Something for me…

I have lots of good intentions about things to make for the house and for myself, but realistically very little time to actually make them; I did however sit down last week and sew something just for me.

I’ve had this project in my head since our Yorkshire holiday, when I picked up quite a few pheasant feathers with the boys, I wanted to use them along with some tweed to make my own Bunny Purse.

Sadly, we didn’t collect enough and they have ended up with our other ‘found’ objects, sitting on the window sill.  Instead I raided my Millinery trimmings stash (you have NO idea how much this feather fringe costs, I used to buy it by the cm it’s that expensive) and came up with

I’d planned to use a brown tweed, one with quite a lot of texture but I fell so in love with the green bought recently from Fents that I changed my mind.

Oddly, as I took the tweed out to work with, the weight and texture felt very familiar, turns out it is the same one used as the recent Fox bodies, only in a green colour way (I mentioned in a recent post that the eBay supplier I buy from must source his fabrics from the same Mills as Fents as quite a few were familiar).

I didn’t want to crush the feathers, so my new purse travelled on the outside of my weekend bag to Yorkshire, where I was going to a surprise party for my sister’s 40th.  The party has been six months in the planning (by her boyfriend) and was a huge event, with a marquee at the Family farm, a number of bands (including a Take That tribute band), great food and of course great company.  I danced and danced, and quite frankly my legs still ache from a night in these heels strutting my stuff on the dance floor.  Incidentally, along with two of my cousins we were the last people standing and only retired at 3am, needless to say we all have young children and were a little over excited to be child free for the evening.

The purse was quite popular and it raised a few questions.  I made the lined cavity most of the body and head (in my first batch, only the body part is an actual purse) so I could fit my iPhone in; but along with an eye liner, some money and a lip balm, it was full.  Is this big enough?  I kind of feel if it gets any larger it might lose something.  Secondly, there was quite a lot of discussion about price so I was wondering how much you would feel comfortable paying for one?  Please don’t be shy to say, any thoughts are most welcome.

Right, back to the grind, I am getting all the Winter duvets onto the beds today and allowing my poor legs to recover by generally taking it easy 🙂

35 thoughts on “Something for me…

  1. Hi Beth,
    What a beautiful purse. It’s nice occasionally to make something for yourself. I actually started my selling in reverse in that I used to make all my own jewellery and then ran out of necks,wrists,ear etc to wear it on so started to sell it!
    Prices are SO difficult. You need to take into consideration cost of the materials and your time so that you make a profit. I am hopeless and ofter under sell myself but then mine is really a hobby rather than a business. I feel awful to start the ball rolling but I would be comfortable to pay around the £10 mark?
    I’m pleased to see the Jimmi Choo killer heels. My hubby bought me a pair of kitten heel shoes a few years ago and I L*O*V*E them! The party sounds great, family celebrations are always good times.
    Jane x

    • Thanks Jane, I really appreciate your taking the time to comment and kick the ball off on pricing. The originals sold for £14 (I should have probably put that in the blog post) but I agree how hard it is to put a figure on things. Part of my problem is I get a lot of wholesale enquiries and they need to buy at a price that is 50% plus VAT less that the final selling price and I simply can’t make for that in a number of my designs (I do sell through some shops and on-line galleries who take a percentage cut as well, but a more realistic one for me). I need to start heading my pricing in this direction but I find it very hard.

      I do love my heels, I have quite a collection but rarely wear them these days 😦


  2. Sounds like the party was fun and I do like the Jimmy Choo’s!!
    I would have no idea about pricing, I’m rubbish at that kind of thing. What I do know though is that I so want one of those bunny purses. I would especially like a green rabbit (for obvious reasons) if you making are making some more. Please let me know if you have some!
    Vivienne x

    • Hi Vivienne, I think I already have you on a ‘tell when ready’ email for bunny purses as you’ve asked before. I will email you when they are ready. Bx

  3. Hi Beth!
    Love the Bunny purse with the feathers…very whimsical! I think in a boutique in the states a cute little purse like that with the feathers would be at least $25.00 and most likely $35.00. I love the size for just kicking around and you need your ID, phone and some change. I think it would certainly be popular with university students.

    Love, love the shoes!

