Poppy Loves: Egg Cosy Giveaway…

There’s a giveaway and a very lovely bit of blurb about me over at Poppy Loves, you can win a¬†couple of my Blossom Egg Cosies should you enter and even if you’re not in the market for egg cosies, Poppy has a great blog featuring all sorts of goodies and is well worth following.

For the eagle eyed amongst you, yes there will be tea cosies to follow in the Spring ūüôā



Organised mess…

To the untrained eye it all looks a bit messy…

you might suggest it would be a good idea to finish one project before starting another…

but I can’t, I have so many things I want to make and yet many areas of stock that need replenishing so I keep jumping from one project to another as the whim takes me. ¬†I am going to make a concerted effort to actually finish a few things this week and tidy up my studio. ¬†Hopefully, soon, I will have new things to show you, unless I get sidetracked into starting something else that is ūüėČ

Tudor Boy…

I’m having the nicest day, not entirely sure why. ¬†I think as for many, January has been proving a bit of a challenge but I just went downstairs to make a coffee and for a brief moment the sun came out, suddenly I remembered why we have so much glass in this house as it streamed through, highlighting my dirty windows but making me smile. ¬†I’m also listening to Simon & Garfunkel whilst I sew, I really feel in the mood for harmonies and as there’s no-one here but me I can sing along to my heart’s content.

And so, we had a letter from school a while ago telling us that to accompany the children’s¬†learning could we please dress them in Tudor costume for a day, oh and if we like we can buy them an outfit from a recommended site for ¬£30 (oddly, the same company that are coming in to teach the kids more about living in that period). ¬†I then moaned on twitter about providing a costume to be worn for one day and about the expectation from some that because I used to be a Costume Designer that it’s easy for me to whip one up in a moment. ¬†It doesn’t really work like that, I find it quite difficult not to over think these things and make full on mini period costumes that take me hours and along with the cost of fabrics this just¬†doesn’t scale. ¬†Then I stopped moaning and decided to get on with it and in the end rather enjoyed myself!

I even made an outfit for a friend’s daughter (I do think these things are especially hard on parents who can’t sew or have more than 1 child in the age group).

For F, I made an outfit that will also double as a Pirate costume afterwards. ¬†I did cut the doublet pattern correctly for the period but obviously stitched it on the machine and used fabrics from my stash. ¬†F is most concerned that I’ve chased a pheasant around the garden and stolen some feathers for the hat, he’s not convinced they are ones we’ve picked up on our walks.

He also took the posing for camera this morning quite seriously, this is his, “Oh, look! ¬†The Vikings are coming” pose. ¬†I have no idea why Vikings are involved, he’s 5.

I’m thinking the shirt is very New Romantic, I hear ‘Stand and Deliver’ in my head each time I look at it. ¬†I may have gone a little overboard in the fullness of the sleeves.

Obviously, I could have cobbled something together quickly, or bought on-line but I decided it would be good to practice my skills plus I did buy his last costume from Tesco’s¬†(a Shepherd’s outfit for ¬£8 and you even got a sheep!) and I did really enjoy myself, more importantly he was very happy so that makes it worth it.

Back to S & G and sewing I think, make the most of my one full day at home child free, much as I love my boys it’s so nice to get a little time to myself ūüôā

Waving the flag…


I’ve not had a lot of time this week for blogging (reading or writing), I’ve been very lucky to have a few blog awards passed along (thank you ladies, you know who you are) which I do need to attend to but right now, I want to make sure this post gets written and actually published, whilst I remember.

Catherine over at Original Stitch has written a great post about buying British handmade, she is collecting comments on her blog from British makers with the plan to pick one at ¬†random, buy one of their products and use it for a blog giveaway. ¬†Great idea, don’t you think? ¬†So do please pop over there, have a read and get involved and ideally visit the other lovely makers who have left their details.

And so, I wanted to list some of my favourite buys from UK artists. ¬†Sorry if I’ve bought from you but not included your work, I have such a huge iPhoto¬†library it was quite difficult finding images and as you’ll see there are often repeat artists, I do go back for more when I’ve bought something I like, I make no apologies for this! ¬†I don’t buy handmade for the sake of it, I buy it because there are some amazing pieces of work out there made by super, talented people and while most of the below are Folksy sellers, I also shop on Etsy, from makers Worldwide, maybe good for a post another day?

