Scary stuff…

We are all in the early stages of our first ‘back to school’ cold.  Oh joy of joys.  Along with M being away a lot with work (so I get the pleasure of early mornings all on my own, as most of you know, I’m not very good at these!) and the nights awake with one or the other of the boys, dishing out Calpol and throwing Olbas Oil around the room, I’m starting to get a bit run down.  I had plans for this week, deadlines I had set myself but I’ve switched to simple short projects that keep me happy but leave lots of time for feeling sorry for myself and eating chocolate.

At the weekend we did the much avoided trip to ‘the shopping place’ (otherwise known as Bluewater to us grown-ups, soulless but practical and the boys love eating at Carluccios) to buys some new clothes for the boys.  F fell in love with the above hoodie, as he is currently in a Halloween phase prompted by school.  He has a party this weekend which is fancy dress and has decided he would like to go as a skeleton, who am I to argue?

I spent a fun hour yesterday making the promised mask, it is simply white cotton layered with some interfacing and appliqued with black cotton.  Nice and simple and made to the same design as the above hoodie, although to different dimensions (I made a template in paper first to get the size and openings correct).

I realised half way through that I needed to make a mask for C as well and then as a final touch I gave them some gold teeth with a spot of fabric paint.  Along with the super cheap skeleton pyjamas I’ve ordered for both the boys, they will be very happy.  I will admit, it’s times like these I miss the idea of a little girl, I could have a field day making fairy crowns.  Still, I wouldn’t swap my boys.

Also rather scarily, I have finally registered as self-employed and am now sorting receipts for my first tax return.  Again, what joy.  I’m way below my personal limit and wont even need to pay NI contributions but with the shop ever growing it’s time to get organised to avoid backdated tax issues and a possible fine.  I know lots of us ‘crafters’ have huge dilemmas with the whole thing so I thought I would let you all know how it all goes, it will require a post all to itself I think 🙂

28 thoughts on “Scary stuff…

  1. Ah, girls love Halloween too – my too are obsessed with ghosts and skeletons. Isla has a box full of princess dresses and only ever wants to dress up as a witch. Nelly is in heaven because her dad returned from London with a fake dog poo…

    • Ahh yes, I loved being a witch best, I was always desperate for one of those hats with a bend in the top….too much reading ‘The Worst Witch’ I guess.

      Your comment made me lol as my Dad also brought home a fake dog poo when we were little and our favourite trick was to put it in guests beds, in fact my Dad’s BF spent some time trying to flush it down the loo once back in the 80’s after a beer to many.

      Ah memories 🙂

  2. Fab masks.

    I’ve been registered self employed for the last three years and it’s been fine – aside from the annual panic as to where I’ve stuffed all my receipts and orders though I think you’re probably much more organised than me! I even got tax refunds as I don’t earn enough to be taxed but had paid tax on my savings so this was returned to me. I did choose to pay the NI though as it didn’t seem a lot per week, in fact because of that I was able to claim maternity benefit when I had N so it has already paid for itself (just incase you’re thinking of trying for a girl, hehe!)

    • Phew, glad you’ve found it OK, as you guessed I already have all my receipts in order so it shouldn’t be too bad, it’s just the knock on for other things now I am officially ‘self employed’ even though I don’t earn anything.

      I’m all done at two! 😉

  3. I’m still laughing at the last paragraph Beth!!!!
    What absolutely brilliant masks!! 🙂 You mentioned about making costumes for little girls I remember always having to make the latest female Disney star costume. We had Pocohontas, Esmeralda etc. etc.! She’s able to make her own now if she feels so inclined!
    Good luck with all the paperwork and the horrible colds (I remember that well too)!
    Vivienne x

    • Thanks Vivienne. F was a skeleton amongst a sea of Disney Princesses, and the odd Star Wars character. He was a happy chap though 🙂

      PS, I survived 😉

  4. Having two boys (and no girls) myself, I know exactly what you mean. My oldest needed an art apron this week and the only fabric he would approve was plain denim! Imagine how much more fun it would have been making a girl’s apron. Like you though, I would never swap them, I never even wanted girls, I just want to make girly things! x

    • I had this discussion at the party this morning with the other ‘boy’ Mums. Was quite funny how we all looked enviously at the little girls with fancy party shoes and glitter and pretty ribbons. Must persuade one of my siblings to have children soon then I can be an Aunt and make pretty things 🙂

