Rabbit Egg Cosy Winners…

Wonky eared rabbits are you ready….?

Numbers, Messy Monster hat and assistant in the form of oldest son in his pj’s, are you ready….?

(long pause, dramatic flashing lights)

The winners are…

Comment 15, Cate (see her blog here) and…

35, Fiona of Fiona T.  Ladies, I’ve emailed you for address details then your bunnies will be on their way.  Thanks everyone for entering, I really appreciate all the lovely comments (as always, can’t reply as it messes up the numbers) I found lots of new blogs to add to my Google Reader list again, it’s one of the things I like most about doing giveaways.

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, I’m off to potter in the garden then we’ve promised the boys a trip to the cinema this afternoon, should be fun!

6 thoughts on “Rabbit Egg Cosy Winners…

  1. omg! 😀
    thankyou to you (but mostly to your lovely boy) for picking my number – i’ve never won anything, so a wonky eared rabbit has just made my day! it’ll fit in so well in my home of freaks and mis-shapes. *happy*

  2. High-five, Fiona! What a happy surprise to finish off the weekend. I can’t wait to show my little one the sweet bunny is hiding an egg for his breakfast.

  3. Expertly drawn by your son Beth…lucky ladies. I hope you had a lovely pm, I was able to get out in my garden ALL afternoon……sheer bliss in the spring sunshine,
    Jane x

  4. Yay for the winners!!

    I received my surprise in the post today Beth – thanks so much it cheered me up no end on a very sad day for me.

    You’re a real friend and the embroidery on the back is brilliant, thanks so so much!!

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