Dusting off the Baubles…

I’m feeling very relaxed tonight, about half an hour ago I finally finished my last commission piece, I still have some gifts to make but it lifts the pressure a lot to know that I haven’t let anyone down and they will get their promised products with plenty of time to wrap and post.

I’m looking forward to some time to tidy around the house and prepare for Christmas at a slower pace,

we bought our tree last weekend (please excuse the missing skirting board and wire but this is still very much a ‘house-in-progress’), I confess to a very hasty decorating hour as I simply didn’t have the time I normally would to relax and enjoy it, ideally with a nice glass of something Christmassy whilst I ‘work’.  I did make the effort to be quite nicely colour coordinated but F had his own plans and over the week has added every decoration in the box to the tree and the few that are too heavy he has hung on all the door/draw knobs!

Sitting on the top of the tree is the Fairy I made last year, a fabric version of my Gran’s vintage one as her’s is getting too fragile to use, you can see where the recent Fairy/Ballerina Mice began in her pink silk dress.

And there are plenty of multi-coloured birds that again were made last year (more of which are available in The Shop, sadly I didn’t get around to make more fairies).

I so love the birds and another of my favourite decorations that come our every year are the red pompoms

Genius idea, not mine I’ll add I bought these in the Sale some years ago from Pedlars.

We have quite a busy weekend planned with F’s School Fair and all our cards to write, not to mention Teachers gifts to make.  I am also planning a giveaway in the next post, slightly overdue but better late than never.  For tonight, it’s Thai takeaway and maybe a bit more decorating, this time at a nice leisurely pace 🙂

9 thoughts on “Dusting off the Baubles…

  1. Oh I wish we had a Thai takeaway near here. Enjoy your relaxing. So pleased to hear you have a little more breathing space now.
    I love your book storage under thge window, it works really well without cluttering your walls. We have far too many books and they make things very cluttered – but I can’t bear to part with them. Juliex

  2. I promise I didn’t even notice the lack of skirting board or the wires :0)

    Your Xmas tree looks absolutely beautiful Beth. Your little birds sit very nicely within its branches. And, I love, love, love your Xmas fairy. She’s very stylish. We’ve got a little felt star on the top of ours, which I love, but Violet keeps telling everyone that it’s a starfish!

    Make sure you get chance to sit down with a nice glass (or two) of something Christmassy this weekend – it sounds like it’s gonna be a busy one.

    Jill x

  3. Like Jill I didn’t notice the missing skirting either, I was too busy looking at your tree!
    The birds look lovely on it and your fairy is stunning!
    Have a relaxing weekend. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  4. Hi Beth, that is a very beautiful tree there! We have just decorated ours too, everything is looking very festive now. Enjoy your final preparations in the countdown to christmas, it really is fast approaching now.SO exciting!
    PS my gorgeous lavender birds arrived in the week and I’m so pleased with them, one is for me and one for my Mum, many many thanks.
    Love Jane x

  5. Ah, it’s a nice feeling knowing you’re on top of things. I am decidedly underneath things at the moment because of snow last week and now poorly isla, but like you I have finished all my shop orders… just got to do the orders from friends and will hopefully meet myself coming back somewhere in the middle of next week!

    Tree and house looks LOVERLY!

  6. What a lovely tree, Beth, and your birdies are just perfect for it!

    I wouldn’t noticed anything missing anywhere either, it’s a lovely and festive picture!

    Great that you’ve finished your commissions, I still have one big to go…

    Happy weekend!


  7. The tree looks gorgeous Beth.
    We’ve decided against a real tree again this year as I’m convinced youngest will have it over. And seeing as the boys have helped decorate it, it doesn’t look like the most glamours tree!
    Love the birds, the colours really stand out.
    Hope you enjoyed your Thai!

  8. I’m assuming all notions of a co-ordinated tree are doomed for the next decade or so, especially once santas made from toilet roll etc are brought home from school!

    Love the fairy though. Very like the one we had as kids that has long since vanished.

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