Work in Progress: Tweed Bunny Purses…

After a brief rest whilst my poor old Bernina had a service, I’ve been frantically sewing every moment I can, partly to try and catch up on Christmas products (they should have all been listed early October) and also because the half term holidays are nearly here and I want to make sure I’m free to make the most of having the boys home and not trying to ‘keep them quiet’ whilst I sew.

And so, I’ve been working on tweed bunny purses in the hope that finally, over half-term, I can update my shop with new Winter products.  At least that’s the plan.

I had a nice twitter debate about which trim to use on the purses using the original tweed.  In the end I went with my favourite, the dark, almost chocolate red.  It’s quite grown up and my lovely tweet friends had differing opinions (thanks everyone who tweeted back, I do value your opinions) but I had similar thoughts about the purple version of the Foxes, that it might be too dark a colour for my usual customers and yet the Mr Fox in dandy purple flew so quickly they were gone in a week (thanks ladies who bought Foxes, so pleased to see them go off to their new homes).

I’ve also tweaked the pattern slightly to make sure the purse (or should it be bag?) can hold an iPhone, it’s only fractionally bigger but I think makes more sense.

I have many pending blog posts, including a couple of giveaway wins (lucky me :)) and some new buys, but for now I need to get back to the sewing, photographing, listing and cleaning, school runs, gardening and………… 🙂


14 thoughts on “Work in Progress: Tweed Bunny Purses…

    • Hi Vivienne, I’ll be working on the green version next, I have the tweed cut but needed a quick break. Shouldn’t be long though! Bx

    • I know it’s slightly depressing but I try not to focus on it – next year I will start my Winter products earlier! Oh yes, that was the plan for this year, hummmm. 🙂

  1. So lovely!!! I love your bunnies, they are just something really special, Beth!

    And I have already given up the idea of seasonal-products at my shop, I am so busy with my “normal” ones that I just adjust my color scheme and that’s it for this year 😉

    Happy and creative week!


    • Hi Mia, I don’t do much for Christmas, but I like a little variation and it’s fun to do short runs of some designs. I also get very tweedy over Winter then swap back to Linen for Spring/Summer but I know you have a similar vibe. Hope you’re feeling better? Bx

  2. They are lovely Beth, great colour combinations. Hope you get some time to get sewing before the half term holidays. I was shocked at my silversmithing class today to be told that next week is half term…you lose touch when the children are grown up.
    Jane x

    • Thanks Jane, I hope to close up the sewing for half term, I’m aware it will be our last ‘nice’ weather so really want to take the boys out and about. Saying that, it was brass monkeys out there today so maybe not! We’ll see 🙂

    • Hello! Glad you like them. They will be £16 plus postage (haven’t worked that out yet but shouldn’t be much), if you wait a week I should have others finished so there will be more choice of colours, I’ll email you when they are ready. Bx

    • Hi Julie, glad you like them, I’ll pop you an email with the details as they are selling before I can list them at the mo! Bx

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