and my Brother might be popping in tonight.  I really am enjoying myself 🙂

Not waving…

It’s all suddenly got a bit hectic around here.  Some of you lovely readers pre-ordered Mr Foxes, so I’ve finished and packed a couple more of those up (more on that later) and yesterday I sent this package on it’s way

to the Saint Patrick’s Trian Visitor Complex in Armagh.  As most of you know, I keep dodging the wholesale question, mainly because there is not enough profit for me to sell at wholesale prices with my current designs and fabrics.  It’s high on my list to correct, however Joy kindly offered me a deal that works within my budget and earlier this year I sent off some Linen Cats and Lavender Bags; the above is a re-order, which I am thrilled about.

The garden is taking up a lot of time as I try to keep up with the produce.  Above are sloes (they ripen very early down here) destined for sloe gin to keep our supplies up

and the cutting patch is also in full flow.  Today, I have been picking flowers for the house for a garden party tomorrow (M’s B-Day) and I’ve spent a huge amount of this week cleaning and tidying in preparation.  I should take photos as the house hasn’t looked so clean.

Quite a few people have asked and about the Foxes and the Tweed Bunny purses.  Yes, there will be Tweed Bunny purses in the shop, I haven’t made them yet but they are likely to be available as a general shop update in mid/late September (and will be about £14 + P&P).  Also, the Foxes will eventually go into the shop and there will be a Mrs version.  I am currently selling them at £30 plus P&P (which works out at about £3 as they need to be posted boxed) and I will be making the next batch early September at which time I will blog about them again, right now I have sold my first mini batch.  If you would like to reserve one, please let me know.  Oh and they are 38 cm high, just so you get an idea of size.

Finally, all my shops are now closed until the end of August as we are off on our summer jollies to ‘sunny’ Yorkshire.  I have packed up a single box with hand sewing but will mostly be out and about.  Best remember to pack the rain gear 😉

Sorry for a very disjointed post by I really am loosing the plot a little today.  Here’s hoping for a slightly relaxing holiday, at least I’ll come back to a tidy house!

All Smiles…

The holidays are still going well.  I am genuinely surprised how much sewing I’m managing and in such a way that I don’t feel guilty about ‘abandoning’ the boys either. One large factor is that they are playing quite a lot together, this has never really happened before but they appear to have hit an age that works for them both to be interested in the same games and it’s something I am very grateful for.  We are also still enjoying our daily walk which is a huge bonus and bodes well for our up-coming holiday in the Dales, but more on all that another time.

I was absolutely thrilled to get an unexpected package this morning from the lovely and very talented Mia (who makes the most beautiful felted and knitted bags and pouches, so worth checking out).  It’s a ‘thank you’ gift with card, for some recent orders Mia had placed with me (she was one of the people who pre-ordered a Mr Fox and wrote a blushingly nice post about him here).  How great is that?  You find people who like your work enough to buy some (and who return for more, always a good sign) and then they send you a gift as a thanks!! I could get very used to this 😉

Note the tweed, the felted bird, the colours (all so ‘me’) and the perfect touch of handmade notecard.  I was very smiley this morning.  Thank you Mia.

I also packed up an order for a Wool Bunny (in a Betsy Dress) for a friend who I sadly don’t get to see often enough.  I decided to pop an extra cape in with the package as I’ve been making them for the new Foxes, I’m pleased with how well they also fit the Wool Bunnies.

I always find the Bunnies quite difficult to pack; they go in a padded envelope, but really need an bit of extra protection

for the moment I use brown paper for a bit of added support but it’s one of those nagging packaging issues that bothers me.  Once I have planned all my new Winter products I’ll take some time to look at possible new solutions.

Right, I have plenty to do this afternoon, including making new Betsy dresses as I’m down to my last one, quick coffee and play with the boys then back to it!

In the Pink…

Well, without wishing to jinx the whole thing we seem to have fallen into quite a nice routine over here.  I do house ‘stuff’ in the mornings (we have a skip at the moment and I am thoroughly enjoying throwing half the house into it!) we (me and the boys) then go for a walk, which I would like to smugly point out is F’s idea and doesn’t involve any bribes at the end like popping into the garage to buy sweets/magazines; he really is growing up fast.  Then I get a bit of time in the afternoon to sew and potter in the garden.  Perfect.  It wont last, I’m sure, but whilst it does I intend to make the most and so I’ve been cracking on with some odds and ends for my sister

she requested pink tweed bunny purses a while back and these are definitely pink

as per last time, they have invisible zips in the back and the tweed patterns are lined up

they have matching linings from my Kaffe Fassett spots stash

and matching bows, with the usual removable wrist strap.  They are intended for two little girls so it really was an excuse to go overboard and makes a nice contrast to the boyish life all around me.  They really have been a treat to make 🙂