Work in Progress: Foxes…

I’ve been matching up ears

stitching tails

making neat little piles of mini clothing (you all know how I love neat little piles of work!)

and I’m so nearly there but just ran out of thread.  Rats.  Oh well.

I really want to get some more of my list reduced so I’ve spent most of this first child (ish) free week working on Foxes in the second colour way.  I so enjoyed stitching the dark heather capes whilst in Yorkshire and wanted to continue with these lovely Autumnal tones.

The second colour way is based on the tweed I had and some Liberty Tana Lawn bought especially for the job.  It’s one of my favourite prints – Mirabelle – but in the plum/olive colours, not everyones choice but I love it, I have a bit of a thing about luscious deep purples.  I then couldn’t decide on green or dark plum for the linen, but decided to reach for the ‘Burlesque Red’ dye by Dylon as I had some in stock and have been desperate to use it (all the linen for the fox clothing is hand dyed).

So sadly, I need to order new thread but I think the break is welcome, the studio needs de-fluffing after a week of tweed work, it has a tendency to get everywhere and I have a little ‘me’ project I would like to do tomorrow.  But there will be Foxes, soon, I promise 🙂

25 thoughts on “Work in Progress: Foxes…

  1. I’m not usually a purple person but you have picked such a lovely deep ‘natural’ colour that I may have to convert. The Liberty print also does a good job of selling purple too.
    Enjoy your me project tomorrow. Juliex

  2. Lovely colors! I love our Mr.F with his blue outfit but this is so beautiful too! And I have said this before but I admire your neat piles!!!

    Happy Wednesday!


    1. Ladies, thanks for your comments. Julie, I have to say that plain purple doesn’t rock my boat but dark berry purples I love. Anything called ‘backberry’ or ‘damson’ in colour and I’ll buy it. Mia, I get great satisfaction out of my neat piles, the sense of ‘job done’ always works for me 🙂

  3. I also admire the neat little piles – oh how I’d love to live my life like that!

    I forgot to let you know that my husband loved his Mr Fox (he lives in my Mr Fox’s study to help him with his work) – thank you so much again for the pre-order (and how quickly and beautifully it was packaged and sent).



    1. Ladies, I am with you both, I have plans for a red tweed cape this year (as in adult size) but maybe I should be thinking linen instead! Bx

    1. lol! F has rather taken to Beatrix Potter as bed time reading recently (makes a nice change from Mr Men) and I haven’t read the Tailor of Gloucester yet, shame my stitching isn’t quite so perfect!

  4. ditto all of the above comments!!! i really love your foxes, particularly as my boys are a fan of Fantastic Mr.Fox. The purple colourway is so sophisticated.
    as for the neat piles of work – tooooo jealous!

  5. I think that Liberty fabric is gorgeous …. I always wanted a cape , ever since I saw Amanda Lamb wearing one in the Scottish Widows advert — least I think it was for Scottish Widows ..

    1. It was and I felt the same, I remember Laura Ashley doing a velvet hooded number some time in the 80’s and I was rather desperate for one. No idea where I was planning to wear it to!

  6. Oh Beth – the colours your using are just beautiful. Are all these foxes spoken for, or will they be going in your shop? I might have to raid my piggy bank and buy one if they aren’t already sold.

    My other half will only be visiting one of the schools with me, the other 4 will be just Violet and myself. It’s giving me sleepless nights – goodness knows what it’s gonna be like when we have to sort out her Secondary Education. I say ‘we’, but you know it always seems to be the mother that does all the research, panic and stress :0)

    Jill x

    1. Hi Jill,

      No they aren’t, I’ll let you know by email when they are done (just before I blog them, so you can see how they turn out). I do have quite a few pre-orders but I am hoping some will make it into the Winter shop update, although it’s unlikely I’ll make more when they are sold.

      The whole school thing is tense, I know, so I wish all the best with it, I do hope you fall in love with one so your decision is easy.


  7. I do love your foxes Beth and so enjoy seeing the construction process. I’m glad you are getting back to normal now, sometimes I think the school summer hols are so long that life seems to stop and then come to a quick start again come September, it’s quite a shock to the system. My babies are 21 and 24 now but I still remember that September feeling when the were at primary school.
    Hope you get the thread soon!
    Love Jane x

    1. Thanks Jane. It feels very double edged, I really enjoyed having the boys around so much, but at the same time just can’t get anything done and sometimes feel a desperate need for some quiet ‘me’ time. Bx

    1. Thanks, I am reading quite a lot of Beatrix Potter with the boys right now, so Foxes in smart clothing seems very appropriate 🙂

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