8 Hours on a Train…

I’ve just spent the morning at the hairdressers, I know for lots of people this is quite a relaxing thing to do, but I always feel a bit stressed about ‘wasting’ half a day.  As I get my hair dyed (very red) and cut, it takes a couple of hours or longer (I have very, very short hair) and usually the boys and M are chomping at the bit to get out of the house by the time I return.  Today is a little different as F woke all spotty on Friday morning, he finally has Chicken Pox (C had them a few weeks ago so we have been waiting for F’s turn), he missed his school concert on Friday and is now practicing his man flu skills whilst lounging about demanding attention every 5 mins.  To be fair, he really isn’t a well boy, so I shouldn’t joke, but boy, can he milk it!

It’s quite a mixed post today, we are enjoying the sunshine (a blessing with F now housebound for the next few days) and Spring has truly sprung in the garden with the Tulips and Narcissi in full swing.  I picked the above for C’s key worker as an Easter gift on Friday and attached a little birdie.  There was also some chocolates involved, much to C’s disapproval when he found out he had to give them away as a gift.

I have also been rushing to finish another Amy Butler Weekender Bag, this time for my Sister-in-law as my Sister and I are heading up to Yorkshire tomorrow to surprise my Mother for her Birthday.  It’s a day visit (hence the title) and will involve nearly 8 hours on a train, it’s a shame we can’t stay overnight but both of us have to get back and as a busy Mum, I am quite looking forward to that much time sitting doing nothing.  We will, of course, be travelling in style, my Sister is in charge of bringing champagne and I’ve packed a cool bag with some tasty posh nibbles to make it all the more pleasant.

I have also finally made a flower brooch card for my mother.  I had great intentions of getting these in the shop for Mother’s Day this year….in fact I had meant to get them in there last year, but you know how it goes (slowly, in my case).  I will be making more in other colours and along with some other designs hopefully launching the card section of my shop this Summer.

I have just chosen an outfit for tomorrow, we are leaving early so I need to plan ahead and as I’ll be sitting for so long I want to be comfy but smart enough for our lunch at Middlethorpe Hall.  I’ve just started to unpack my Summer clothing (yep, I pack away for the seasons, I have quite a small wardrobe space so it just makes sense) and found a forgotten about white linen dress, it’s nicely vintage looking and will match my new Chie Mihara shoes which I am totally in love with and plan to wear at every possible occasion.

I’ve also pulled out my Hope and Benson bag, as most of you know I’m firmly attached to my Orla Kiely one for every day but I do like to swap for ‘special’ occasions.

The dress needs a little repair and a good iron so I had best get on with it and his Lordship is calling from his tent in the garden (needs more ice cream, apparently, he tells me it stops the spots itching!!) so I had better get on, with the Easter holidays now here I hope to catch up blog comments and reading over the coming days and I’ll be listing new stock next week after F gets better and daily walks to the post office are possible 🙂

25 thoughts on “8 Hours on a Train…

  1. Oh dear, I wish you’ll all be well soon!

    I am sure you’ll be looking amazing with new hair-do, that dress and THOSE SHOES! They’re amazing! I have said this before but your sense of clothes seems just so immaculate, makes me want to go shopping right now 🙂

    Happy weekend, Beth!


    1. Hi Mia, don’t be deceived, I don’t get out much so on the rare occasion I do enjoy ‘dressing up’, most days I don’t look very good at all! Bethx

  2. I agree Beth, I too hate the time wasted in the hairdressers but needs must!
    Lots to love in this post, the pretty flowers with the birdie, the weekender bag and the gorgeous brooch (I think they will do really well)!
    Hope the little one is better soon, isn’t it amazing how they learn to do the man flu thing from an early age!!
    Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow, 8 hours drinking champagne sounds good to me. 😉
    Vivienne x

    1. I tell you Vivienne, F is born to be on the stage! Man flu is almost too mild a term for his dramatics 😉 We had a lovely day, thanks and managed to arrive not too merry 🙂

    1. Thanks, F is on he mend today. The weekender bag is a great, great pattern if you can face the sewing involved!

  3. Poor F – it’s not a lot of fun but at least you have a great garden and hopefully he’ll be nicely scabby soon so you can get out and about properly.
    I love your new cards – what a clever (again) idea. And your new shoes are just fabby.
    I had a good few hours on a train a few weeks back when I went down to Leeds and back in one day. I loved it! And with a sister (I do sometimes wish I had one) for company and champagne too it should be even better.
    I’m getting my hair cut this week, normally I yo-yo styles but it has been long for quite a while and I think it’s time for something a bit shorter and funkier. Juliex

