It’s raining, it’s pouring (again)…

Everything is sopping wet.  To be honest I don’t mind, the dirt on the roads and pavements after the snow was really quite depressing and I’m happy it’s all getting washed away, plus it means I can hole up in the house, sewing and baking and pretending I can’t see all the mess and dust that I should be dealing with (I so need a cleaner).

I have lists both on paper and in my head of things I’d like to make, new products, things that never made it into the shop last year and new colour ways of firm favourites.  I go to sleep each night with this list running through my head then I suddenly think of another thing to add, it never stops really, my head is very busy.

The big difference is I am under no pressure (other than my own) to do anything, I can make as much or as little as I like and I do prefer to work this way, especially after the madness of the end of last year.

For this reason I have a number of projects on the go, but most of the week I’ve been batching up new Lavender Owls.  I ran out last Autumn but after rustling some up for the Saint Patrick’s Trian Visitor Complex I remembered how nice they are and how cheerful the colours and I felt in the mood for bright stripes, so here they are

listed on Folksy

but for now, not on my Linen Cat site as I’m busy creating a new one with a different hosting company which I hope to make live soon.  Or not.  It all depends on what I decide to do off the list next 🙂

16 thoughts on “It’s raining, it’s pouring (again)…

  1. Good luck with the new website, Beth!

    It has been very wet in Leeds this week, but the sun has made an appearance this afternoon. A time for drinking tea, and making lists.

    It feels so weird not to have the heating on in January.

  2. Hi Beth – it’s pouring down here too :0(
    I walked into town this morning and spotted some beautiful Emerald coloured Rowan Cacoon yarn (a whole pack for just £40, instead of £80+). I ummmed and ahhhhed about it for ages, but put it back in the bargain bin. Now I’m kicking myself for not buying it. Green seems to be my colour of choice at the moment for some reason.
    Love your stripey owls Beths – they look very cheerful for a murky day.
    Good luck with your lists and new blog host.
    Jill x

  3. Snowing and freezing here 😦

    I love the way your owls come to live in these pictures, and the colors are so beautiful! I am finding it hard to get a grip on my work still after holidays…Maybe it’s this depressing January?

    Have a happy weekend and joyful crafting, Beth!


  4. Grey and miserable here, those stripey owls are just the ticket!!
    Have a great weekend. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  5. It’s actually not too bad here for once , today we got to 11 degrees and had blue sky which was just lovely. It’s nice when you can do things at your own pace …. good job really as I’ve lost my mojo 😦

  6. The inside of your head sounds pretty much like mine – sometimes, after going to bed, I have to switch the light back on and write things down so I can get to sleep LOL!

    The owls are just gorgeous, so bright and cheery 🙂

  7. Hi Beth, lovely bright owls, great to see them. Your WIP sounds really interesting, good luck with it all. The sun is finally shining here and I hope it reaches you too, we have had a severe lack of sunshine so far this month.
    Have a productive but mellow week! Jane x

  8. The weather has been foul here too (although there was a small patch of blue sky this morning). It would be lovely to get some proper full sun…altho’ it would, no doubt, highlight my dirty windows, cobwebs and dust. i’m completely with you on the cleaner idea – it’s a big attraction for going back to work!
    Hope you get the chance to action some of your ideas and the new site goes well. Juliex

  9. Oh I can understand the thoughts that never stop!! How can you stop your brain from working!!! I have a pad that is getting very full with ideas of things I want to make and I know deep down that I will never make all of them! Looking forward to seeing your new web site

  10. These owls are adorable!! I know the feeling of lying in bed and my brain not being able to shut off. It is a wonderful and frustrating issue each night. 🙂

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