Spring Birds…

I’m clearing more of my list in anticipation of not being able to do a lot of sewing next week.

This project has been sitting in a box since last March when I bought the fabric (Water Bouquet in mint by Amy Butler, bought from Saints and Pinners and blogged about here), cut out the pieces, made up the ribbon tails but got no further.  Quite simply I didn’t like my ribbon choices and never quite mustered the enthusiasm to stitch them together.

After a play around at my desk, I changed the tail colour and felt happy with my new choice.  It is very green but with the bright splashes of colour in the body works well, I did try some pink and some gold in with the green but it just looked messy.

The obligatory ‘lined-up’ shot, minus the eyes in this case.

I spent today attempting to photograph all the new stock, but it was really hard to capture the colours.  In the end I went for an over exposed shot of the Lavender Bird, even though it washes the colours out a little they are truer than when using the auto settings.

For now they are listed here on Folksy.  As I’m still working on the new site, I see little point adding new stock to the existing one (which is still very much up and running, I should add).

Phew, that’s another thing ticked off, right what’s next? 😉

13 thoughts on “Spring Birds…

  1. I really like these, Beth. And the green tails work beautifully – strange as I can see why you went for the pink first time. I love this fabric and have enjoyed using lots – the colours aren’t quite my usual but seem to wrok so well together.
    Good luck with working on your new shop. juliex

  2. The greens look fabulous together, a really great substitute for the pinks. I always wanted some of that fabric, but had absolutely nothing to use it for!

  3. The ribbon tails are absolutely gorgeous. Love the shades of green that you have used.

    I really enjoy seeing your progess posts, and especially when finished items are all lined up and the end. Not only are they lovely to look at, but it’s great inspiration for my own productivity…although lately I haven’t finished anything I’ve started!

    Hope you’re well x

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