Tweed Bunny Purse Giveaway…the winners!

Thanks for the great response to this giveaway, I really enjoyed reading all your comments and I’m sorry I can’t reply, as it is I managed to add a pingback so one of the numbers in the draw is me, but I figured it could always go back in the ‘hat’ if the boys picked it out.

We did this the old-fashioned way.

Some numbers

Two glamorous assistants complete with dinosaur head (but of course!).

And so, after writing a list (I kept loosing count of the numbers) the winners are, in the order they were picked (I’ve emailed you ladies):

23 Sheila  – Black Bead Bunny Purse (Sheila’s Blog)

45 Vicky – Brown Bead Bunny Purse

21 Lyn – Red Bow Bunny Purse (Lyn’s Blog)

Thanks ladies, your purses are packaged and will be on their way tomorrow.

And thanks again to everyone who took the time to comment, I’m working my way through any links you might have left for blogs and websites, having a good nosey, I do love ‘meeting’ new people.

OK, as it’s unlikely I’ll be blogging again for a few days, I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and all your hopes and wishes come true 🙂

Christmas is coming….arghhhh!

This week has flown by in a blur, both the boys have various parties/concerts/non-uniform events and all on different days in different places so I’ve been mostly out and about.  I still have a few things to sew, items that could be left if I don’t find the time so not too stressful and I have just finished writing the last Christmas card which is one more thing to tick off the list.

This year’s cards have come from The Black Apple

and a new Festive stamp to add to my ever-expanding collection by Noolibird and bought from their shop on NOTH.

I’m also pleased to have ticked teachers gifts off the list earlier this week.  I had many ideas, I usually like to do something with the boys that they can get fully involved with.  F wanted to make soap snow globes again (just looked and not sure I ever blogged the ones we made last year…they were from a great post over at Alpha Mom and were such fun to do) and I’d planned to make jars of Biscotti after reading this great post at hardaker & pope but in the end we ran out of time and instead I took inspiration from the 2 little fellows above.  They are adorable and came from Sarah of Ditsy Bird, she kindly offered to paint the boys names on the back, such a lovely idea.

I was hoping to make my usual felt robins, only slightly larger with the boys messages embroidered along the side, however F insisted on a Father Christmas decoration and who am I to disappoint?

Felix wrote his name on the bottom (obviously, I wrote C’s for him), there wasn’t much room for a longer message and I then machine embroidered over the pencil….should really have used an air eraser pen, ho-hum.

The boys drew cards and helped me to package Santa up with a couple of nice chocolates in each parcel.  I rather like them, they might be added to the shop next year with a bit of modification.

Well, I was planning to write more but since starting this post what was a pretty little bit of snow has turned into a full on heavy fall, we were due to pick F up with Carols in the playground later but I have a feeling we might get a call to collect him early.

The Tweed Bunny Purse giveaway still has a couple of days to run so do please do leave a comment on that post if you’d like to be entered.

Best dash!



I’ve just been looking at the referrals for this blog and see quite a few lovely people that kindly link here that I didn’t know about – hello! *waves*,  I’ve just updated my Google Reader list and I look forward to getting the chance to know everyone better and sorry its taken me so long.

It’s high time for a giveaway I think.

Most of the commissions that I’ve been working on have been Tweed Bunny Purses, with a few requested colours/designs (all for family and friends),

I can show you the above as the intended recipients don’t read my blog….oh don’t think….if they do….SURPRISE!!

And so I decided as I was already making so many specials, I’d  make one for this giveaway and here it is.  Well actually I’m fibbing, the below is also a commission but I’ll make one exactly the same.

I’m also giving away two sample purses, please don’t think I’m being cheap, there are minor flaws but they are still of a standard

above the white ribbon that holds the beads is slightly showing in places, so I didn’t feel right selling it


and this is one of the original Tweed Bunny Purses, so is the slightly smaller size and the lining isn’t backed with interfacing (which all subsequent purses are).

Hope you don’t mind these minor flaws.

It’s simple, just leave a comment by Sunday 19th December, nothing more and I’ll pick the winners on the Monday; the first name out will get the black beaded purse, second the brown beaded one and third the original with red ribbon bow.   I’m also happy to ship worldwide, it just might take a while to arrive.

Hope that makes sense, I wont be able to reply to comments to keep the numbers correct but I appreciate the time anyone takes to drop by and say hello, it’s always a pleasure 🙂

Dusting off the Baubles…

I’m feeling very relaxed tonight, about half an hour ago I finally finished my last commission piece, I still have some gifts to make but it lifts the pressure a lot to know that I haven’t let anyone down and they will get their promised products with plenty of time to wrap and post.

I’m looking forward to some time to tidy around the house and prepare for Christmas at a slower pace,

we bought our tree last weekend (please excuse the missing skirting board and wire but this is still very much a ‘house-in-progress’), I confess to a very hasty decorating hour as I simply didn’t have the time I normally would to relax and enjoy it, ideally with a nice glass of something Christmassy whilst I ‘work’.  I did make the effort to be quite nicely colour coordinated but F had his own plans and over the week has added every decoration in the box to the tree and the few that are too heavy he has hung on all the door/draw knobs!

Sitting on the top of the tree is the Fairy I made last year, a fabric version of my Gran’s vintage one as her’s is getting too fragile to use, you can see where the recent Fairy/Ballerina Mice began in her pink silk dress.

And there are plenty of multi-coloured birds that again were made last year (more of which are available in The Shop, sadly I didn’t get around to make more fairies).

I so love the birds and another of my favourite decorations that come our every year are the red pompoms

Genius idea, not mine I’ll add I bought these in the Sale some years ago from Pedlars.

We have quite a busy weekend planned with F’s School Fair and all our cards to write, not to mention Teachers gifts to make.  I am also planning a giveaway in the next post, slightly overdue but better late than never.  For tonight, it’s Thai takeaway and maybe a bit more decorating, this time at a nice leisurely pace 🙂


The snow means sewing had to be put on hold as the kids were off school most of last week and I had plenty to do including bake bread as our local village Tesco was restricting all customers to 1 bread product only (I kid you not). We survived, I was a Brownie you know and like a challenge; I must admit though, I am very relieved that our underfloor heating went in earlier this year as quite frankly, it’s a tad nippy out there.

So, as the title suggests, after a day of blatant TV bribery on Friday I finally finished the Supermice and here they are :

There is a definite nod towards retro Robin costume (as in Batman & ) and I like them, although I didn’t make many and some are already spoken for, the rest are listed here.  They are quite difficult to photograph in the dimmed light, the colours are maroon and yellow with capes in the same ‘Burlesque Red’ linen used for the Foxes suits.

C took a fancy to the mice all the way through and kept running away with capes, masks and eventually finished mice so I promised him one of his very own, I was thinking of a Christmas stocking filler but no, apparently he wasn’t willing to wait that long so I spent Saturday running up two extra mice for the boys (F also demanded one, his reaction to the originals was ‘cool, I like them’ which is praise indeed from a 5 yr old obsessed with plastic toys).

I wasn’t entirely excited by the boys colour combinations but I said they could choose and both were very happy with their Supermouse & Starmouse (as named by F who asked for stars on his Christmas Elf Mouse sorry, I mean Starmouse).

They played with them for the rest of the day and took them to bed, what more could I ask for 🙂