Christmas is coming….arghhhh!

This week has flown by in a blur, both the boys have various parties/concerts/non-uniform events and all on different days in different places so I’ve been mostly out and about.  I still have a few things to sew, items that could be left if I don’t find the time so not too stressful and I have just finished writing the last Christmas card which is one more thing to tick off the list.

This year’s cards have come from The Black Apple

and a new Festive stamp to add to my ever-expanding collection by Noolibird and bought from their shop on NOTH.

I’m also pleased to have ticked teachers gifts off the list earlier this week.  I had many ideas, I usually like to do something with the boys that they can get fully involved with.  F wanted to make soap snow globes again (just looked and not sure I ever blogged the ones we made last year…they were from a great post over at Alpha Mom and were such fun to do) and I’d planned to make jars of Biscotti after reading this great post at hardaker & pope but in the end we ran out of time and instead I took inspiration from the 2 little fellows above.  They are adorable and came from Sarah of Ditsy Bird, she kindly offered to paint the boys names on the back, such a lovely idea.

I was hoping to make my usual felt robins, only slightly larger with the boys messages embroidered along the side, however F insisted on a Father Christmas decoration and who am I to disappoint?

Felix wrote his name on the bottom (obviously, I wrote C’s for him), there wasn’t much room for a longer message and I then machine embroidered over the pencil….should really have used an air eraser pen, ho-hum.

The boys drew cards and helped me to package Santa up with a couple of nice chocolates in each parcel.  I rather like them, they might be added to the shop next year with a bit of modification.

Well, I was planning to write more but since starting this post what was a pretty little bit of snow has turned into a full on heavy fall, we were due to pick F up with Carols in the playground later but I have a feeling we might get a call to collect him early.

The Tweed Bunny Purse giveaway still has a couple of days to run so do please do leave a comment on that post if you’d like to be entered.

Best dash!


14 thoughts on “Christmas is coming….arghhhh!

  1. I love your Santas Beth, I’m sure the teachers will be thrilled with them!!
    We have so much snow here is unbelievable and it’s still snowing, I really wish it would stop now!!
    Have a great weekend! 🙂
    Vivienne x

    1. Thanks Vivienne, I hope you are enjoying a rest and having a nice peaceful run up to the big event. Have a lovely Christmas! Bx

  2. You are definitely a lady of taste – those Xmas cards are beautiful.
    Thanks for the tips about teacher’s gifts – I suppose this will be me next year :0) Love the Snowglobe Soap, it’s such a great idea.
    Love your Santa’s too – F’s & C’s teachers will love them. I’m sure if you make some for your shop, they’ll be a huge hit and sell really well.
    Hope the snow doesn’t cause you too much trouble. Violet and I went out in a blizzard this morning in order to post some Xmas parcels at the PO. I looked like a snowman by the time I got there. Brrrr!!!
    Keep warm
    Jill x

    1. The snowglobe soaps rock! My main tip would be to make sure you buy a super clear base soap as ours were a bit cloudy but the boys really enjoyed making them. Hope you are also keeping warm 🙂 Bx

  3. The santa’s are great. I’m quite lucky as J’s school don’t encourage gifts for the teachers! Which I’m pleased about as I have A with chicken pox so I haven’t done half of what I’d planned to do this week and now I’m just waiting to see if the other 2 come down with it!
    Hope the snow doesn’t get too much.
    Jenny x

    1. I was really sorry to read about A’s chicken pox, I hope you’re not up to your eyes in spotty, itchy children? For some reason ours never get it, despite being around kids quite a few times who are infected, I almost want to get it over with.

      Hope you aren’t playing Nurse and are having some time to relax a little and enjoy the Festivities a little. Bx

  4. Hi Beth, I love those snow globes, I might have a go myself. Luckily I am long past the days of teacher’s presents, yours are lucky to get such beautifully crafted gifts, they would do well in your shop I am sure.
    It’s snowing here and I am supposed to be driving to rural Surrey for a work party tonight..hmmmm, not sure I will get there.
    Have a great weekend, the last before the big day!
    Jane x

    1. Thanks Jane, I try to make little things that the boys are involved with (teachers got strawberry jam at the end of the school year, which the boys ‘helped’ to make). Hope the snow isn’t ruining all your plans? Bx

  5. Ooh, I love the papercut-esque ink stamp, I haven’t seen those before! And fabulous christmas ideas. I am going for the astoundingly original bake-biscuits-and-get-the-toddler-to-colour-in-tags approach.

    1. Oh I think biscuits is a great idea, it was our plan, one I didn’t list was to make giant US style cookies with the boys but we kind of ran out of time. The stamps are lovely, they need a bit of practice to make sure the whole surface prints but it’s worth it as they look great once done. Bx

    1. Thanks, my oldest had quite a bit of input into the design, he is quite particular about how Santa looks, especially having met him at the school fair recently 😉 Bx

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