Scary stuff, the sequel…

And so, at 2 am in the morning when poor F was being very poorly last Thursday, his main concern was that he’d miss the school Disco.  There had been a haircut especially and we’d even bought gel and there were many, many tears so in feeble attempt to cheer him up I promised I’d make Vampire capes and we could carve pumpkins over the weekend.  Now in true ‘I used to be a costume designer in a  former life’ style, I had been planning proper miniature period capes but due to time and circumstances, abandoned that plan for the easiest pattern I could find online.  I found a great simple solution via Martha S.  To be honest I didn’t even read the pattern, but took the picture entirely for inspiration and this is our version.

Obviously it will be worn with the rest of the ‘costume’ (school shirt, cravat and cummerbund made from the lining fabric, lots of white face makeup and dripping blood, you get the idea?) and then come Halloween we will go scare Aunti T and make her give us some sweets 🙂

The lining fabric looked black with dark red flowers on-line but is in fact a bit more…er…girly?  You can imagine the conversation:

F (from his sickbed overseeing the making),  “I don’t like that fabric, it’s for girls”

Me, ” No it’s not sweetheart, it’s posh fabric for a posh Vampire cape.”

F, ” But I don’t want to be a posh vampire, I want to be a normal one.”

Me, ” Well, Count Dracula is posh….he’s a Count, that’s posh.”

F, “I don’t want to be Count  Duckula !!?”

(We’ve been watching a lot of old kids TV shows recently).

It was a grit teeth day but we got there in the end and we also made these

(see those fancy squash on the left?  I grew those 🙂 ) and I took some time this week to get a few more decorations up,

now I bought this fantastic pumpkin card ages ago and feel very bad for taking so long to post about it, especially as the boys love it so much.  You can have one of your very own from Love Poppet at Folksy and you can read all about Claire’s work over at her blog.

We’ve also bought these fabulous printable Witches from Sally Boyle, again from Folksy.  I’m using Sally’s photo here as the weather really isn’t on our side today and I can’t get a decent shot of them but again, they are great and I love that we can print them off each year for decoration.

Now, what am I going to dress up as for Halloween…..somehow I don’t think the old black tights and polo neck jumper cat is going to work, although I would certainly look scary dressed in something that tight – ha!

20 thoughts on “Scary stuff, the sequel…

  1. I’m pleased to see that the sequel of scarey stuff does not end with a “visit” this time Beth-LOL. Great costumes and halloween decs, the boys must be loving it. I have got into the swing by getting out my pumpkin earrings!
    Glad you are all better, Jane x

    • Shhhhh, I had to delete that comment on the last scary post in case I got into trouble – lol! – you never know who’s reading….

      We’ve never done Halloween, I used to go to parties dresses as a witch when I was small but never went trick or treating, F, however watches quite a bit of US TV and is fully expecting the works! HE’s super excited so I don’t mind, it’ll be fun 🙂

    • ‘Aunti T’ has already demanded a posh version for wearing to the Opera. Now come on Yvonne, you just want an excuse to wear long plastic Vampire fingers 😉

  2. Count Duckula looks great!!!! lol
    You have some great decorations and I love your little squash.
    Have a super Halloween!
    Vivienne x

    • Thanks Vivienne, we’re looking forward to it, F has quite clear ideas on how it will go, he’s already planning bonfire night as well!

  3. Oh, I can imagine that conversation – the horror of being seen in something girly! Both Finn and Angus would come out in a cold sweat at the thought…..but I have an advantage over you – they are both colour blind (and quite badly so) so I can mislead them a bit when required. It leads to some weird conversations, ‘remember the red cat’, ‘oh, he likes green because that’s the colour of his hair’ and so on! Juliex

    • Well M is colour blind so I keep expecting similar from the boys but so far, no. I think it was the ‘posh’ idea F struggled with most….that and he thought he was getting a vegetarian vampire dunk outfit! Bx

    • I will! Did you notice the poses? Not my idea, he loves having his photo taken in ‘costume’, he insisted on getting the plastic teeth and fingers on, bless. Bx

  4. What a FABULOUS cape. I love it :0)

    And what can I say about your fancy Squashes? They’re great too. Well done you for growing your own.

    My mum would be doing her nut in if she knew I’d been carving pumpkins for Halloween – it was a definite no no in our house when I was growing up.

    I think I’m gonna try my hand at carving some lattice work into my pumpkin(s) next year – perhaps I’ll have to buy myself some proper cutting gear.

    Jill x

    • Thanks Jill. I grow quite a few squash in my veg patch, they are one of my favourite things but these are the prettiest (they are Turk’s Turban variety).

      I saw quite a few lattice work ones on-line as well (lots were carved on blue pumpkins, I also grow those, not sure I could bring myself to use them for carving though) and could quite fancy a go next year. Think you’re right and you need the proper cutting gear. Would be great fun though!


      • Blue pumpkins!!!!!! I never knew that there was such a thing :0) They sound amazing.

        Squash & Pumpkins are definitely something I’m going to ‘attempt’ to grow when we finally get a garden – your advice may be needed Beth.

        It sounds like we’ve challenged each other to a ‘Lattice Pumpkin Carving’ Competition for next year doesn’t it? :0) What fun.

      • lol! the challenge is on for next year!

        I have a gardening blog (rockcottageyear) link is over on the RHS, have to be honest it’s been badly neglected this year but there is lots of info on pumpkin and squash planting. I do love my garden but it’s rather competing for time with sewing and loosing this year 😦

    • We really left it quite late as well, so there’s still time! The printable witches are a winner, I think, and super quick to make (but you do need a craft knife and ideally card).

      Thanks for dropping by, I shall be popping over to you blog for a read later 🙂

  5. Love Count Duckula in his posh-iness 🙂 Thank you so much for making me laugh too, these conversations with little ones are just too funny sometimes…and ah how serious these girl-boy things can be!

    Happy Halloween to all of you!


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