    • Cheers Helen. I have 3 pairs of J. Choos and love them to pieces. I should say these ones were given to me by sister as they were a bit too small for her and of course, I thanked her and then ran away as quickly as I could in case she changed her mind 😉

  4. Absolutely LOVE the new bunny… I would say easily £15.
    They remind me of something “Mulberry” did a few years ago.. £50 plus for those!
    Lovely work Beth!
    Ellie 🙂

  5. Love the purse, I’m a sucker for sage green tweed! I would be more than happy to pay £15 – £20, especially considering it’s handmade, an original design, fully lined etc. Also v jealous of your weekend bag and dancing shoes. x

    • Hi Jane, thanks for commenting and for giving your opinion. The weekend bag I love but I find them quite hard work to make, my poor sewing machine huffs and puffs through so many layers and my fingers get sore! Having said that, I do love the end result. A girl has to have dancing shoes 🙂

  6. Hi Beth
    I’ve been reading your tweets as well as the comments here, and I must say I think £16 seems more than fair. Your attention to detail is amazing and your eye for colour, both of which you rarely get with mass produced stuff.
    Secondly if you price it to low, I think it would appear cheap and might even get people wondering why its cheap and what’s wrong with it. I know we live in a world where we are all out for a bargain, but I think the people who you are selling your products too, are people who appreciate the work that goes into your items, and also the fact that they will own something that is pretty unique.
    The fact that you have a waiting list speaks wonders!!!
    Party sounds fab, I haven’t had a good dance for ages let alone stayed up past 11pm unless I’m up looking after one of the kids!!! Must have been amazing!
    Jenny x

    • Jenny, thanks, I do find it tricky to get the balance between not being too cheap, but also being affordable. I am lucky that most folk who buy from me do appreciate the work and materials but I think the general public, who don’t sew or craft don’t always ‘get it’ and are used to mass product pricing; although let’s be honest, they probably wouldn’t buy my work anyhow.

      The party was great, I go to bed at 10 normally (having early risers – thanks boys!) so I’m surprised I managed to stay the distance but I LOVE a good dance. Bx

  7. Hi Beth,

    The green bunny is so cute! I agree with the most of the other responses in that £20 + would be doable, the addition of the trim and the fact that your work is so divine demands this price.

    I’m still in the market for a pink bunny purse for ‘Little Miss H’ for Xmas so no major rush, and of course a Mrs. Fox for moi!!

    Speak Soon, Justine xx

    • Thanks for the comment Justine. I will hopefully be working on Pink Bunny Purses this week and the Fox’s are almost ready – hurrah!


  8. I’m afraid I’m not a heels person at all, the highest I go is Converse lol…. I absolutely adore the green tweed and made into the bunny purse its just awesome. I have huge difficulties pricing things and always just kind of guess at the prices I sell my things for so I really couldn’t say – sorry

    • Day to day I am also mostly found in Converse of Celtic boots (like Uggs only knee high), but I am partial to a heel for fancy occasions. Bx

  9. Dear Beth,

    I actually am a happy owner of your bunny bag (brown). I was happy to pay what ever it was back then 😉 but I would be happy to pay more as I’ve had a close look of the quality and attention on details. I think anything from £20 —> would be alright, and if you made it a bit bigger, them more. The bag is lovely and just the right size – and I love your feather detail!

    Happy sewing – and wonderful that you had time to make something for yourself too!


    • Hi Mia,

      Thanks for your comment, especially as you are already an owner, I’m really glad your happy with the detail and quality.


  10. Hiya Beth – the party sounds brilliant. Your sister’s boyfriend must have done a good job.
    I was going to suggest around £15 if aimed at children and £20 if aimed at adults (different trim, materials etc) – which seems to tie-in with your original price and what others are saying.
    I’m not sure about making it bigger – maybe very slightly but not too much or it will loose some if it’s cute-ness. And it’s always a good thing to be forced to take less!
    Can you put me down for one too if you make any more that aren’t pink or green (not that I’m fussy!)?

    • Hi Julie,

      The party was fab, it wont be forgotten in a hurry, I swear it took days for my legs to recover 😉

      Thanks for your input, it’s most appreciated and yes, I will make some that are in the original tweed so I’ll let you know when they are ready.


  11. Lovely work as usual Beth. I too think the size is just right and would pay around the £15 mark. like you say, just big enough for a phone makes it duel purpose. It sounds like a real fun evening you all had too.

  12. Well, I’m not sure what stands out more, your beautiful purse or those Jimmy Choos! The purse is adorable and could easily command a price of £20+, which quite frankly is a bloody bargain if accessorising a pair of JCs!

    • LOL! I didn’t pay for these particular JC’s but have done so in the past (Sale, of course). I so rarely buy heels these days but the ones I own get worn over and over so it’s my special treat.

      Imelda 😉

  13. The key to feeling comfortable with pricing is to recognise the value of your skills. You have a talent that other people don’t and that should command more than minimum wage!

    Your work is really lovely and unique – I would happily pay £!5 – £20 for one of these as a treat for myself. It’s going on my Christmas list 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting and I do agree, I think most of us working from home folk for some reason feel guilty about charging for the design/work, which is rather stupid as I wouldn’t hesitate if I were designing and making for a company. Bx

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