In the Pink…

Well, without wishing to jinx the whole thing we seem to have fallen into quite a nice routine over here.  I do house ‘stuff’ in the mornings (we have a skip at the moment and I am thoroughly enjoying throwing half the house into it!) we (me and the boys) then go for a walk, which I would like to smugly point out is F’s idea and doesn’t involve any bribes at the end like popping into the garage to buy sweets/magazines; he really is growing up fast.  Then I get a bit of time in the afternoon to sew and potter in the garden.  Perfect.  It wont last, I’m sure, but whilst it does I intend to make the most and so I’ve been cracking on with some odds and ends for my sister

she requested pink tweed bunny purses a while back and these are definitely pink

as per last time, they have invisible zips in the back and the tweed patterns are lined up

they have matching linings from my Kaffe Fassett spots stash

and matching bows, with the usual removable wrist strap.  They are intended for two little girls so it really was an excuse to go overboard and makes a nice contrast to the boyish life all around me.  They really have been a treat to make 🙂

15 thoughts on “In the Pink…

  1. Oh Beth, these are adorable! I thought my brown bunny-bag was the most delicious thing ever but after I’ve seen these… And these were for little girls? Hmm…wouldn’t mind having one myself 😉 You create the most beautiful things!

    Sunny greetings from Finland!

    Mia & Mr. F

    1. Oddly, just as I published the blog entry the boys went into minor meltdown (thankfully now under control) so I obviously counted my chickens too early! Still the whole enjoying walking thing is a total bonus and C keeps up very well, I am amazed how far he’ll walk. Bx

    1. lol! The original batch of tweed bunny purses all sold direct to not-so-little girls! I just had a quick glance at your blog, it looks lovely, I shall pop back for a proper read once the boys are safely asleep and I have some proper peace. Thanks for dropping by! Bethx

  2. Beth these are absolutely gorgeous, I think their new owners will be delighted with them!! 🙂
    I wondered where the original bunny purses went to, I waited for them to appear in your shop!!!
    Vivienne x

    1. Hi Vivienne, glad you like them, yes the originals all went to people who emailed/tweeted me before I got to list them, but I plan to make more for the Autumn and they will be listed, most definitely. Bx

  3. Oh my – Beth, these are absolutely gorgeous, and I’m now craving one for myself. Though I would have to keep it away from Violet’s keen eye – she nabs everything that one :0)

    I was searching through some boxes this morning and found some old Nottingham Lace. I’ve had it in my possession since I was 16, so it’s at least 22 years old and it’s never been used. It seems such a shame for it to sit in a box for another 22 years, so I was wondering whether you’d be able to put it to good use. I’ll try and take a photo of it tomorrow and email you a pic, so you can have a look. No worries if you don’t want it, I just thought I’d ask.

    Take care
    Jill x

  4. Hi lovely!
    I only just realised today (after your tweet about this post) that I have never actually read your blog! How remiss of me but…what a treat to finally do so 🙂
    Your photos are rather beautiful and I do so like your ‘blog voice’ – it’s a little like we’re sat having a chat over coffee & cake (only, in reality, you’re down there pottering and up here accounting today *yawn*)
    The bunnies are truly fabulous – I still love my original one (that I was meant to give away but is still hung up in my studio as I can’t bear to let him go) but these would be super duper to give to little girlies. Great deep, luscious colours – like squished raspberries..yum!
    Have you any plans for any other animal or other shaped purses? I know lots of small girls who would could go bananas for a puddy tat shaped one …just a thought
    Anyhoo, best get back at it
    ta ta for now

    1. Hello Missy, thanks for dropping by. Yes, I am no ‘writer’ so I decided to simply chat away when I first started blogging and not worry too much. I also make so many mistakes but have also decided to leave them (oddly I am quite good at proof reading other people’s work but terrible at my own) or I would be forever ‘editing’ my posts.

      Glad you like the purses, I may think about other styles as I quite enjoy making them, and ‘squished raspberries’ is spot on. Bx

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