I’ve just been looking at the referrals for this blog and see quite a few lovely people that kindly link here that I didn’t know about – hello! *waves*,  I’ve just updated my Google Reader list and I look forward to getting the chance to know everyone better and sorry its taken me so long.

It’s high time for a giveaway I think.

Most of the commissions that I’ve been working on have been Tweed Bunny Purses, with a few requested colours/designs (all for family and friends),

I can show you the above as the intended recipients don’t read my blog….oh don’t think….if they do….SURPRISE!!

And so I decided as I was already making so many specials, I’d  make one for this giveaway and here it is.  Well actually I’m fibbing, the below is also a commission but I’ll make one exactly the same.

I’m also giving away two sample purses, please don’t think I’m being cheap, there are minor flaws but they are still of a standard

above the white ribbon that holds the beads is slightly showing in places, so I didn’t feel right selling it


and this is one of the original Tweed Bunny Purses, so is the slightly smaller size and the lining isn’t backed with interfacing (which all subsequent purses are).

Hope you don’t mind these minor flaws.

It’s simple, just leave a comment by Sunday 19th December, nothing more and I’ll pick the winners on the Monday; the first name out will get the black beaded purse, second the brown beaded one and third the original with red ribbon bow.   I’m also happy to ship worldwide, it just might take a while to arrive.

Hope that makes sense, I wont be able to reply to comments to keep the numbers correct but I appreciate the time anyone takes to drop by and say hello, it’s always a pleasure 🙂

60 thoughts on “Giveaway…hurrah!

  1. Good morning Beth. What a fab giveaway – do you think I’ll be lucky enough to win another of your wonderful creations? I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    Wishing you a lovely day.
    Jill x

  2. Hurrah indeed, what a fantastically generous giveaway. I’d already had my eye on one of these so I’d love to win!
    Have a lovely Christmas. Jane x

  3. Your blog is such an inspiration to me. I’m a beginning sewist and there is no way I could make anything as lovely as even your sample bunny-purses. Thanks for giving me the chance to win one!

  4. I’ve only recently found your blog and have fallen in love with your cute creations. I’d love to be entered for your giveaway.

  5. What a fabulous creation- please enter me for this prize. Your blog has really inspired me to get my needle and thread out. Thank you.

  6. Oooh lovely Beth, thank you, I do enjoy a giveaway! You are quite a perfectionist with your work (sadly I am too), they do not look like flaws at all but I know how you feel about pointing them out! I would be delighted to win any of them. Let’s hope this artic swirl does not descend again as promised later this week??
    Take care, Jane x

  7. Well I know I have my gorgeous green bunny purse but there’s always room for another bunny in my house!!!
    Have a great week Beth! 🙂
    Vivienne x

  8. i have just won a fab give away over at Silkie Sue’s blog and feel a little guilty entering another…..but I can’t resist!!!!
    please put me in the hat!

  9. How lovely! And honestly, now that I’ve seen the fairy mouse, I can’t really believe these have any imperfections! Merry Christmas.

  10. These are gorgeous! I love the detail that you add to all the ‘pretties’ that you make – and useful too. I wonder if it’s a lucky omen that Monday is my birthday…….

  11. I feel I shouldn’t enter having been the lucky winner of your Christmas give-away last year, but those bunnies are just too darn cute and stylish (words which don’t often go together!), so please can I join in your giveaway (again!).
    Anne x

  12. I love all your little critters…all the little details are fantastic. My sister loves rabbits so if I win this cute little purse is going to her.

  13. Hello, I love your purses….in fact all your work. Everything is so well designed and neatly made. I would love to be entered into your prize draw. happy Christmas!

  14. Hello – I’d love to enter too. If I win I might give the bunny to my daughter… no I lie, she’s far too little, I’ll keep him myself ha ha ha.

    Can’t remember if I commented before or not, but your mice this Christmas are just SO gorgeous. If you’re still making them in a couple of years I’ll definitely be buying one from you.

    Happy Christmas!

  15. Hi Beth, I found this blog through your gardening one – a whole new side to you! You are obviously very talented, those bags look wonderful, a great design and well made. Not to mention your foxes, and mice and everything else. They’re beautiful, I love your attention to detail. I am so impressed that you manage to find time to blog at all, let alone twice, with all that gardening, cooking, sewing and small children to take care of! I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

    I’ve just dug my sewing machine out of storage and taken it back to the house – really hoping to find time to start sewing in the next few months now that the house is settling (well – after a few more nights of manic glossing of woodwork, ho hum). I’m completely inspired by all the lovely sewing and quilting blogs out there, and your work is quite fabulous.

    Sara xxx

  16. How sweet – they are just adorable, hope I’m a lucky winner! I’ve just recently found your blog, I shall be hanging around for a bit of a read.

  17. Yay! I just discovered your blog last week (via Blueberry Park) and had to go right back through the archives – I was so inspired. You make beautiful things and I would be delighted to win a bunny purse.

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  18. It’s always a pleasure to drop by and see your latest creations. You are a great inspiration and produce the most beautiful work, and your blog is such a nice read. Merry Christmas and thanks for such a lovely giveaway – I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed and wishing that I might win 🙂

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