Traffic Jam Bunting by nickynackynoo

British biscuit box by Treaclezoo

Doris and Sydney by Sarah Carr

Pocket mirror, one of many purchases from Hide n Seek/Hidden Eloise

Stained Glass Bird by Through the Round Window

Crochet Flower Necklace (or bracelet) by Isamo Crochet

Silver Cuff by Jemima Lumley

Children’s pencil Scarf, again by¬†Sarah Carr

Jemima Lumley, sadly these weren’t for me, but gifts for my family, I’d happily buy Jemima’s entire shop

the best and most loved Superhero costume by iwishiwasa…

Fox brooch by Joanna Rutter

Locket, again from Hide n Seek/Hidden Eloise

Robot Cushion, yet again by¬†Sarah Carr (I ¬†promise, I don’t get commission)

Hand pulled Pug notebooks by Sarah Waterhouse

Remembrance Poppy by Wychbury

I think I’ll stop there, I could keep hunting and listing many lovely things I’ve bought from UK sellers and if I covered the rest of the world we’d be here for some time. ¬†Sorry for the quick post, I had intended to spend more time explaining why I buy handmade but to be honest I feel pretty sure everyone reading this post already knows. ¬†Besides, I’m super busy running a children’s Tudor Costume sweatshop here at Rock Cottage HQ, no actual children are involved (except for modeling purposes), just me and my need to over think things, more in the next post ūüôā

It’s raining, it’s pouring (again)…

Everything is sopping wet. ¬†To be honest I don’t mind, the dirt on the roads and pavements after the snow was really quite depressing and I’m happy it’s all getting washed away, plus it means I can hole up in the house, sewing and baking and pretending I can’t see all the mess and dust that I should be dealing with (I so need a cleaner).

I have lists both on paper and in my head of things I’d like to make, new products, things that never made it into the shop last year and new colour ways of firm favourites. ¬†I go to sleep each night with this list running through my head then I suddenly think of another thing to add, it never stops really, my head is very busy.

The big difference is I am under no pressure (other than my own) to do anything, I can make as much or as little as I like and I do prefer to work this way, especially after the madness of the end of last year.

For this reason I have a number of projects on the go, but most of the week I’ve been batching up new Lavender Owls. ¬†I ran out last Autumn but after rustling some up for the Saint Patrick’s Trian Visitor Complex I remembered how nice they are and how cheerful the colours and I felt in the mood for bright stripes, so here they are

listed on Folksy

but for now, not on my Linen Cat site as I’m busy creating a new one with a different hosting company which I hope to make live soon. ¬†Or not. ¬†It all depends on what I decide to do off the list next ūüôā


The boys were back in school/pre-school today and I’ll admit I was ready for it. ¬†Normally after a break I feel sad about them returning and it has to be said, I loath school mornings with a passion but much as I have enjoyed the Christmas break, ¬†I am ready for some peace and quiet and for things to return to a normal routine.

After finishing a book on my new Kindle (thanks husband :)) and laying on the spare bed in the studio listening to the birds and general quiet I got to work stuffing the above lavender bags for the Saint Patrick’s Trian Visitor Complex in Armagh, I’m so pleased they have placed another order, I’m still thrilled to have my work in a real bricks and mortar shop.

Christmas was lovely, spent with family and friends, although in reality we were all slightly suffering from the dreaded ‘forever cold’ along with half of the country so it was quite tiring. ¬† I avoided blogging presents where the recipients might be reading, now they have all been given out, here are a few.

The above is a print bought for my sister from the fabulous Dee Beale which I had framed along with a couple of others I bought in the past year for myself, also from Dee. (The frames were bought here)

There was a new style monster purse for my Godson, as dictated by the boys who insisted it had ‘spikes’, one eye and chose the colours. ¬†These will be made for the shop at some point.

There has also been some Sale shopping, on-line as always, we did drive to Bluewater one day but diverted to Wear ‘M Out after seeing the¬†queues to park.

After the success of crackers bought last year (they were great and contained proper things that you actually want to use), I dropped into the¬†Jme Sale and bought some loose tea, ¬†I’m a bit partial to mint and herbal and also rather fancied the jars. ¬†The Ingrid Beaker is by Donna Wilson (non-sale) and the teapot is the Stump Teapot by ForLife which I bought here, you can buy it all over and in many colours but this was the cheapest place I found for white.

Of course, for me no sale season would be complete without attempting a purchase from Orla K.  I was quick off the mark this year and managed the buy the above dress

and a laptop bag for my beloved MacBook Air. ¬†I should show you some of the lovely gifts I received but I’ll save that for another post as this is turning into a bit of a ramble.

I really am a very lucky girl, we’ve had a great year and I’m rather looking forward to 2011 so may I wish you all a Happy New Year, hope it’s a good one ūüôā