All Smiles…

The holidays are still going well.  I am genuinely surprised how much sewing I’m managing and in such a way that I don’t feel guilty about ‘abandoning’ the boys either. One large factor is that they are playing quite a lot together, this has never really happened before but they appear to have hit an age that works for them both to be interested in the same games and it’s something I am very grateful for.  We are also still enjoying our daily walk which is a huge bonus and bodes well for our up-coming holiday in the Dales, but more on all that another time.

I was absolutely thrilled to get an unexpected package this morning from the lovely and very talented Mia (who makes the most beautiful felted and knitted bags and pouches, so worth checking out).  It’s a ‘thank you’ gift with card, for some recent orders Mia had placed with me (she was one of the people who pre-ordered a Mr Fox and wrote a blushingly nice post about him here).  How great is that?  You find people who like your work enough to buy some (and who return for more, always a good sign) and then they send you a gift as a thanks!! I could get very used to this 😉

Note the tweed, the felted bird, the colours (all so ‘me’) and the perfect touch of handmade notecard.  I was very smiley this morning.  Thank you Mia.

I also packed up an order for a Wool Bunny (in a Betsy Dress) for a friend who I sadly don’t get to see often enough.  I decided to pop an extra cape in with the package as I’ve been making them for the new Foxes, I’m pleased with how well they also fit the Wool Bunnies.

I always find the Bunnies quite difficult to pack; they go in a padded envelope, but really need an bit of extra protection

for the moment I use brown paper for a bit of added support but it’s one of those nagging packaging issues that bothers me.  Once I have planned all my new Winter products I’ll take some time to look at possible new solutions.

Right, I have plenty to do this afternoon, including making new Betsy dresses as I’m down to my last one, quick coffee and play with the boys then back to it!

10 thoughts on “All Smiles…

  1. What a lovely thank you gift. There are some lovely people in Blogville aren’t there?

    I’m glad to hear that you’re managing to get quite alot of sewing time. You’ve friend is going to absolutely love her cute little bunny in her fancy dress and cape.

    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Jill x

    1. Hi Jill, I put the sewing machine away yesterday, I even put the cover on it! (haven’t done that for a long time) as have loads of house jobs to do and need to reduce my ‘list’ to make it a bit less daunting. We’re off on our hols soon and I want to come back to a clean house so the rush back into school isn’t too much of a shock.

      Hope you are enjoying the summer 🙂 Bx

  2. Mia is lovely and her work, beautiful!!
    Great that you’re finding some ‘me’ time during the summer holidays. My kids were 3 years apart and boy and girl and it did get to a point where they were happy with each others company.
    Have a great weekend. 🙂
    Vivienne x

    1. I second that, Mia’s work is lovely. The ‘me’ time kind of ran out yesterday, which is fair enough and luckily we have a holiday coming up to break up the time. Mine are 2 years apart (and boys, as you know), think it does make it easier. Bx

  3. Glad you liked it, Beth, and a big thank you still of everything!

    Have a happy weekend and enjoy your sewing! I love the bunny also 🙂


  4. Hi Beth,

    I must say I just love Mr. Fox and I need one as soon as you can get one to me! I’m just back from my wedding and trying to catch up on my fave blogs, drop me a line will you as I looked in the shop and there was no Mr. Fox (boo hoo).

    Hugs, Justine xx

  5. lovely present, but her blog post was absolutely fab! What a great way to know your fox arrived safely. He’d be welcome to come here for a cuppa anytime 🙂

    1. She’s a star, Mia. Thanks for your recent order, I kept looking at the email address, knowing I knew it well but couldn’t find it until you left this comment then I had a ‘duh!’ moment 🙂 I tend to think of people I blog with as their blog ID’s, I’m afraid you are ‘poppet’ in my mind. Bethx

  6. I wish I’d had the time you were lucky enough to have had – ( does that make sense lol ) . I love the way you wrap your presents , does everyone get a bird?

    1. It ran out, sadly! but was still lovely whilst it lasted (my sewing time that is). I tend to include birds with the larger items, usually the wool bunnies or linen cats, I like the idea of people collecting them (which I know some ‘customers’ do), in fact last Winter I sent out birds attached to cards to all my repeat customers as a thanks for their custom. Bethx

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