Last Foxes listed…

Blimey, it’s all getting a bit hectic around here.  I am desperately trying to finish and list all my Winter products, they have their own section on the shop.  To be honest, there is still a lot of tweaking going on at my site and I really need to update the photos on the front page and change some of the shop pages but for now

Mrs Fox in Blue and Berries (only 2 left)

Mr Fox in Dandy Blue (1 available here and the last one on Folksy)

And Mrs Fox in Purple and Mirabelle, are all now listed for sale.

Sadly, all the purple Mr Foxes have already sold 😦

That’s all for today, a quickie but I need to get back to work or Ballerina and Fairy Mice wont get made and the Tweed Bunny Purses will never get listed.

4 thoughts on “Last Foxes listed…

  1. Love the dandy blue Mr fox – I hope he goes quickly so I’m not tempted!

    Good luck with tweaking the shop – I’m just playing around with the idea of having my own shop page, but I’m a loooong way from ready to launch.

  2. It’s great that everything is selling well for you but it’s really no surprise as everything is so beautifully made!
    Looking forward to my bunny purse. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  3. I had all these plans to make loads of stuff for my Etsy shop in time for Christmas and make lots of presents for family — hmmmm somehow I don’t think I’m going to get even a quarter of it done ….. well done you 🙂

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