Work in Progress: Cream and Turquoise…

I had a rare, excellent night’s sleep last night and what a difference it makes!  Both boys slept through until 6.30 and there was no insomnia (which I’ve sadly started to get again recently), but today I feel full of energy and I am determined to close out some of my open projects so I can take Easter off to play with the boys and work in the garden.

On my (just cleaned) work bench I have

new lavender birds, half the batch here waiting for their eyes to be stitched on,

Sample bunnies with new heads,

those bloomin’ bunny purses that have been waiting in the wings for an age.  I really want to get these finished and listed this week.

As I’ve just tided my worktop, I wanted to show you some of my new ‘bits’, I do love having things around me when I work that I enjoy to look at and that make me smile, in this case a new Wolfie beaker and Snowflake coasters from Donna Wilson.

The beaker is holding a new batch of 2B pencils, I use these for marking up my patterns and on the side there, my new favourite gadget a  Jakar pencil sharpener.  Now, I know it looks lazy, but as most Mums reading this will know, if you have kids that enjoy drawing you spent a huge amount of time trying to a. find the pencil sharpener (even though I own about 10) and b. sharpening pencils.  I have been on the hunt for an old school vintage desktop one for ages but gave up and bought this new one instead.  I can’t link to the shop as you’d be shocked at the price but oh my, it was a dream to use and I spent a happy 30 mins sharpening every pencil in the house, I was in geek heaven 🙂

Lastly, as it’s very dull and wet outside, I’ve just switched on my little rabbit hospital light that was my bedside lamp as a child; I do love it, there were a number of years when I couldn’t get lightbulbs, but with the selection you can buy these days that’s no longer a problem,

I used to be fascinated by the interior scene when I was younger.  My sister has a mushroom house with mice, I think, equally cute and retro.

As it’s Tuesday I get the whole day to work, it’s the only one where C is at pre-school for the full day, it quite excites me (as well as saddens me, where has the time gone?) that all my week days will be like this from September onwards, I will miss having his cheery little face around but I can’t wait to work on TLC full-time.  On which note, I do hope everyone got the school places they were wishing for?  It’s such a hard thing to go through, we are lucky to get a sibling place this year but I feel for anyone who is unhappy with their given school, you really have my full sympathy.

Right, back to work, it wont sew itself 🙂

12 thoughts on “Work in Progress: Cream and Turquoise…

  1. Hi Beth, there is nothing like a good night’s sleep. Fortunately my days of sleep deprivation are long gone but I did have my darling daughter as a baby/child who could survive on 4hours sleep when I certainly could’nt. Time will pass very quickly and before I knew it she is getting married!
    I really like those new bunny ears.Glad to know you are getting a day of work, I am off to my silversmithing class very soon, tomorrow is a “work” work day!
    Enjoy your creativity and new found energy.
    Jane x

  2. Love the turquoise birds and bunnies. 🙂 The new bunny ears are great.
    The pencil sharpener is brilliant, don’t worry I so get it, I too would have every pencil in the house sharpened as well if it were mine.
    I am SO jealous of your bunny lamp, it’s beautiful. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  3. Could you whisper to me where the pencil sharpener came from, i have one that came from Lidl, that’s not great and would love a ‘proper’ one. Love the lamp by the way! x

  4. Love the new bunnies!

    I know what you mean about the ‘free’ time while they’re at pre-school/nursery/school. I am thrilled with my three three-hour breaks a week, but I miss the toddler the entire time. Although the new one is keeping me well distracted at the moment…

  5. Oh no, I do like those new lavender birds!

    Hmmm, that pencil sharpener sound like a sound investment, I have a huge pile of pointless pencils which would benefit from such a gadget…

  6. It’s lovely having more time to yourself when your youngest starts school but sad too. Brace yourself – I was inconsolable on his first day (he was fine of course)! x

  7. Hello again Beth!

    I love the turquoise birds too – drop me a line when they’re done as I’dlike one please! Oh and please tell me where the pencil sharpener came from (I want to chuckle at your geekery and gasp at how you laid out so much for a gadget!!) Now where’s my pencil sharpener…..

    1. Hi Justine, of course I’ll ping you, they just need eyes but I keep getting distracted by the garden and the sunshine (and the spotty pox kids). Can’t tell you the price of the pencil sharpener, I’m too ashamed. Oh, go on then, it was about £18 but can’t remember where….some on-line art shop, but I love it and it saves me so much time and, and, and. I know, I’m just a geek 🙂 Bx

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