Work in Progress: Christmas Mice

Well, we followed the boys colds with another one for C, only with added throat infection and then M being away, so as always when ‘home alone’ I’m a bit tired, but getting on with it.

I am always amazed at how much I get done with the boys early starts (we had 4.50 am on Thursday, I was delighted) for instance already today I have done 2 loads of laundry, baked 2 loaves of bread (1 white and 1 walnut, it’s a baking kind of day and we are out of bread), a Madeira cake and done F’s homework with him.  That’s pretty good considering it’s only midday.  I should stress, it’s not always like this but when tired, I kind of force myself to keep moving that way I manage, if I stop I will feel exhausted and unable to cope and although this does happen it’s better for us all if I can just keep going.

And so, I had set myself the task of finishing all the Foxes by the end of this week and it was going nicely until Friday when I was thinking of my list of Christmas designs and how late I am getting.  I then got slightly obsessed with the planned Christmas mice, thinking of how I would construct them, what materials I need to order and whether they should be young child friendly or not (ie no beads or buttons) and the poor Foxes have been put aside for a few days whilst I  play with silk and linen.

There’s a way to go and sadly my machine is being a bit temperamental (time for a service I think) but you get the idea.  I like them, they make me smile 🙂

24 thoughts on “Work in Progress: Christmas Mice

  1. Oh they’re gorgeous and I love the colours of the skirts. My machine is having a service on Friday………1st one in 6 years……..shame on me! x

    • Oh I think my first service was after 10 years so no shame at all! I only book one when it’s playing up and to be fair that’s only twice on over 15 years. Glad you like the colours! Bx

  2. Those cute little feet with ballet shoes make me smile too! 🙂
    Early bed tonight then!!
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
    Vivienne x

    • I was super naughty and stayed up to watch Downton Abbey, even though I knew I should go to bed, luckily the boys slept well so lucky me! Bethx

  3. Wow – you have been busy today, laundry, baking, homework!!!!! You’re a Supermum! I’ve just sat down with a cup of coffee after spending 3 hours ironing – grrrrrr (and there’s still more to be done – how can that be, surely we don’t own that many clothes!!!).

    If you don’t make the little Christmas Mouses toddler proof, can I be cheaky and ask you to make a special one for Violet???????? She went to her first dance class yesterday and loved it that much, I’m gonna sign her up for more. All the little girls looked beautiful in their baby pink tutu’s, cardies and ballet shoes.

    I know how busy you are though, so no worries if you don’t get chance to make a ‘custom’ one before Xmas.

    Enjoy the rest of today.

    Jill xx

    • I don’t do ironing. I iron my products to death, I think that’s quite important but I rarely iron clothing, such a lazy housewife!

      I think they will toddler proof but if not, I would be happy to do one for V. I loved ballet when I was a kid, I was desperate for a tutu and got my first for my 6th Birthday, back in those days they had to be ordered especially, you couldn’t buy them in normal shops. I loved it, in fact still have it. Bx

    • Lol! Yes, figured I should mention them before my Foxes go online, just so people have a choice. Not sure what else might appear yet, it depends on time. Bx

  4. wow and I thought 6am was early … i normally don’t mind getting up early but it gets harder with the dark mornings don’t you think… you gotta love those feet lol

    • I am such a grump on little sleep. Still, the boys have been good these last 2 mornings, 6.30 on both days so I am counting myself lucky. Bx

    • Thanks Emma, we seem to be back on track (with the boys that is – fingers crossed!). I’m home alone quite a lot, but think myself lucky, when M is here he is very hands on and that’s a great help.

      Glad you like the mice. Bx

  5. Goodness me Beth they are early starts. I now have a son who at the weekends may not emerge until 1pm-LOL. The 6am starts for us are long gone.
    My daughter loved everything to do with the ballet when she was young, she would have loved to have found one of these dear little ballet mice in her stocking on christmas day. My 2 still both have stockings but they are more likely to contain boy’s things and girls make up etc these days!
    Take care, Jane x

    • The boys have always been early birds, often 5am, but when M is here he lets me sleep until 7.30, then when I get up he goes back to bed (the down side being he works very late in the evening and often comes home as I’m off to bed) but it works for us. I hear the teenage years will change everything, I’m quite looking forward to it (no doubt I wont be saying that then!).

      I was also a bit ballet fan (I went to classes) and spent hours making ballet pictures with tissue paper skirts. I wanted to be a dancer 🙂 I realised as I was making these that it’s something I would have loved as a child.

      Roll on the weekend!

  6. Hope you’ve had a bit more sleep since then. Have you tried a wake-up clock? We got a gro-bag one for Islay, she used to be dreadful for waking up really early too, and we gradually set it later and later. The moon wakes up to a sunshine when it’s time to get up – there’s obviously some days, especially if she’s ill, when it doesn’t work but mostly it does help a lot.

    The new mice will be lovely. They made me wonder if you have ever thought of making pyjamas to sell with your cats and rabbits? And I also wondered if you have thought of making the dresses reversible, especially since they are lined anyway, so you get two dresses with each cat/rabbit? I’m guessing you have and that it’s just too expensive on time/materials and also very fiddly.

    • Hi Julie, we did try a wake-up clock a while back, sadly once F is awake he just doesn’t go back to sleep. Have to say though, now he’s older might be worth trying again, may have to root it out. Should also say, he ‘looked about of the window’ this morning to see if it was OK to come upstairs and noticed it was getting lighter. I was impressed! He even straightened his bed!!!???? so it was ‘ready to get into at bedtime’. Might be able to train him yet 😉

      Great ideas for the cats and rabbits, I handn’t thought of them and certainly making the dresses reversible is very do-able. See, that’s why you lovely folk with girls have so much good input, I know I used to be one, but I forget how I liked to play and of course, dressing up toys was big, it’s just my boys don’t play like that.

      Thanks! Bx

  7. ahh, those cute little feet with the ballet pumps! I love the pink and green together too. I might have to get one of these, for myself! hehe 🙂
    4.50am is such an early start, don’t think I could do it! x

    • I’m rather taken by the green and magenta, it’s to go with plum silk skirt (for a fairy mouse), should be cute! Yep, 4.50 is WAY yo early 🙂

  8. Hi, it’s the first time I leave a comment on a blog. And this is irrelevant to this post but I don’t know how to contact you. I love you blog and since I know you like Orla Kiely very much I would like to inform you (may be you already know) that I found out today that if you visit Robert Dyas website you can download a voucher to get a free Orla Kiely re-usable water bottle at a Robert Dyas shop. I just download mine. If there is enough in stock and if you can’t get close to a Robert Dyas shop I am happy to get one for you and send it on the post. I think this would be a way of paying you for the enjoyment I had reading and looking at your blog. Let me know. Lola

    • Hi Lola, thanks a million for the tip-off, I have just downloaded the voucher and will be taking it with me at the weekend as we are popping into town to get wellies for the boys so I’ll go into Robert Dyas and grab my bottle! (and extra thanks for offering to post me one, the offer is much appreciated).

      Really glad you enjoy reading my blog, it’s always a pleasure to find out who’s reading and to know people enjoy my little ramblings 🙂

  9. I love these mice and they may have just jumped to the top of my affection list for your products.
    I think a ballet mouse would be a delightful first christmas gift for my baby niece.
    So yes please to the toddler proofing!

  10. Cute mice Beth!

    They’ll make great Xmas gifts for little girls (and big ones!)

    Little people seem to have got better so will def. be off to school tomorrow!!

    Justine xxx

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