Spring Birds…

I’m clearing more of my list in anticipation of not being able to do a lot of sewing next week.

This project has been sitting in a box since last March when I bought the fabric (Water Bouquet in mint by Amy Butler, bought from Saints and Pinners and blogged about here), cut out the pieces, made up the ribbon tails but got no further.  Quite simply I didn’t like my ribbon choices and never quite mustered the enthusiasm to stitch them together.

After a play around at my desk, I changed the tail colour and felt happy with my new choice.  It is very green but with the bright splashes of colour in the body works well, I did try some pink and some gold in with the green but it just looked messy.

The obligatory ‘lined-up’ shot, minus the eyes in this case.

I spent today attempting to photograph all the new stock, but it was really hard to capture the colours.  In the end I went for an over exposed shot of the Lavender Bird, even though it washes the colours out a little they are truer than when using the auto settings.

For now they are listed here on Folksy.  As I’m still working on the new site, I see little point adding new stock to the existing one (which is still very much up and running, I should add).

Phew, that’s another thing ticked off, right what’s next? 😉

Cashmere Bears and awards…

I’m still flitting from project to project but I knuckled down last week and completed some of the overdue re-stocking, starting with a new batch of cashmere bears.

I love these and I always seem to be down to my last one

horror of horrors (insert Psycho style scream here), I have now cut into my last batch of this gorgeous wool/cashmere mix fabric.  I so regret not buying every last meter, but there’s enough to make quite a few bears yet and then I’ll have to see if I can source something similar.

I’d planned to make another colour way but have got sidetracked half way through, so for now the original, with his woodland print belly patch can be found here and here.

I also mentioned a while back that I’ve had a couple of awards and like a naughty blogger, realise I haven’t said thank you yet, tut tut.

Mia was very kind to pass along the

award, which is for crafty-blogs which have less than 300 readers, to encourage more and more people to visit you and see your handmades.  Such a lovely idea and coming from one of my favourite blog friends a double pleasure, thank you Mia.

In case you haven’t read Mia’s lovely blog you can find it here and her shop of felted, tweedie, birdie goodness is here.

I was also passed along the ‘Stylish Blogger Award’ from Colette , many thanks Colette (again, a lovely blog so do pop over for a visit and Colette has a great Etsy, to be found here, I might be slightly in love with the cherry silk and lace Ella bag).  I should be listing seven interesting things about myself before passing along, but as I’ve been very lucky to have this challenge before, I’m having a bit of a block so I need to think for a while (let’s face it, obviously I’m just very dull ;)).

On a slightly random note, we have just returned from Bluewater where I was yet again fascinated by this

the All Saints shop with it’s (at least) 200 antique sewing machines in the window.  Sorry for the hastily taken iphoto image but I was being dragged along by small boys at the time

I especially like this one.  I think it’s kind of a cool display, but at the same time I feel sad for all those unused/unloved machines, I want to take them home and admire them individually.

As my own version, which came from my Gran and was the first machine I learnt to sew on is frequently moaned about for taking up space, goodness knows what I’d do with another 200 (besides, I’m not sure ram-raiding the All Saints store for it’s window display would go down very well).

A little Sunday randomness there, now back to watching the Scooby Doo Movie with the boys 🙂

Neat and tidy, tidy and neat…

I am being good at the moment and working through my many open projects, it feels nice to gradually empty all those plastic boxes stacked with half finished bits and bobs, turning this

into this

Oh how I love these neat little birds all lined up and looking tidy, this is only a third of the ones completed so far, the glass bead eyes take some time to sew but it’s quite therapeutic just sitting there hand sewing whilst the wind howls outside (the wind!!? what’s with the wind?  I keep expecting to be woken by Munchkins giggling, sadly not in my case, it’s usually the boys yelling).

I’m even getting some birds finished for next Christmas, these ones have been sitting in a box for over a year, I just never got around to stitching them together.

The bright colours have also been a pleasure to work with, I love little bits of felt and ribbon, although I fear the pink birds will be  nightmare to photograph properly, the bright pink always looks so muddy.  It did spur me to finally order something I’ve been after for a while, this gorgeous crochet forever flower garland by Emma Lamb

Emma was great to buy from, she took time to help me select my colours, sending images so I could make sure I was happy with my choice.

In fact the above photos belong to Emma, I haven’t put my new garland up yet, I’m determined to paint our fire surround white and then hang it as a reward.

Even the packaging was a delight.

So for the rest of today, I shall be sewing seed bead eyes and making a second batch of marmalade, oh happy days 🙂