Goody, goody, yum, yum..!

So we are back and I’m struggling to settle for some reason.  I have a slightly permanent feeling of mild anxiety, I’m not sure if it’s the very busy few weeks we have ahead (M is away a lot and his Mother is visiting amongst other things) or the very long list of sewing I need to do.  It could even be the sudden change of F being back at school (he started today; yes I know, on a Friday, how mean is that!).  Either way, I hope the feeling passes as it’s making it very difficult to get any work done.

Still, we came back to a clean house (due to my tidying it for M’s Birthday Party before going away) and some nice goodies for me.

Here we have

the new Orla Kiely book, ‘Pattern’ which I had on pre-order as I’m such a fan.  I haven’t had a chance for a proper read but on first glance it is full of beautiful images and prints, as you would imagine from Orla K.

Next, a Japanese pattern book from M is for Make.  I have quite a collection of these and plenty of things I intend to sew (at some point!).  I love that a sheet with translated sewing terms is always included, although most of the patterns make reasonable sense from the images, but I love the simplicity of the designs and photos generally in these books.

I’m not normally one for badges but I couldn’t resist this little fox from Joanna Rutter.  I was actually on a silver jewellery hunt when I came across this (and I should mention that Joanna has loads of other pieces now on my wish list) but as I seem to be fox obsessed at the moment (more on this in the next post) the beautifully crafted badge seemed a must.

Lastly is the Hungry Ginger Cat from Tokyo Inspired !! How cute is that? It’s all said in the photo, I think.

OK, need to go and collect F from school, hopefully his first day back has gone well.  Oh and meant to mention, I am having real problems (again) leaving comments on blogger, I keep getting an error page after submitting them, so apologies if you haven’t hear much from me but I end up giving up after a few attempts.

12 thoughts on “Goody, goody, yum, yum..!

  1. What lovely pressies to come home to.
    I do like the purse, it’s brilliant! As for the Orla Kiely book, now that looks interesting?
    Hope F got on alright at school today, I guess going in for one day, breaks them back into the routine slowly!?!
    J starts back Monday and I’m already dreading it as he has said he doesn’t want to return and we had so many problems last term. I already have that anxious feeling inside me. It’s going to be a difficult few weeks. It makes it hard to settle on things as the thought of Monday is in the back of your mind constantly!
    As for parents in laws coming to stay, now that thought doesn’t frill me either!
    Have a good weekend
    Jenny x

  2. Hope your feeling passes soon, I know exactly the feeling you mean.
    I love all your new purchases! I have been eyeing that Orla Kiely book myself, I just visited her shop in Covent Garden the other day, so many gorgeous things! 🙂
    I think Japenese craft books are wonderful, I have a couple of crochet ones and they’re like nothing you would get here.
    Hope the first day at school went well and that life settles down really soon for you.
    Have a great weekend.
    Vivienne x

  3. oooh, nice nice goodies! I seem to have spent all my Folksy earnings on stuff for the girls lately, blardy school shoes and the like, as I am the only one with a paypal account. What an idiot. I should be spending my hard earned cash on special things for me!

    I think the fox badge is my favourite of your treasures.

  4. Hi Beth,
    I love the fox badge, very cute!! I’ll check the seller out later and knowing me I’ll get me something else to add to my wish list!! Looking forward to the next foxy post – I need a Mrs. Fox!! My neice loved the rabbit by the way – thanks xx

  5. Welcome back!

    Too many (is there such thing?) wonderful things, I especially love the fox-pin, I am in love with them too! And I cannot wait what you’ll sew from your Japanese books, I am too afraid of them to try (and I have a feeling I am too BIG for their patterns – silly me).

    Have a wonderful weekend – here we have rain and preparations for the big renovation starting Monday morning *sigh*


  6. Lovely goodies especially the brooch.
    Have you tried Rescue Remedy for your anxiety? I find it works for me. I know exactly the feeling you’re having and it’s really not nice. I hope it passes and you feel better soon x

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, one of my friends used to swear by Rescue Remedy so I shall get some in in case the feeling returns.


  7. What a fantastic stash! I’ve been waiting for the Orla book to come out for months, but somehow haven’t got around to ordering it yet. And I loved the brooch so much that I’ve bought one of the other designs. Hope things are going better x

  8. you had some lovely presents to come home too. I think the fox badge and cat purse may have to go on my ‘possible presents’ list, they look fab.
    I wouldn’t be able to trust myself with the Orla Kiely book though, I completely love her stuff – flicking through pages of it would just be shear torment:)
    c x

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