Not waving…

It’s all suddenly got a bit hectic around here.  Some of you lovely readers pre-ordered Mr Foxes, so I’ve finished and packed a couple more of those up (more on that later) and yesterday I sent this package on it’s way

to the Saint Patrick’s Trian Visitor Complex in Armagh.  As most of you know, I keep dodging the wholesale question, mainly because there is not enough profit for me to sell at wholesale prices with my current designs and fabrics.  It’s high on my list to correct, however Joy kindly offered me a deal that works within my budget and earlier this year I sent off some Linen Cats and Lavender Bags; the above is a re-order, which I am thrilled about.

The garden is taking up a lot of time as I try to keep up with the produce.  Above are sloes (they ripen very early down here) destined for sloe gin to keep our supplies up

and the cutting patch is also in full flow.  Today, I have been picking flowers for the house for a garden party tomorrow (M’s B-Day) and I’ve spent a huge amount of this week cleaning and tidying in preparation.  I should take photos as the house hasn’t looked so clean.

Quite a few people have asked and about the Foxes and the Tweed Bunny purses.  Yes, there will be Tweed Bunny purses in the shop, I haven’t made them yet but they are likely to be available as a general shop update in mid/late September (and will be about £14 + P&P).  Also, the Foxes will eventually go into the shop and there will be a Mrs version.  I am currently selling them at £30 plus P&P (which works out at about £3 as they need to be posted boxed) and I will be making the next batch early September at which time I will blog about them again, right now I have sold my first mini batch.  If you would like to reserve one, please let me know.  Oh and they are 38 cm high, just so you get an idea of size.

Finally, all my shops are now closed until the end of August as we are off on our summer jollies to ‘sunny’ Yorkshire.  I have packed up a single box with hand sewing but will mostly be out and about.  Best remember to pack the rain gear 😉

Sorry for a very disjointed post by I really am loosing the plot a little today.  Here’s hoping for a slightly relaxing holiday, at least I’ll come back to a tidy house!

17 thoughts on “Not waving…

    • It’s OK for me, I was born in the Dales so have webbed feet and gills, the boys will be fully kitted accordingly 😉

  1. Look at all those lovely little birdies winging their way to Armagh, just ‘down the road’ from me!! Well done on such a great order. Speaking of orders Beth, I definitely want one of your bunny purses when they are ready.
    I hope you have a very enjoyable holiday with your family! 🙂
    Vivienne x

    • Hi Vivienne, I’ll let you know when the next batch of bunny purses are ‘done’ to see if you are still interested. I was very pleased to send more lavender bags on their way, I hope they sell well and the faith Joy has put in my pays off. Loving our hols already and we’ve only just arrived. Bethx

  2. Have a happy holiday, Beth, and enjoy your time off the computer – it’s so lovely sometimes! And I just love the birdies&owls, such a lovely set.

    I´ll see you later and I am sending some sun to Yorkshire, we’ve had just about enough 🙂


  3. Have a lovely restful and relaxing holiday – sounds like you deserve it!

    Missed your last post – I LOVE Mia’s Mr Fox story – how clever and sweet.

    I am jealous to hear your boys are playing together well. My two together are just, ugh. So competitive and bickery. I feel it is largely the fault of my youngest, who appears to have been *born* with a large chip on her shoulder that she wasn’t here first. The eldest could play nicely, if her little sister wasn’t so completely vile to her all the time! Sorry, bit of a rant there. Hope you don’t mind me venting a little all over your beautifully serene blog!

    • Oh rant away, I know the feeling well. I should say with the boys it is a little ‘one step forward, two back’ as F is pretty mean to C and I have to referee loads, but it’s the first time I have ever heard them properly talking to each other and planning what they are going to ‘play’ next. It’s still hard work though and I’m prone to loosing it if I don’t occasionally take ‘time out’ to walk around the garden. Or eat chocolate 🙂

  4. Hi Beth – What fab news about the re-order. Those little owls and birdies look so pretty waiting patiently to be posted to Armagh.

    I love making Sloe Gin and the taste is divine. I still have a ‘vintage’ bottle that me and my mum made – it blows your socks off. My it’s good!

    Wishing you a brilliant holiday.

    Jill x

    • I’m a big sloe gin fan, it’s a Winter thing for me though, I like the odd glass as the weather gets chilly. Mine is strong enough, I think a vintage bottle might scare me 😉 Bx

  5. Hope you have a wonderful break Beth and don’t get too rusty with the current weather. I too loved Mia’s post about Mr F(ox) and if I anyone has children in the near future I would definately buy a Mr Fox – superb!
    Love, Jane x

    • Thanks Jane. I’ve even packed the boys wellies, I was a Brownie, so I’m always prepared…oh no, that’s the Scouts isn’t it 🙂

  6. Hello Beth,

    I love my Mr. Fox so much, he is divine -in fact Mr. G would not have had a chance had Mr.Fox been around first!!! He is so well made and charming in his cravat, thanks so much for whizzing one to me on a speedy pre-order.

    Now I think that Mr.Fox needs a Mrs. Fox if only to keep my single friends at bay, a fight in the living room after a couple of girlie glasses is not ‘de rigoure’ and could be quite messy. So Mrs. Fox is needs, as is a pink tweed bunny purse for ‘Little Miss H!

    Hope you have a lovely time here in Yorkshire.

    Big Hugs,

    Justine xxx

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