New Winter Lavender Birds…

Well, as the title suggests I have finally completed the new lavender birds

they are both in fabrics I bought last year specifically for the project, the fabulous Snow Flower/Blossom (which is the nicest Christmas fabric ever, not too over the top but the perfect shade of red) by Dena Designs for Free Spirit Fabrics and Amy Butler’s Wall Flower in gold.

I’ve exchanged the usual brown bead eye for black glass, I love the little glass bead eyes on my felt birds, they always seem to really bring them alive so I’m following suit here.

Although the designs are led by the fabrics used, I also took inspiration from this postcard which faces me every day as it is pinned to my noticeboard; it’s by ‘Belle & Boo‘ and I love the mix of red, beige and white,  so decided to use a similar combination for the Snow Flower bird tail.

In fact, whilst I’m mentioning Mandy Sutcliffe’s lovely work, I should also show you this cushion bought really quite a long time ago but never blogged (at least I think not blogged, apologies if I’m showing you this twice).

These colours are all very ‘me’ and fit perfectly into our house, I love the hand embroidered detail on the tree.

Back to the birds.  Again, I’m struggling to get decent photos, I really need to invest in some professional lights, not just for photographs but it’s becoming quite difficult to work in the evenings as I can’t really see what I’m doing,

still, I figured it was more important to get the new birds listed, I can always change the images at a later date.

Both birds can be found on Folksy and at my on-line Shop and any Lavender Birds from past Seasons are now in the SALE section so grab a bargain whilst you can.

17 thoughts on “New Winter Lavender Birds…

  1. Gorgeous! I love the fabric, and the ribbons are so lovely. I can see nothing wrong with your photos, but agree with you on the darker days and evenings bit.

    Sadly, my sewing corner (just for hand sewing, and playing with supplies) doesn’t include a socket, and the nearest light just isn’t near enough. I shall have to get my thinking cap on and find a remedy to my problem!

    • Thanks, glad you like them. I hate the blue tint in the white background you get in dark light, I should just re-take the photos on a coloured paper but I haven’t had time. Blimey, a sewing corner without sockets! You need to fix that 🙂

    • It should be with you by now, I hope. Thanks for the order, it’s always expecially lovely to sell anything to friends from blogworld. Bethx

  2. Love the birds, and the cushion you bought is gorgeous.
    I agree with you about how difficult it is to get a good photo, I’ve been today to buy some white mounting board to put behind my items, as I realised I have no where that is plain white to take a decent photo, so I’m hoping this will help!

    • Thant’s exactly what I do, I have a stack of mounting board and paper in off-whites as well as a pin board that I stick hanging things to so I can ideally photograph them outside. Keep meaning to write a post about how I photograph products. Hope it is helping, I also have a lack of white walls…..they are painted white but are covered in marks – lol!

  3. They are gorgeous Beth!!
    It is very hard on the eyes working in the evenings, colours too are completely different.
    Vivienne x

    • Hi Vivenne, I also struggle with colours in the dark, I had to stop the other night as couldn’t match the threads properly. I need better lighting!!

  4. So beautiful, Beth!

    I’m struggling with same light (=lack of it) problem here. But your pictures are good, the colors of the birds are wonderful!

    Have a happy new crafting week!


    • Thanks Mia and for your recent lavender birds purchase. Hope all your Christmas lights are adding a touch of sparkle to the darkness 🙂

    • Thanks, I tell you I hunted for weeks last year, knowing the kind of red and pattern I wanted but could never find it, then this arrived too late for me to use, but I bought a couple of meters for this Winter. Glad I did as it’s just so ‘right’. Bethx

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