    1. The garden and beautiful weather has been a blessing, the boys have been outdoors most of the day and I think being in the sun has helped F’s spots dry up nicely (yuck, I know!). I saw your trip to see Manda and Karen, looked like a great day (I think that was in my ‘can’t leave comments on blogger blogs’), I must admit travelling with my Sister was fun, we looked like total lushes! Bethx

  4. I agree with the hairdressers, I’ve eventually found a great lady who comes to our house. I guess it’s not such a pamper session but I find it so much more relaxed.
    Enjoy your day out, oh my god those shoes, they are gorgeous! And your sister in law is going to be very happy with her new bag.
    Hope F gets better very soon and you can all enjoy your Easter holidays.
    Jenny x

    1. Hi Jenny, F is much better today thanks, he’s scabbing over nicely so we might be able to leave the house tomorrow! Glad we’ve got it out fo the way, one less illness to catch for the boys. I love my new shoes, if I were a kid I’d be refusing to take them off to go to bed – lol! Bethx

  5. I am in LOVE with those shoes too!
    have a good trip and enjoy. Everybody is going to be very happy with their beautiful presents.
    Lola x

  6. Hi Beth, it’s good that both the boys have now had chicken pox. It’s the one disease you really do want to get out of the way in childhood and not meet as an adult. Your trip sounded great, hope you had fun. Love all the handmade gifts, you are very talented. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine,
    Jane x

    1. I know you are right Jane, everyone keeps telling me this and I’m very surprised we managed this long before getting it. F is on the mend so today is on the up but he was so ill, can’t imagine what it might be like to get it when older! (C wasn’t very ill at all so guess it’s the luck of the draw). Thanks, I really enjoy making things for others and oddly, don’t do it very often as I’m quite shy about giving my own designs as gifts. Bethx

  7. Hi Beth

    I’m having a blog catch up at last!! Firstly the weekend bag is very lovely and OMG! those shoes are to die for (will be googling later)!

    Enjoy your day trip – Justine xx

    1. Chie Mihara shoes are the most expensive things I own, even then I only ever buy them in the sale and never more than a pair a year, if that, but they are so fantastic! We had such a nice day, thank you, Mum was very surprised and has just called to say how thrilled she was. Bx

  8. Hi Beth, I hope you had a lovely trip – beautiful shoes – and I love the Weekender bag – how is it to construct? I’ve only made lined totes so far, which I enjoy, but I’d love to venture onto something a bit more adventurous and that pattern has been on my list for a while… I had a night away with the girls in London this weekend, and ended up heaving around a very non-glamorous 45L backpack. Most ungainly. I definitely need something with a little more glamour!
    Sara x

    1. Hi Sara, I do recommend the Weekender pattern, it’s pretty easy to follow, the only grrrrr bits are sewing through all the layers for which you do need a decent machine and the correct needle but otherwise it’s ‘medium skill’ I would say. Also, once you’ve made it up once it’s super easy to repeat and they do make fantastic gifts. My sister uses hers all the time (sadly, I don’t get away quite so much!!). Bx

  9. Beautiful Weekender bag! Oh, and I can’t tell you just how much I covet those shoes!!!!!
    Love, Imelda xx 😉

  10. Hi Beth,

    Really love the brooch cards – In fact I’d love one of those brooches for myself, let alone on a card to give anyone else!! I love the way you make the flowers. Also admire you making the Amy Butler weekend bag – I’ve always meant to make one of those myself… Maybe one day!


    1. Hi Morag, you should def have a go at the Weekender Bag, it does have some tricky moments but that’s more about the layers (hard to stitch through) than the pattern and once you’ve made one they make fantastic presents. I’m busy working on flower brooches this week so they should be done soon. Bx

  11. A) I want those shoes!!! and B) Do you think your brooch cards will be available for the end of June – I’d love one for my Mum’s birthday 🙂

    1. Prompted by your comment (thank you!) I’m working on the new brooch cards this week so they should be in the shop soon (ish) and certainly for the end of June. Bx

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