Sale Bunnies…

I hope all you Mothers out there had a lovely weekend (any everyone else, of course!).  M forgot, which is fine, we aren’t much into holidays in general around here and I think as I received flowers for the first time this year for Valentine’s that’s pretty decent going, besides the boys had both made me cards at school/pre-school which was lovely (I’ll point out now that M made up for it by being on parent duty all weekend and he has been away with work, only returning on Friday so I let him off).

We had our first BBQ on Sunday, after an attempt to visit the Museum of Kent Life on Saturday, which we abandoned in favour of Groombridge (it was way too busy, Groombridge was lovely) we decided to stay at home and avoid the crowds.  It was a whole blissful day in the garden with the kids running about in t-shirts, I even mowed the lawn for the first time this year!

Right, enough chatter, on with the post.  I’ve been having a good look at my stock and have decided that the Wool Bunnies need a re-design so all remaining ones are now in the SALE section.  I will be adding more stock over the coming weeks, including some samples.  I’m not sure when the new bunnies will be ready, probably not until later in the year so snap these originals up whilst you can 🙂

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