Remember, remember….

This is going to be another quick post as my morning has disappeared (yet again) in a flurry of sparkler buying and dashing here and there.

Last night I finally got around to replacing my beloved remembrance poppies that had belonged to my Gran.  As you can see they are a little worse for wear and certainly can’t be worn any more.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever mentioned this before but I do have a bit of a ‘thing’ about the First and Second World Wars.  I wrote my A level History of Art dissertation on WW1 War Artists and my Degree dissertation on Fashion during the Second World War.  I spent a few years working at the Imperial War Museum as a Museum Assistant, the pay was crap quite frankly but it remains one of my favourite jobs purely for getting to meet so many people with such interesting and sadly, often horrific stories.  I think it’s very important that all aspects of this period of history are remembered and for me I like the personal detail of hearing my own Grandparents talk about it and I’m sad that my boys wont be able to hear it first hand for themselves, for them it will just be ‘History’.  But there you go.  I wont chat more as I’m sure that there are many bloggers who can give a much more eloquent view, on with the sewing bit.

Last year I bought the above poppy from Wychbury on Folksy, as you would expect they donate money for each poppy sold to The Royal British Legion Poppy appeal 2010.

This year I’ve made my own version, I’m sure many of you saw this one coming when you noticed the poppy on the recent Bunny Tweed Purses and it is where the idea started.  I have, of course, also donated my money to the British Legion Appeal and will do so each year that I wear the above, that goes without saying really.

OK, I need to get back to work, I have to pick C up in a moment and I haven’t managed any sewing yet today.  Too much to do and all that 🙂


17 thoughts on “Remember, remember….

  1. Beth, I haven’t come across ‘real’ remembrance poppies before. it is a lovely idea and I love your version.

    I feel sad too that my kids will only know about these things as history. My gran is still alive but, because of her dementia, can’t tell the children about being in Burma and India during WWII, or of nursing in London during the air raids (before she signed up with the RAF).

    One of my cousings died with the RAF three years ago and Remembrance Sunday seems even more significant now.

    Your job with the Imperial War Museum sounds fascinating (I’ve thought that when you’ve mentioned it before).
    Have a good weekend. Juliex

    1. I know, when I worked there (IWM) I was surprised how little most of the school children knew about both WW but then realised they just didn’t hear about it except when in school and that was a good 10 years ago now so it’ll be even further removed from my boys.

      I had forgotten to mention the whole point of poppy wearing, your comment about loosing a cousin rather brings that point (I was very sorry to read that), I know this year the Appeal is focused on the need to ‘help the Afghan generation of the Armed Forces and their families – today and for the rest of their lives’.


  2. What a lovely, special way to honour Remembrance Sunday, Beth.

    My Dad is heavily interested in the World Wars, so I’ve grown up with it. Not to mention my own family history – my maternal Grandma was a young woman in Germany during WWII, and her future husband served in the British Army. My Dad’s father was in the Polish Cavalry, and some of his family died in camps. I have uncles who have been in the Army or Navy, and a young cousin currently serving in Afganistan. I’ve always been proud of my rich family history, although people can be incredibly small-minded – my sisters and I used to get taunted with ‘Nazi’ at school.

    I used to work in a shop that sold Dr Hauschka products, and you wouldn’t believe the things people used to say! Sadly, I don’t think that kind of prejudice will end anytime soon.

    Gosh, sorry for babbling on. I’m not sure I’ve made much sense.

    1. Hi Gracie,

      Yes sad truth. When I first met my husband (who is German) I got a lot of stick from some Family and friends, all gentle banter but I did think it odd that M’s being German had even provoked this and I have a pretty fair idea that the jokes behind my back were a little less gentle! It’s a very interesting thing being married to M with regards to this whole subject, the German ‘guilt’ as a nation is so apparent, M often comments on simple things such as documentaries we watch in the UK that would never be shown in Germany, and of course, I have many photos of my Grandad in his Navy uniform but for obvious reasons M has none of his.

      It all made perfect sense! Bx

      1. I remembered after writing my comment that M was German, and I just want to thank you for sharing your own thoughts and experiences.

        When I talk to some of my German friends they are so hesitant to take pride in their country and its people – like they’re not allowed to say anything good about them…I think there is a lot to admire, and I’m very proud of my German heritage.

        I forgot to say this in my first comment, but working in the IWM sounds so interesting!

        Thank you for a very insightful discussion, Beth.

  3. What a lovely handmade project, and well done for still donating!

    Remembrance of the wars is such an important thing, and I hope that we pass on this habit (one of our few good ones…) to our children as they grow up.

    1. It’s one of those British ‘ticks’ we have, a little bit of eccentric craziness no doubt to the rest of the world, the wearing of poppies but one I’m rather proud of. I think it’s a perfect way to remember all those lost lives and to raise money for families and soldiers who need it. Bx

  4. Although children today don’t get the information first hand anymore it makes it even more important they are made aware of the sacrifices men and women made during the World Wars and also in the present day!

    Your poppies are beautiful, so too are your grandmothers!

    Vivienne x

    1. I agree and the big factor is movies, photographs and original footage so it’s a much easier to teach todays kids.

      Thanks Vivienne, my Gran’s are the real deal, not sure how old but certainly rather fragile now!

  5. what a lovely post. My mum lost her dad in the 2nd world war at the age of 5 and Rememberance Sunday has always been a special time in our family to remember, Your poppies are lovely, I have a home made one but still give to the British Legion.

    1. Hi Lyn, so sorry to read about your mum’s dad, it really brings it home when your own family are so directly affected. Bx

  6. Wow! What a timely post…my uncle who is a WW 2 veteran is today taking his Honor Flight. I don’t know if you have a similar program, but in the states we choose vets of WW 2 to fly together to DC and visit the sites. They get a lot pampering on this day and it is quite an honor. I love the poppies and our American Legion also sell them – these men have sacrificed so much for us. Thanks for the post and your donation to the Legion.

    1. Hi Mary, I think there are lots of similar programs here in the UK, it’s a great way to honor and remember those who fought for our freedom. I didn’t know that there were poppies in the US, I remember explaining the whole poppy wearing to some US friends in the past, but I’m glad to hear the American Legion sell them as well.

      I hope your Uncle had a great and very special day.


  7. Hi Beth I love your poppy and the story behind the old one….. My Nan married her 1st husband as a 19 year old in August 1914, he went off to WW1 and was killed in the November. How life takes a different course….my Nan then married my grandad in her 30s and along came my Mum etc etc. War is such a waste of life but it is important we remember those who gave their lives for our freedom,
    Jane x

    1. I agree Jane, it’s definitely so important that we remember. Your poor Nan, I can’t imagine loosing a husband so young and I agree, such a waste. Bethx

  8. Oh it’s been too long since I visited. Your Gran’s poppies are very moving and simply beautiful, as are yours. I can see some cunning felt folding and your result is wearable and modern, yet totally appropriate. So lovely.

    1. Glad you like the poppies Emma, they are the same method that I use for my pink blossom on Egg Cosies (and soon to appear on Tea Cosies) it’s a great way to use up the bits of left over felt from my little felt birds, which is how they started out. Bx

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