Better Late…

UPDATE: Doh, completely forgot to point out that the idea for making ‘Royal’ little birds is thanks to Claire of Love Poppet who left a comment on a past post with the suggestion. Sorry, Claire, not all with it today!

As always, I’m running behind, life has got in the way of the many plans I had.  I’ve given up on Mother’s Day again (there were some products I’d planned for last year, that also didn’t get made, ho-hum, maybe next year?), Easter is approaching fast and I’m way behind there as well.  I have, however, made some little birds in suitably ‘Royal’ colours for the Wedding.

I couldn’t bring myself to use cream or white, it just didn’t work so I’ve opted for red, blue and gold.  I quite like them and I’m happy for them to be in the shop after the Wedding.

Sadly they are shocking to photograph so the above is the best I can get, I need to take some over exposed shots, I think, but haven’t really got the time for a long play with the camera so these images will have to stay for now.  They are available here and here.

In other news, I’ve been lucky to be listed in the Mother’s Day blog post over at Create, along with some great sellers, so that’s rather nice.  M is away and the boys (well, C) has been ill, hence my lack of blogging in general.  It’s not been too bad, the first few nights were shocking with both boys awake and us all ending up top and tailing in the spare bed, but they’ve slept in their own beds since and the bonus of having C at home means I’ve got quite a bit of sewing and sorting done.

I’ve been enjoying finishing some open projects and re-stocks that have been waiting, half completed, in boxes

and one day, ideally before Easter, I actually hope to finish and list the new bunny purses.  Maybe 😉

PS, Still can’t leave comments on blogger blogs where they are left on the same page (with a separate pop-up box it’s working fine, although I’m saying ‘hi’ under my gmail account as WordPress wont link) so hello, I am still reading, I promise.

10 thoughts on “Better Late…

  1. The little dresses look so pretty and your new birds are such a clever idea. And as you say they’ll work well afterwards too – the colours are really weird, how strange…..but I’m sure that won’t put people off.
    Hope C improves and glad you didn’t have more nights with both boys not sleeping! Juliex

    • I have a crush on the Liberty Betsy print, I think it reminds me of my Gran and childhood, it always makes me happy to work in it, especially with crochet flowers! So need to learn to use my camera properly 🙂

  2. They are very regal colours Beth, I’ve always liked “royal blue”. They look great. I do hope your boys get fully well soon. At least the days are SO much lighter again. Take care,
    Jane x

    • Thanks Jane, we are ‘in-between’ sickness at the moment (C is well, F is yet to get sick and sadly, he will) but I agree, the sunlight and extra daylight hours make such a difference. Bethx

  3. I know it’ll make me sound mean, but I’m really pleased that it isn’t just me who has plans to make things but then misses the crucial time slot (i.e mum’s day/Easter). You always seem so on top of things, I’m always ashamed by my inability to actually get anything updated in my shop/blog.
    I know whatever you make will be gorgeous so it’ll be worth the wait, roll on next year then!

    Love the blue of the bunny, can’t wait to see it finished.
    c x

    • Oh I’m dreadful, some things have been on the design board for over 2 years and I keep thinking ‘one day’. It’s hard when you lead the double life of also being a Mum, I can never devote myself completely to my Linen Cat work, but hey, I wouldn’t swap it 🙂

      Yes, next year, definitely. Bx

    • Thank you 🙂 I got a full 9 hours last night! I went to bed very early in anticipation of the disruption but both boys slept through. I hope you have some equal luck soon as it is no fun at all. Bx

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