Busy, busy, busy…

It’s still all very hectic around here but I am starting to feel like I’m getting there.  Thanks for all your great comments on the Ballerina and Fairy Mice, they’ve rather flown and many to people who read this blog, which is always a pleasure.

There’s one Ballerina left here and three Fairies spread between my site and Folksy.  My sister has put an order in for any that don’t sell soon (she is one of my best customers and has lots of friends with young children, sometimes I have to hide things from her or she tries to buy them before I can list them.  I know, I’m very lucky) so I’m happy knowing they will all go to good homes.

I also found a few more Lavender Birds that have been added to the SALE section and whilst I was stuffing those (I always stuff all my lavender bags to order so that they go out ‘fresh’) I filled a few more blackbirds as they seem to be selling quite well (also in the SALE).

Today I managed to take extra photographs of the new Lavender Birds,

I know many of you were kind enough to tell me there was nothing wrong with the original images but the ‘blue’ tone on the white background was really annoying me so I’ve taken them backed on a slightly off-white paper, it feels a little softer.

So, my plan is to crack on next week and in an ideal world finish all my commissions and also the Superhero Mice (which I know some of you are waiting for) then, quite frankly, take a sewing break.  I’m desperate to give the house a good clean and the garden is in need of a tidy plus I’ve promised the boys we’ll get our tree.  I’d like to approach Christmas at a calmer pace (I still have many…oh, OK, most of my presents to buy although I do have some goodies to show you in my next post) and part of that involves admitting defeat in that any further plans I had for Christmas shop products need to get shelved until next year and I feel OK with that, I managed quite a lot in rather a short time so I’m happy 🙂

9 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy…

  1. I couldn’t resist Beth and I have bought a couple of your lovely birdies…they will look great around the house for Christmas and as you know that is my favourite time of year! Enjoy a bit of a break from the sewing, well deserved, you have made some wonderful treasures.
    Jane x

  2. I love your birds too and I’m sure the reipients will I’ve got them for will love them too … keeping the red one and the robin for myself though :-). Enjoy your rest , well, that’s if the boys let you !

  3. Your new lavender birds are so lovely and colourful. The material you’ve picked out for them is really pretty. I’d fill our whole flat with them if I could :0) (Though I’m not sure that the OH is such a bird lover – hee hee).

    You’ve been so busy sewing, you need to put your feet up now and start enjoying the run up to Xmas with your little fellas.

    Jill x

  4. Love your ballerina and fairy mice, looking forward to seeing your super hero’s!
    I keep saying to Mr D just a few more Christmas things to sell and them I’m going to concentrate on some family sewing over the holidays, oh yes I forgot three stockings for our kids to make!!! There is always something!
    Looking forward to seeing your goodies
    Jenny x

  5. I think you deserve a break Beth.
    Congratulations on getting so much done and it’s really no surprise that your gorgeous makes sell so quickly!!
    Vivienne x

  6. Lovely mice and beautiful birdies, Beth – I adore mine!

    I know how it feels: I also have been so busy and definitely need a break. You’ll been making so many pretty things (and commissions too, thank you so much!) that you’ll need to have a great break before next year!

    It’s the Holidays soon – family, good food and beautiful lights and some peace and quiet – sounds like a perfect plan?

    Happiest week beginning!


  7. Oooh, I’m so excited about getting a ballerina (even though it isn’t for me of course 😉 hee hee ) I’d still love a superhero for Oscar too; he always gets really excited when he sees the banner of your blog!

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