Twice is nice…

Without going into too much detail, half-term got off to a bad start with everyone getting hit by a pesky Norovirus (otherwise know as the winter vomiting bug).  It’s been pants basically and you don’t need more detail BUT, today we are all feeling a lot better and then to completely cheer me up this little bundle arrived in the post.

My winnings from this giveaway over at the StuffedNonsense blog, where Bex and El create ‘all manner of handmade loveliness’ (and they really do, take a look at their Folksy shop and if you’re in the area their real life proper bricks and mortar shop at 40 Albion Street, Cheltenham which is open Thursday-Saturday 10-5 ).  Bex was one of the first people to find my blog and in those early days when you feel like you might be talking to yourself, she was a total boost leaving regular comments and making me feel welcome to the whole world of blogging.

Anyhow, I’m hiding in my studio to open my parcel in peace (not working very well right now as it appears WW3 is kicking off downstairs and my services as umpire are needed every few minutes) but here is what it contains:

A little jar of buttons…

A small package of lovely fabric scraps…

A button bouquet brooch (now on my tweed jacket)…

A cute little flowery ‘cobble’…

Some lengths of very pretty ribbon (how fabulous is that giant multi-coloured ric-rac?)…

Some scraps from vintage children’s books (loving the owl!)…

And finally, a totally adorable ‘Crabbittz’ called Paliki who likes Pumpkins and Craft Fairs (she’s going to fit in perfectly around here then!).

I really did need cheering up and it’s fair to say I do have a big smile on my face now. Thanks Bex and El 🙂

8 thoughts on “Twice is nice…

  1. Oh Beth – I’m sorry to hear that your little clan has been rather unwell.

    Let’s hope your boys call a truce soon so that you can grab a bit of peace and quiet.

    I love your little prize parcel :0) Well done for winning. No wonder it cheered you up, you’ve won some fabulously quirky gifts.

    Keep smiling :0)

    Jill x

  2. Sorry you’ve been hit by yet another bug, hope you’re all recovering. Schools should come with a health warning!!
    What a great giveaway! I love the Crabbittz and the button brooch is gorgeous.
    Vivienne x

  3. Sorry to hear you have all been under the weather! Not fun at all….my Molly just came in to take the remainder of the day off….bad cold! And it is not even winter yet. Your bundle is terrific! Hope all is back to normal soon.

  4. Poor you Beth, that is a very nasty, very contagious virus. So glad that you are feeling well and what a lovely surprise to cheer you up.
    Have a better week, the weather has been beautiful if cold.
    Jane x

  5. Your more than welcome, i was really pleased when i pivked your name out of the hat!!
    im glad you liked it all, and that it has helped you get over the horrible virus…i was sick with somthing like that the a few weeks back…not good.
    anyway, hope paliki is happy at yours!!

  6. Ooh not nice the virus that is!
    I hope your all feeling better, it’s not easy at all being ill and still having to look after kids.
    As for your prize, it’s all wonderful. What a lovely parcel to get no wonder it helped make you feel better.
    Love the buttons and trim, as for the fabric, yumm.
    I’m off to have a look at there blog.
    Hope you all continue to improve
    Jenny xx

  7. Beth – so sorry you have all been so unwell. I hope things are picking up a bit now.
    I can totally relate to your umpiring comment, it really made me smile. I often feel as if it’s my main job….and it seems to be required much more often when I’ve sneaked off for some internet browsing or tried to sit down for a quiet coffee.
    Your bits and pieces are lovely and they definitely made a timely arrival.
    Take care, Juliex

  8. Glad you are all feeling a lot better and the rest of the half term goes ok. you got some wonderful things in the giveaway, lucky you!

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