  5. Terrific masks Beth, what lucky boys to have such a talented Mummy. I was not that good with the needle and my daughter and son were just the wrong era for halloween but I do remember how much easier it was making costumes for my son for the annual nativity play at primary school. Shepherd’s outfit, easy, bit of a robe and headdress with the usual tea towel. Now my daughter was always the angel Gabriel, and wings…….hmmmmm that was no fun at all and each year she wanted something more sophisticated. I spent many nights burning the midnight oil! Fond memories, enjoy them!
    Hope the colds settle soon, sadly schools are such a breeding ground for them.
    Keep well and I hope the weekend does not completely spook you! Jane x

    • Thanks Jane, it all went well although sadly my youngest has picked up another bug and has a super high temperature as I type. Hopefully a good night’s sleep and some calpol will do the trick.

      We didn’t do Halloween either, I think it’s all the US TV programs (such as Ben 10) having an influence. We wont be trick or treating but the boys can dress up for bonfire night instead.


  6. How great costumes! We do not celebrate Halloween here but how I would love to! I wish you a wonderful weekend and fun times for boys! (And best luck with paperwork, not one of my strong qualities either)!


    • Hi Mia,

      I’m not sure we actually do Halloween really. I think I’ve only ever had one trick or treat visit since we moved here and never when in London, but it’s catching on through all the popular US TV.

      I quite like the idea as I love dressing up.


  7. Hi – sorry to read that you’ve been feeling alittle under the weather. Hope you’re on the mend.

    Your Halloween masks for your boys are brilliant – I bet they were well chuffed with them. Just as long as they don’t come Trick or Treating at my door – they’d scare me to death!

    I don’t envy you all that paperwork – good luck with it all.

    Jill x

    • Thanks. He did look a bit funny amongst all the princesses (it being a fancy dress party, not a halloween party) but he was happy. We might bribe Aunti T to be in for a set up trick or treat night, just for the fun of it.


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  9. Great masks Beth! Max would love one of those but alas my time is short this month so will try and palm him off with shop bought!

    I think I saw that skeleton hooodie in GAP and made a mental note to keep Max out of there for a while or he’d want it! He still wears his Gap skeleton PJ’s even though he looks like he’s been shrunk wrapped into them, mind you 3yrs on and he still glows in the dark in them!!!!!

    Hope you get through the start of the flu season, I don’t seem to get things like that from my two but there again in my line of work I regularly get every jab going (just in case)! I’ve just booked hubby’s flu jab at a well know supermarket pharmacy as he seems to have really suffered the last 2 years, time off work and everything. Now that really is something you don’t want – man flu!!

    • Ah yes it is a GAP hoodie, but the super cheap PJ’s are the big winner right now, in fact he didn’t want to wear the hoodie to the party as it covered his glowing bones!

      Might even consider a flu jab myself this year, I don’t usually suffer but last year did and to kick off into the whole thing when we are barely back is a bit depressing.

      There is only one thing worse than sick kids and that is Man Flu!!


  10. The masks are fab Beth!
    Don’t envy you the tax stuff – these are the things that just drive you nuts when you run your own business aren’t they?!

    Sorry you’ve got a house full of snot. What joy that is!

    x x x

    • Hi Catherine,

      Thanks! Just to add to the fun, C has caught another bug and has a super high temp, mind you the calpol just kicked in and he’s just jumped off my knee to run around for a moment so it might blow over quickly (finger crossed).


  11. Love the masks and the hoodie – I love making fancy dress costumes!
    Don’t worry too much about the tax returns: I always find the thought of it much worse than the reality!
    BTW, did you know we lived in Kent before Cornwall? I still miss Bluewater like crazy!

    • Hi Kirsty, good to hear from another person that the old tax return isn’t an issue.

      Didn’t know you had lived in Kent, our attitude has changed a lot to BW over the years, we have grown to love it’s ease and range of shops, especially with the boys and since they got a Yo Sushi and Apple Store it’s a must. I do really enjoy mooching around lovely towns with more individual shops, but not with the boys or M, it’s just no fun.


  12. those masks are fantastic – watch out for the skeleton pjs though – J got his 3 years ago but still will not part them – perhaps I ought to shop for replacements!

    • lol! I can imagine I am already in trouble here as F has worn them every night since the party and refuses to let me change them. Oh dear!

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