Holiday, Part One…

Guess where we had lunch today?  OK, not much guessing involved as the box says it all; yep, we managed a trip to Bettys in Ilkley, although the boys weren’t exactly playing ball, which is a shame as they are normally quite good at sitting and eating nicely in restaurants.  We persuaded them to sit still with the promise of a trip to the awesome playground nearby that they love, I like to see it as rewarding their good behavior and not a bribe, it makes me feel better.

I brought back a few treats, as you do.

We then stopped off at Fents in Skipton for me to buy some new tweeds.  It’s one of those places that is chock-full of largely things I’m not interested in, but the tweed section had me drooling.  A lot of the tweeds were familiar from my favourite Ebay seller who is based in Keighly and I assume gets his supplies from the same Mills (they are largely remnants and end of lines), in fact the red tweed above is exactly the same one as I am using for the Foxes, so that’s a bonus.

I even found some Liberty Tana Lawn at – get this – £7 for the meter!!!  Really can’t do better than that, a second trip may be required.

Now I’m now off to have a sneaky early glass of wine and sew some Fox capes, we have another busy day tomorrow with some special bits planned for the boys and my Brother might be popping in tonight.  I really am enjoying myself 🙂

21 thoughts on “Holiday, Part One…

  1. Thanks for letting me know about that, Skipton is not too far away from me I think I mighy have to take a look!
    PS Are you enjoying The Magic Apple Tree?

    1. Hi Lyn, It’s a bit hit and miss at Fents, loads of unholstery fabrics but the tweeds are all about £7.50/m which is great (and the odd remnants are a bargain) so worth a pop in if you’re in the area.

      Loving TMAT thanks – stopped reading whilst here as want to be in ‘Summer’ mode but will be straight back to it once home. Don’t know why I haven’t read it sooner, it’s been on my list for a long time – thanks for the nudge! Bethx

  2. I see you have got off to a good start, nothing like some cake!!
    Love the Liberty print. 🙂
    Vivienne x

    1. I am trying to run every day, but only so I can enjoy the cake guilt free, last time we visited Yorkshire I put on 5 pounds and couldn’t loose it. Cheese is also my downfall 😉 ideally with Yorkshire oatcakes. Oh dear. Bx

  3. Betty’s, wonderful! My daughter used to live in Leeds and we would sometimes take the train out. The decor is just so quaintly old fashioned and the cakes are to die for. My favourite was the Fat Rascals. This has made me feel very hungry now!
    Glad you enjoyed your break, Jane x

    1. Have to say Jane, I do love Fat Rascals. Will be taking a supply home for the freezer, for ‘treats’ when I need something a little special. Bx

  4. oh now you are teasing with those lovely cakes , setting my tummy a rumbling lol. I love that green tweed so much , i wouldn’t be able to decide what to make it though !!

    1. The green tweed is my favourite, I’m tempted to make a skirt but also see tweed bunny purses in it….maybe with some feather trim. Bx

  5. Ah Betty’s – how I miss thee!

    I’m lovin that green tweed and what a bargain for the Tana Lawn fabric.

    I did something silly today and purchased an Amy Butler bag pattern and some fabric. What have I done?????? I haven’t even worked out how to use the sewing machine properly yet!!!!!!!!

    Have a lovely evening.
    Jill x

    1. Oh how exciting! The Amy Butler patterns are really good, I’m sure you’ll make something lovely. My only tip would be to stop and have a break if you get confused/stressed by any of it, I ruined my first AB bag but trying to hurry and finish it. Also, make sure you have the right needle in the machine ie, if you are sewing loads of heavy layers you will need a heavy needle (makes life so much easier). Bethx

  6. Oh Betty’s I love you so!

    My mum took me to Betty’s York for my birthday lunch out this year but the Ilkley one is mine and Mr. G’s fave!

    Your fabrics are lush and I’m glad you got more Fox fabric as I need a Mrs. Fox for my Mr. Fox!!

    Glad you’re having a great time – Justine xxx

    1. Hellooooo! I will admit that Ilkley Betty’s also wins in my book, but mainly because it’s so near to ‘home’. Stroke of luck on the Fox tweed, I had already bought quite a bit but figured I’d get some more as I dread running out already. Bx

    1. As I wrote in my reply to Lyn, I think it could be a bit hit and miss, depending on what you are after, but if you’re in the area I’m sure it’s worth popping in for a rummage. Bethx

  7. I must be getting old and boring but I skipped all the baked goods and drooled over the tweeds. Oh how I would love to visit one of those places someday – but in the meanwhile I just admire yours. Oh&ah. And now back to those cakes…

    Have a happy day!


    1. I think I would have skipped straight to the tweed as well, such is my love. I do like that most of the tweeds I use are milled up here in the North of England, especially as I was born here. Although the cakes…..mmmmmmmm. Bx

  8. I feel very honoured to say we had our wedding reception at the Betty’s in York.

    We didn’t have a wedding cake, we just had a cake trolley go round and offer each of the guests whichever individual cake they’d like. Betty’s is fab!

    1. That’s class! I love that idea. Didn’t know you could have a wedding reception there, it must have been great. Bx

  9. Oh that Betty’s box – oh! I would give my eye teeth for one of those. That tana lawn is a winner too. These are excellent tips for when we next visit Nanna’s house.

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