Finally *drumroll please* we have Foxes…

The above photo was taken back in mid September and it’s taken me a while to complete my Mr & Mrs Foxes, rather longer than expected (I blame those pesky kids ;)) but over the past few weeks I have made stacks of little clothing,

stitched many noses (one of my favourite bits as it gives each Fox a slightly different personality),

shirred lots of Liberty Tana Lawn and then (the best bit) finally dresses the Foxes!

Mrs Fox has a dress similar to my Wool Bunnies, shirred Tana Lawn with ties that fasten behind the neck to form a halterneck dress.

She then has a woven flower in her hair and, of course, a linen cape lined in green brushed cotton.

Mr Fox, the purple version is just as dandy as the blue, I don’t like to have favourites but if pushed, it has to be said that I am rather in love with this dark plum linen, especially teamed with the Mirabelle patterened lawn.

As with everything I make that might be played with by children, all seams are double stitched (except for top stitching) and where appropriate overlocked, and the stuffing Conforms to British Standard Regulation.  It should be noted though, that there are beads and small parts so the Foxes are not suitable for children under 36 months.  Clothing is washable by hand, I recommend washing the linen separately as it’s hand dyed and as I haven’t wash tested the tweed, I am opting for ‘surface clean only’.

You should have received and email from me, if you’ve asked in the past to be notified once the Foxes are complete, if I’ve missed you off my list, really, really sorry just pop me a message via this blog and I’ll get back to you.

Foxes cost £30 plus £3 P&P, hopefully some will make it to Folksy and my on-line store, they may cost a little more when they do and I do have quite a few pre-orders, but if you would like one now, I am happy to raise a PayPal invoice via email and pop one in the post to you.  Oh, finally they are 36 cm high by 32 cm (which includes their little tails).

Well, that’s all a bit blurby isn’t it? (today is making up words day :)) but I know that quite a few people are waiting on these and I want to make sure all the relevant info is here.

I was going to wait until each one is ordered before dressing them, I have become rather attached and I do love the dressing bit best, that and adding the final details (such as the flower in the hair), but I had a rough couple of weeks with the boys being ill and treated myself to a Fox dressing session, which cheered me no end.  With all my Foxes ready to go to new homes, I finally have time to de-fluff (remember, it is making up words day) the studio and attempt a tidy up. To top off my day, M is back and Friday night is takeaway night so I get to sneak upstairs soon and have an evening off and for the first time in a while, relax 🙂

26 thoughts on “Finally *drumroll please* we have Foxes…

    • I hope some do as my poor shop hasn’t had any updates for a while, but with quite a few spoken for you might be right. Nothing to complain about though, it’s a lovely feeling to design and make something so popular. Bx

    • Emma, not sure I should admit this but I have a dress in Mirabelle! I bought it when in my early 30’s and sadly can’t squeeze my leg into it now, let alone my entire body but as I am finally loosing weight it still waits in my wardrobe. Have a bad feeling it’s too girly now I’m nearer 40 😦 still, we’ll see next summer. Bx

  1. Wow Beth how dapper Mr Fox is in purple and with his most attractive wife. These are delightful….just wish I had a small one to buy for….hmmmm my 24 year old daughter has talked about having a 1st baby before she is 30…could be a long wait.
    The weather is looking fab for this weekend so do enjoy the sunshine if it reaches you,

    • Ha ha, yes, just a bit of a wait! Glad you like them 🙂

      We had such a beautiful day today, I walked through the woods to F’s Harvest service at school and enjoyed every minute. I hear we are to keep the sun for the weekend, I do hope so, maybe a final BBQ?


  2. They’re all lovely Beth, I doubt if any reach your shop!!
    Bunny purses next??
    Have a great weekend. 🙂
    Vivienne x

    • Hi Vivienne, I’m on purses this week, but so far have spent most of today cleaning and making a T-Rex mask with F for his homework! hopefully, green ones will be next (am making blue and pink right now).


  3. They are so cute! So many steps in the process of fox making…who knew! I particularly love the lady with the little jacket over her dress. And you are hand-stitching all those perfect little noses. You are so talented, Beth!

    • Thanks Mary! I think it’s taken so long because I made such a big batch, I usually make in smaller numbers but had so much interest I wanted to make sure I had enough. They’ve been lots of fun though 🙂

  4. Mr. F sends his kisses to lady foxes (no surprises there!) and wants to tell that he thinks they all look fab in purple suits (and that he loves his blue), and he might need an another tie in the future…

    Lovely, just lovely, Beth!


    • The purple ones are proving most popular, I think I’m surprised…..I like them best but I thought the blue might be more popular. Shows you never can tell!

  5. wonderful foxes beth!
    you won the giveaway over at StuffedNonsense!! can you drop us an email with your address??

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