Goodie Goodie Yum Yum…

I’m a little over excited because today the snow finally arrived and the view from my studio is this

which makes me and the kids very happy.  They went out to play the moment it was light enough and lucky C has the day off pre-school as they’ve decided not to open (this is Kent, even a hint of a snowflake and the County shuts down).  I am also happy as I’m the recipient of many lovely new things which I’d like to share with you.

This happens a lot on my desk, please note, this is not a posed shot I am dreadfully guilty of putting my coffee cup down on anything available (including pattern pieces) as the desk is an old Victorian trestle table that’s oiled and waxed and marks if I put a hot coffee cup on it, so when I saw this post over at Mia’s fabulous blog I decided to treat myself to some of her Christmas coasters.

I’ve been meaning to buy something from Mia for ages, she makes the most amazing felted/knitted/tweed pouches and bags with needle felted birds, foxes and snowmen and I wasn’t disappointed.  The packaging was lovely and included the sweet little bird you can see attached plus a matching hand-made card.

I was so impressed I went back to Mia’s shop to buy more (this time to be sent out as a Christmas present)

This time Mia was generous enough to include a beautifully made matching bag, now how about that for service?

I did sneak in a little treat for myself, a key ring, key fob with a sweet little bird, as you do 😉

I also wanted to show you my ‘recent’ purchase by Hidden Eloise/HidenSeek.

Magically packaged, as always.

And incorporating one of my favourite of her designs ‘My Captain…We’ve reached the end of the world’

I love this, I’ve bought mirrors (as presents for F’s school friends) and postcards before but I so love the new jewellery and see there’s a Sale on along with some great new prints.

I’m sure I have more to show but need to collect F so I think we’ll leave it there for today 🙂

21 thoughts on “Goodie Goodie Yum Yum…

  1. Ohhhh….the snow is lovely, but so is your studio! What a great view! Thanks for the info about Hidden Eloise – what fantastic items. And my mother’s name is Eloise so I will certainly need to do some shopping there! Best, mary

    1. Hidden Eloise is great, there was a big news story here in the UK as Paperchase (is that a UK only store? not sure, but they are a big highstreet stationary/design style chain) ripped off one of her designs but refused to acknowledge it, through the power of twitter and blogging the designer who copied her design owned up. Shame she never got any compensation but it was pretty amazing to watch the story unfold.

      As for the studio (also our spare room), I am super lucky, I know 🙂

    1. Thanks. It’s made me rather attached to this house, can’t imagine living elsewhere at the moment, I love the light. I’m a lucky gal!

  2. Hi Beth, the snow reached Surrey today as well so my silversmithing class was cancelled :0( The upside of this is that I have been making my Christmas cards watching the snow falling, it’s so pretty.
    What yummy things the postman bought you. I too bought a set of Mia’s fab coasters…she is so talented. Ours are on our bedside tables for our morning cup of tea!
    Keep warm and enjoy the snow.
    Jane x

    1. Mia rocks. I love her blog and it’s really nice to own one of her pieces, makes me smile each time I put my mug down! We are snowed in, never thought that would happen in Kent. Bx

  3. What a beautiful view from your studio Beth – is it giving you lots of inspiration? It must be very tempting to just sit in there all day :0)

    Thanks for showing us your purchases – they’re all lovely.

    Jill x
    PS – you can email me a Paypal invoice for Violet’s ballerina mouse tomorrow.

    1. It does, the view is of our garden and mainly my veg patch so right now I also feel a little guilty (although not today, today it is so white you can’t see the fence any more!). I hope to get your mouse off as soon as the PO opens. Honestly, Kent has closed due to snow!

  4. What a great view from your studio Beth!
    Mia’s work is brilliant, I love my coasters. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  5. I am so happy you liked the coasters, Beth!

    And what a lovely view from your studio, loving the snowy landscape. But canceling anything in here is unheard of 😉 I haven’t had a single day off school EVER because they would have kept the doors closed. I remember wishing for it some days when the weather was horrible 🙂

    I wish your weather stays pretty yet snow-ish so the boys can enjoy it ;)!


    1. I do LOVE them Mia, they are beautiful, you talented lady 🙂

      No, we rarely ever had a day of school up ‘home’ in Yorkshire where is snows rather a lot more than here, but they are better set up and have ploughs and gritters. Kent has nothing, they haven’t even cleared the main road!

      We are loving it 🙂

    1. We are very lucky but we did live in a building site for a few years and kind of still do. I keep meaning to to a blog about all our building work and will do one day. Still, it was worth it, I love all the glass. Bx

    1. We had more and more and more snow! And it’s still coming down. It’s nice, we so rarely get that here but I’m feeling bad for my brother farming in the Dales. Our local Tesco has limited all customers to only 1 bread product!!! Hilarious. Bx

  6. Hello hello. The little ballerina mouse arrived and will be presented to my eldest (5) tomorrow for her birthday. Right now she’s nestling in a little wooden pram, all wrapped up. I can hardly get over her shoes and little necklace. Really, it’s beautiful work.

    Thankyou so much for the little extra too – it was very kind of you and will also be cherished.

    1. Oh really pleased, both that she’s arrived safely (I have 2 Ballerinas waiting to go but ‘snowed in’ right now as the PO is refusing to open) and that you like her 🙂 Hope your eldest does too, F (also 5) has demanded a Superhero mouse today as he saw the ones I was making and described them as ‘cool’ high praise indeed. Bx

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