The snow means sewing had to be put on hold as the kids were off school most of last week and I had plenty to do including bake bread as our local village Tesco was restricting all customers to 1 bread product only (I kid you not). We survived, I was a Brownie you know and like a challenge; I must admit though, I am very relieved that our underfloor heating went in earlier this year as quite frankly, it’s a tad nippy out there.

So, as the title suggests, after a day of blatant TV bribery on Friday I finally finished the Supermice and here they are :

There is a definite nod towards retro Robin costume (as in Batman & ) and I like them, although I didn’t make many and some are already spoken for, the rest are listed here. ย They are quite difficult to photograph in the dimmed light, the colours are maroon and yellow with capes in the same ‘Burlesque Red’ linen used for the Foxes suits.

C took a fancy to the mice all the way through and kept running away with capes, masks and eventually finished mice so I promised him one of his very own, I was thinking of a Christmas stocking filler but no, apparently he wasn’t willing to wait that long so I spent Saturday running up two extra mice for the boys (F also demanded one, his reaction to the originals was ‘cool, I like them’ which is praise indeed from a 5 yr old obsessed with plastic toys).

I wasn’t entirely excited by the boys colour combinations but I said they could choose and both were very happy with their Supermouse & Starmouse (as named by F who asked for stars on his Christmas Elf Mouse sorry, I mean Starmouse).

They played with them for the rest of the day and took them to bed, what more could I ask for ๐Ÿ™‚

8 thoughts on “Supermouse..!

  1. Yet more fantastic creations Beth.

    You’re gonna have to stop tempting me though – the OH might stop my allowance :0)

    Hope you’re having a great weekend. Our snow is nearly all gone.

    Jill x

  2. Glorious Beth, again my son would have loved one of these as a lad….it would have gone into the top of his Christmas stocking. I can see why your boys could not wait til Christmas to get their hands on their super supermice!
    The thaw is kicking in here so life may get back to normal tomorrow?
    Take care,
    Jane x

  3. Well you’ve got the thumbs up from the superhero critics, I reckon you can’t do better than that!!!
    They are really great, I love their little masks. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Vivienne x

  4. No wonder your boys love them…..I’ve just bought a couple for my boys before they all disappear – and since they love soft toys and superheroes I know they will be very happy when Christmas comes.
    Hope this next week falls back into place for you. I think our school will be open tomorrow – yippee!
    Our Tesco did the opposite to yours, i.e. no restrictions, and after Monday had no bread and later in the week started running out of flour. Mad. I resorted to buying v. expensive rolls from the deli for our lunch party yesterday as I really couldn’t face making any more. Juliex

  5. They’re fab Beth. The 60’s Robin costume was my oldest’s superhero outfit of choice and we’ve got some fab photos of him striking poses! He may well be tempted, even though he’s 9 and therefore too cool for school (or superhero mice)! Jane x

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