The boys were back in school/pre-school today and I’ll admit I was ready for it.  Normally after a break I feel sad about them returning and it has to be said, I loath school mornings with a passion but much as I have enjoyed the Christmas break,  I am ready for some peace and quiet and for things to return to a normal routine.

After finishing a book on my new Kindle (thanks husband :)) and laying on the spare bed in the studio listening to the birds and general quiet I got to work stuffing the above lavender bags for the Saint Patrick’s Trian Visitor Complex in Armagh, I’m so pleased they have placed another order, I’m still thrilled to have my work in a real bricks and mortar shop.

Christmas was lovely, spent with family and friends, although in reality we were all slightly suffering from the dreaded ‘forever cold’ along with half of the country so it was quite tiring.   I avoided blogging presents where the recipients might be reading, now they have all been given out, here are a few.

The above is a print bought for my sister from the fabulous Dee Beale which I had framed along with a couple of others I bought in the past year for myself, also from Dee. (The frames were bought here)

There was a new style monster purse for my Godson, as dictated by the boys who insisted it had ‘spikes’, one eye and chose the colours.  These will be made for the shop at some point.

There has also been some Sale shopping, on-line as always, we did drive to Bluewater one day but diverted to Wear ‘M Out after seeing the queues to park.

After the success of crackers bought last year (they were great and contained proper things that you actually want to use), I dropped into the Jme Sale and bought some loose tea,  I’m a bit partial to mint and herbal and also rather fancied the jars.  The Ingrid Beaker is by Donna Wilson (non-sale) and the teapot is the Stump Teapot by ForLife which I bought here, you can buy it all over and in many colours but this was the cheapest place I found for white.

Of course, for me no sale season would be complete without attempting a purchase from Orla K.  I was quick off the mark this year and managed the buy the above dress

and a laptop bag for my beloved MacBook Air.  I should show you some of the lovely gifts I received but I’ll save that for another post as this is turning into a bit of a ramble.

I really am a very lucky girl, we’ve had a great year and I’m rather looking forward to 2011 so may I wish you all a Happy New Year, hope it’s a good one 🙂

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  1. Oh – I love the owls at the top!!! So cute! Looks like you did very well over Christmas….good for you! The dress and the laptop bag are great items! Can’t wait to see what you whip up in 2011…..Happy New Year. mary

    • I was a lucky girl Mary, my family know what I like. I’ve been busy making new owls this week, funny as I haven’t made them for a while but they’ve been really enjoyable to do so I’m thinking of adding more owl products, time permitting. Bethx

  2. I was in two minds about the boys going back , pleased because the bickering was driving me insane but sad because I was finally getting lie ins until 8am, the first time in just over six years!. Waiting for the monster purses x

    • I can’t imagine ever having a lie-in again! In fact, when I do get the rare chance I sadly wake at 7.30 as I just can’t sleep longer (although 7.30 every day would be an improvement). Monster purses are next on my list. Bethx

  3. Happy New Year Beth!
    Some lovely purchases, especially Orla!!! 🙂
    It’s great that you got another order from St Patrick’s Trian, you see the people in N.I. know a good thing when they see it!!! 🙂
    Vivienne x

  4. Happy New Year Beth x
    I agree about the kids going back to school. I hate the school run and having to drag the 2 younger kids along with me but I have to admit we have all (even though the kids wouldn’t openly agree) missed the routine.
    Hope you are all over your colds, the kids are slowly getting over chicken pox hopefully we can now have a few weeks without becoming ill!
    Love your Orla dress and I love the print on the laptop bag, every season I could buy one of her bags. I should be contented with the two I have, I blame Orla, her designs are such classics.
    Right best go and cook tea!
    Take care Jenny x

    • Hi Jenny, I do hope everyone is back to full health in your house, it’s about time isn’t it? I feel like these Winter bugs have had their turn now. The Orla K sale so tempting, even though things still aren’t cheap the fact they are often half price draws me in. I have no will power……and now no money – lol! Bethx

    • Hi Lyn. The frame site is quite good but I think the P&P means you need to be ordering a few frames at a time for it to be worth it. They were super quick though and well made. Bethx

  5. Mmmmmm I like the bag….I have also been to the sales and guess what I bought (amongst other things)…2 bags-LOL. You gave some beautiful gifts at Christmas, I am sure the recipients were delighted. Happy New Year Beth, keep that relaxation going.
    Jane x

    • Thank you Helen, I’ve just been over to your blog which is great, I can see I have lots of back reading to do over a nice coffee and some cake later. Bethx

    • Hi Justine, I saw the lovely Kindle bag you made, funny how we ‘sewing’ folk think as one of my first thoughts on the day was ‘ohhh, this needs a nice bag to keep it neat’. They are addictive, need to keep my Kindle book buying down as fear I’ll never read the huge stack of paper ones sitting by my bed! Bethx

  6. Hi Beth
    Happy New year! Thank you so much for our lovely presents Toby absolutely loves his monster purse it hasn’t left him since he got it, he has also managed to fill it!! I love the mug coasters from handmade by Mia. The boys pressy’s are on their way via your mum. take care! Emxx

  7. Hi Beth,

    I only found out at Christmas that my good friend, Christine, at St. Patrick’s Trian had been commissioning orders from you. I understand she was really thrilled with the owl lavender bags I gifted her last year and was inspired to get in touch. Glad it’s working out for you both – I’m told your products are going down very well.


    • Hi Melanie,

      So I have you to thank! I did wonder where the link was, I only found out quite recently that it was Christine receiving some gifts that had started the whole ball rolling (I usually email with Joy), thank you so much as the lovely folk at SPT have been wonderful to me offering a deal that I couldn’t refuse and it really is a thrill to have my work in a shop (I don’t generally offer wholesale as the standard percentage doesn’t leave me with enough profit). Made my day that they just placed another order, I need to really decided on my wholesale stance this year and get my act into gear.


  8. There’s a little award for you in my blog, Beth!

    Love the owls from the beginning to finish, so pretty! And the colors… perfect!

    Happy Tuesday!


  9. Hi, browsing the net I saw these monster purses. Is it at all possible to buy a couple for my boys?
    Thanks, Danielle

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