Bits and Bobs…

I am feeing a bit more settled today, so part of the anxiety must have been F going back to school.  I’m not entirely sure why as despite the odd off day he quite enjoys going, I think it’s more the frantic mornings and school runs; we have really enjoyed the more relaxed start to the day over Summer.

So, I seem to be running out of everything at once at the moment.  I sent off a Linen Mouse yesterday (I love the boy version of these) and now only have one left in the grey Asha print, yet another thing to add to my ever extending list of things to do.

On packing said mouse, I had no tags ready so I spent some time in the evening getting a new batch beaded and threaded (phew, one to tick off!).

I decided to reduce my list a bit more this morning by making a start  on the new Christmas Birds.

As written in my recent Holiday post, I am very eager to get on in the mornings and I find it best to work on kitchen table projects whilst M sleeps/bike rides so I keep my impatience at bay.  The boys are generally happy to play and watch TV and I bring down some of my ‘work in progress’ boxes, these usually involve cutting or hand sewing, things that can be packed back up easily or stopped if the boys need attention (I love these stacking boxes from Ikea, I have quite a collection now as they help me keep organised).

I also don’t like to waste any leftovers, many of my designs come about from using up these pieces.  It’s a sad but true fact that I have zipbags full of snippets of felt waiting for their moment, but I enjoy working this way, I like the challenge of designing with these remnants in mind.

Above is my felt flower box, which was a way of using scraps left from the Bright/Christmas Birds and ended up as Blossom Egg Cosies (I have many other projects in mind for these beaded flowers, including the suggested Tea Cosy for next year).

M is back from his bike ride and we are off to look at bunk beds for the boys today so time to pack up the boxes and get the boys dressed and ready 🙂

19 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs…

  1. I adore the linen mouse! Bunk beds are fun…my middle and youngest daughter decided bunks would be a good idea years ago. they are still in them….at 20 and 18! So i guess we can say that was money well spent…ha!

    1. Thanks Mary, I go through phases of which design I like best, but I really enjoyed making the Linen Mice.

      I think the boys will get a lot of fun out of them, I’m going to posh them up a bit with some curtains to they can use them as a den, that will be a fun project.


  2. You always seem so organised, not something that comes too naturally to me!
    My oldest wants bunk beds, he has even made some out of lego, just to show us what he wants them to look like!
    But he’ll have to wait until his brother is a little older.
    Hope the ikea trip went ok, did you look at the fabric there as last time I went the section seemed quite good.
    Jenny x

    1. It was a super quick visit as everyone in Kent and London was there so sadly no fabric shopping! We did find the cheapest bunk beds though, which will be fine as it’s only for a couple of years. F is 5, C 3 but they slept on bunk beds when we were staying in Yorkshire and it worked really well so I figured they will be fine. I hope 🙂

  3. That stack of felt looks yummy! Oh and so do the beads for your labels!! Where do you source your beads, I’ve been scouting about but most beads seem just a bit too girly for my tastes, maybe wooden ones are the answer!!

    1. Hi Justine,

      Can’t remember where my beads come from off hand, but I’m sure I’ll have written it down somewhere so I have a hunt and get back to you. They are German varnished, I seem to remember, which gives a nice gloss to the colour.


    1. LOL! It’s all to counter out the rest of the house, which is slowly resembling one of those houses stuffed to the roof with carrier bags of rubbish. Next thing, you’ll be seeing me on a TV program being dragged out so the professionals can come in and clean, after the neighbours complain about rats 😉

  4. Just look at what an organised lady you are – even your boxes are all neat and tidy.

    Bunk beds sound fun – I hope there won’t be arguements about who’ll be on the top bunk :0)

    I’m trying to organise school visits at the moment, so I can try and pick out a nursery place for Violet. She starts at a Two’s Group on Friday for a couple of hours – why do they have to grow up????? :0(

    Jill x

    1. I hope the visits go well, it feels like such a huge step getting them into day care of any kind but as soon as they start and you sneak a peek at them in the playground with their pals having fun you wonder what all the worry was about.

      I agree though, they grow so fast 😦


  5. Great to see all your works in progress and hear that you are settled back at home, and beginning to get used to school routine again. I’m still finding it a bit of a shock after 3 weeks back.
    I noticed your comment about using up all of a chicken – I love to do that too and usually get three meals out of one (or four if I make the soup last two days!) and use that to help justify buying the best chicken I can find. Juliex

    1. Today was the first fully ‘home alone’ day as C was also back to pre-school in the morning. I got loads done but did feel a little bit lonely.

      I’m big on eating every bit and like you go for top end chicken and ALWAYS free range as a minimum (as are all eggs we eat and pork, including salami). I also big on the boys knowing that they are eating an animal, I figure if you are willing to eat it you should face up to the fact it’s breed and killed for you to do so. Showing my Farmer’s daughter roots there 😉

      Hope you’re getting used to the quiet, before you know it, it’ll be half term.


  6. I think you’re quite right about making sure the boys know what they are eating – we try to make sure ours do too. It feels quite important when you have grown up eating the lambs you hand-reared (as I’m sure you probably did as well)!
    Really looking forward to half-term. Juliex

  7. I understand the unsettled feeling, I have it too. This is the first year that I’ve had to deal with the whole ‘long school holiday’ thing, and so I guess it’s played on my mind a bit.

    I liked your comment about keeping scraps. I have a couple of zip-lock bags full of felt scraps, (which I always think I can use as stuffing, if they aren’t big enough for anything else) but more worryingly (?!) I have a massive pile of card scraps which I feel ‘will come in use one day’. Some are so minute in size I worry for my sanity:)

    c x

    1. LOL! I love the idea of card scrap storage, my OH would have me taken away by nice men in white coats for that one, although I am with you, surely they will have a purpose and who’ll be laughing then 🙂

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