Waving the flag…


I’ve not had a lot of time this week for blogging (reading or writing), I’ve been very lucky to have a few blog awards passed along (thank you ladies, you know who you are) which I do need to attend to but right now, I want to make sure this post gets written and actually published, whilst I remember.

Catherine over at Original Stitch has written a great post about buying British handmade, she is collecting comments on her blog from British makers with the plan to pick one at  random, buy one of their products and use it for a blog giveaway.  Great idea, don’t you think?  So do please pop over there, have a read and get involved and ideally visit the other lovely makers who have left their details.

And so, I wanted to list some of my favourite buys from UK artists.  Sorry if I’ve bought from you but not included your work, I have such a huge iPhoto library it was quite difficult finding images and as you’ll see there are often repeat artists, I do go back for more when I’ve bought something I like, I make no apologies for this!  I don’t buy handmade for the sake of it, I buy it because there are some amazing pieces of work out there made by super, talented people and while most of the below are Folksy sellers, I also shop on Etsy, from makers Worldwide, maybe good for a post another day?

Traffic Jam Bunting by nickynackynoo

British biscuit box by Treaclezoo

Doris and Sydney by Sarah Carr

Pocket mirror, one of many purchases from Hide n Seek/Hidden Eloise

Stained Glass Bird by Through the Round Window

Crochet Flower Necklace (or bracelet) by Isamo Crochet

Silver Cuff by Jemima Lumley

Children’s pencil Scarf, again by Sarah Carr

Jemima Lumley, sadly these weren’t for me, but gifts for my family, I’d happily buy Jemima’s entire shop

the best and most loved Superhero costume by iwishiwasa…

Fox brooch by Joanna Rutter

Locket, again from Hide n Seek/Hidden Eloise

Robot Cushion, yet again by Sarah Carr (I  promise, I don’t get commission)

Hand pulled Pug notebooks by Sarah Waterhouse

Remembrance Poppy by Wychbury

I think I’ll stop there, I could keep hunting and listing many lovely things I’ve bought from UK sellers and if I covered the rest of the world we’d be here for some time.  Sorry for the quick post, I had intended to spend more time explaining why I buy handmade but to be honest I feel pretty sure everyone reading this post already knows.  Besides, I’m super busy running a children’s Tudor Costume sweatshop here at Rock Cottage HQ, no actual children are involved (except for modeling purposes), just me and my need to over think things, more in the next post 🙂

9 thoughts on “Waving the flag…

  1. I’ve been looking at the stores from this post and added some of them to my favourites!

    I can see a knitted cushion coming our way when the room is decorated and I’ve already bought prints from Hiden Seek – just gorgeous aren’t they? I like the stained glass too, maybe one for the kitchen window when spring arrives!!

  2. Lovely buys, Beth! And I should know you Brits make the most gorgeous things as I am constantly shopping them! Is it in your tea or… 😉 ?

    Happy and crafty week, Beth!


  3. Completely agree with all that you say (including lack of time at the moment!) – I’ll have to pop over to original sticth.
    Intrigued by your Tudor Costume sweatshop!

    Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, Juliex

  4. I think the pictures speak for themselves – we can all see why you buy UK handmade when the products are so great.
    I might just have to pop Teaclezoo for a box of those yummy looking biscuits – they’ll go great with Violet little kitchen :0)

    Jill x

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